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New Dynamics of Processing & Programming


New Dynamics of Processing & Programming

Product #463


Lazaris has often said that “homework” is the work you do to go Home — and the work you do to bring something home. And that’s what processing is: It’s what you do to prepare for the reality you want to create. Lazaris begins with a clear explanation of the differences between Upward Causation (the old Cartesian paradigm) and the Downward Causation that can magically empower us. He looks at the workings of the Subconscious Mind and at our payoffs and poisons before covering many new techniques for processing more effectively and for new levels of manifestation: the Meat Grinder Technique for powerfully effective processing — and Flash (Montage) Programming Techniques, Future Loop Programming, Editing the Film, Gift Techniques and more for manifesting.The meditation leads us to a clearing in a forest where Lazaris helps us find our way to greater power. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Clearing in the Forest Meditation for Better Processing and Programming

Keywords: Processing, Programming, Reality Creation, Cause and Effect, Upward Causation (Cartesian Philosophy), Future Causation, Downward Causation, Subconscious Mind, Payoffs and Poisons, Flash (Montage) Prog

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