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Dominion at Work: Engaging the Elements


Dominion at Work: Engaging the Elements

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Dominion is one of the most important concepts in metaphysics, and with this recording Lazaris takes the concepts of dominion and gives them breath, fire, and a reality-changing life. Connecting these concepts to The Elements – Fire, Earth, Air, and Water – we attain a force which can help us break through fears, doubts, failure, and pain to become much more of who we really are and are meant to be. The exhilarating Elements Meditation for Dominion is followed by Lazaris’ seven-point process and techniques for engaging the very force of dominion itself: The Powers of Perception Technique for exploring projection; resonance and sympathetic magic; creating physical and meditative spaces for The Elements; and High Magic. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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Meditation: The Elements Meditation for Dominion

Keywords: Elements, Self-Acceptance, Perception, Projection, Resonance, Sympathetic Magic, High Magic, The Power of Dominion, Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Price: $24.95

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