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Shop : By Year : 2010 Year of Initiation : A Collection of Blendings from 2010 Rhythms and Patterns: The Year of Initiation

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A Collection of Blendings from 2010 Rhythms and Patterns: The Year of Initiation


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A Collection of Blendings from 2010 Rhythms and Patterns: The Year of Initiation

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It begins with setting things, new things, in motion. Ours is to infuse that motion with the beauty and the magic of hope. Then we add a bit of ourselves, a bit of our love, a bit of our soul, with the mystery and the majesty of enchantment. Creation and innovation follow and become the fulcrum in the process of our continual growing and changing. The first four years of this decade have set the stage — our stage to lift our growing and changes to new, innovative levels and our stage for evolving human consciousness and evolving a new world.

Initiation, Hope, Enchantment, Innovation . . . with gratitude, we welcome the bounty of our magic and of our love. Here is a collection of Lazaris Blendings for the first four years of this “most exciting decade in the history of humankind on Earth.”  Enjoy.

Rhythms and Patterns Blendings, 2010: The Year of Initiation

Phase 1. Exploring Prospects and Promises
Seeding Courage and Compassion

Give over your fears of failing and succeeding and the fears that litter your personal battlefield. Lazaris seeds you with healing, magical courage, and compassion. In the resonance of mattering, embrace the creativity to be who you are becoming.

Phase 2. Embellishing Options and Opportunity
Stabilizing Resolve and Responsibility

Lazaris and your Higher Self work together cleansing, aligning, healing, and balancing your chakras. Imbued with the light and breath of inspiration, and with the mystery of mattering, you are filled with joy and fully at peace.

Phase 3. Encountering New Boundaries and New Horizons
Strengthening Goodness and Truth

Drift into the Land of Beauty beyond your current horizons of possibilities and potentials, dreams, and visions. Caressed by the ripples of your presence and filled with your grace, your goodness and truth are strengthened and empowered by divine grace.

Phase 4. Enhancing New Dreams, Respecting and Honoring
Seizing New Visions, Wisdom and Beauty

Enter a cave. Come upon a cauldron. Your dreams and hopes are enhanced with purity and clarity. Immersing yourself in the cauldron, aglow with hope, you and your Higher Self are seeded with shimmering sparks of new dreams. Amazing.

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Keywords: blending, initiation, dreams, new horizons, responsibility

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