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The Magic Only Increases


The Magic Only Increases

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It is time to heal our magic. It is time to bolster, strengthen, and balance our magic. In every Age, magicians have reached a level of magic where they confront or encounter a magic that only increases. When this happens, not only does happiness spiral up to joy, but our fear – our fear of losing the magic and of losing the power of its workings – can expand and deepen intensely. Out of this fear, many magicians retreat from their magic. During this powerful evening, Lazaris offers us a new map; he answers our question: What do we do when we fear we are losing our magic? To make this new map, Lazaris offers a Collage of Energy in the form of familiar and new techniques. From The Magician’s Way to The Experience of Oneness, and from The Counsel of the Ancients to The New Magic, Lazaris explores each of 14 distinct energies that we can utilize to heal and strengthen our magic. These energies, used individually, in clusters, or as a collage of energy, can assist us in bolstering and balancing our magic. As well, we can come to know the magic – the magic that only increases. Lazaris also offers us an array of methods with which to work with these healing and strengthening energies. This was truly a special evening and this recording can hold untold treasures and gifts for each of us. Richly powerful meditation included.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Journey of Oneness

Keywords: Magic, Magician's Way, Veil of Majesty, Counsel of Ancients, Shadow's Doorway, Power of the Future, Lucid Living, Collage of Energy, Healing Magic, Monolith

Price: $24.95

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