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Calling of Miracles


Calling of Miracles

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Our dreams and visions can manifest with less struggle and less suffering; they can hold greater significance and value. With our grace as spiritual beings, metaphysicians and magicians, and with a subtle air of majesty, we can lift out of the mire of fixing and curing into the realm of changing and healing.We can change; our world can change. So much can come from the calling of miracles in our reality and in our world’s reality. A working of spirit, a working of science, Lazaris begins this enchanting exploration with a review of the components — the constituent voices — that lift events to the levels and octaves of being miracles. With a better understanding of the nature of miracles, Lazaris briefly outlines the pools of personal resistance to allowing them. A foundation laid, Lazaris then details two delightful rituals: The Ritual of Remembering and The Calling of Miracles. The first ritual, a gift of our ancestry; the second magical working is a gift from the Ancients and Shining Ones of Sirius. Wherever the origin, each has specific and timely application in our lives and in our world. The evening’s meditation is a touching rendition of The Calling of Miracles. This was a stunning evening . . . a magical night captured in this recording.

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Meditation: The Calling of Miracles

Keywords: Miracles, Remembering, Ritual of Remembering, The Calling of Miracles

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