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Beauty of Personal Peace … The Magic of Confidence and Composure


Beauty of Personal Peace … The Magic of Confidence and Composure

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Lazaris lays the foundation for a truly magical experience by reminding us of the truer meaning of confidence, composure, and personal inner peace. Confidence… being aware, lifting awareness to understanding, and then elevating it to knowing: knowing we can cope. Confidence is not about perfection, and it is not about always being right. It’s about continually responding to our reality. Composure … more than emotional/mental calmness, is focus forged by and emerging from wisdom, illumination, love/will, and empowerment. Confidence and composure … there is magic in it. They and their magic are found in personal peace. Upon this foundation, Lazaris laid the ground: What is the value of personal peace? He spoke of the subtext and super-text, the mattering and voice, the light and inspiration; he spoke of the mysterious beyond that personal peace offers. From this foundation and ground, he then builds a step-by-step map for finding and developing personal peace. From preparation/illumination/initiation, through the liminal — the energy between — to the creation/manifestation, we now have a clear and concise map. Along the way we discover more effective ways of working with our Tiers of Emotions, how to Lean upon Soul, and Build Spirit. This recording concludes with a subtle yet immensely powerful meditation, Finding Personal Peace.

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Keywords: Peace, Mattering, Tiers of Emotions, Soul, Spirit

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