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Turning Potential Into Successful Achievement


Turning Potential Into Successful Achievement

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Our talents — the unclaimed and as yet unused gifts from God / Goddess / All That Is — are the magic that turns potential into achievement. They are echoes of our spiritual heritage and an instrument through which the Voice of the Soul is heard. In this journey of magic and healing Lazaris shows us the secret places to look for our talents: in our spiritual heritage, in shamanism, in the conscious pools of emotional strengths and personality drive, in EnchantedMoments. Lazaris explores the Four Qualities of Talent and the fears that keep them away — and uses the Silver Box Technique, a Disk Technique for exploring spiritual heritages, a Mind Meld technique, and a magical meditation to discover and receive our unique talents. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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Meditation: Discovery of Talents Meditation

Keywords: Talent, Strengths, Voice of the Soul, Spiritual Heritage, Enchanted Moments, Four Qualities of Talent, Silver Box Technique for Talent, Disk Technique for Talent, Mind Meld Techni

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