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The Magic of Joy


The Magic of Joy

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The entire universe is in a state of constant harmony and happiness, and we are like an island of unhappiness in this sea of joy. There are two main reasons why — fear of boredom and fear of loneliness. Intricately woven in also are attachments to guilt, outside validation, and martyrhood — and a lack of active participation with values, principles, ideals, and character. But even with that, we are fighting a losing battle with joy, because eventually our defenses will all fail. Lazaris talks about how to remove blockages to joy, about positive thought’s triumph over negative thought, and about the immense force of joy itself. Lazaris includes a succinct explanation of reality creation and how thought moves to the Causal Plane and back to create the physical.He closes with the magnificent Ruby of Joy Meditation. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours…

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Meditation: Ruby of Joy Meditation

Keywords: Fourth Ventricle, Joy, Reality Creation, Causal Plane, Happiness, Fear of Boredom, Fear of Loneliness

Price: $24.95

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