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Programming What You Want


Programming What You Want

Product #409


We are all familiar with our “tape loops” — the kind of programs we have that seem to pervade our lives. This recording is about consciously creating those kinds of meta-programs — but ones that give us greater health, happier relationships, and greater abundance. Once they are created, they are accessed by a wealth of techniques given: Flame Techniques, Multi-Focus and Particle Techniques, Flash Programming, 33-Second Technique, Kundalini Technique, Symbols, Access Codes created by Counselors, and techniques for stepping into and out of realities. Included is a powerful meditation to program for something specific you want. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Programming Meditation

Keywords: Flame Techniques (Blue, Green, Red), Multi-Focus Technique, Line-Drawing Symbol, Counselor-Created Access Code, Step-In / Step-Out Technique, 33-Second Technique, Flash (Montage) Programming, Kundalini

Price: $24.95

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