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Busting & Building Image


Busting & Building Image

Product #415


A powerful, pragmatic tape for handling a major limiter. We have many identities, all fluid, a river of them. What forms the bank of the river is image, and we have many of them as well: images of success, relationships, career, growth, evolution. Constricting images can stop any success, technique, choice or decision — be they “rigid” images that lead to shame and hollowness or “narrow” images that lead to struggle and attempts at perfection. This tape defines in great detail how to bust a constraining image and build a liberating one. We can begin with any image that does not support the reality we want to create. With a powerful meditation to bust and build images. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours…

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Keywords: Busting, image, success

Price: $24.95

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