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Shop : By Year : 2006 Year of Mattering : The Lost Magic of Prosperity

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The Lost Magic of Prosperity


The Lost Magic of Prosperity

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Lazaris begins the journey of prosperity by looking beyond its obvious allure and simple definitions. He first reviews the truer meaning of success and then moves forward with illuminating that foundation with a deeper exploration of the voices of abundance and the mystery of good fortune. The preparation and illumination can spark prosperity.

Prosperity is more than the words great, abundant, or excessive suggest: Prosperity has to do with enjoying success, and it has to do with an enriched texture of good fortune added to the mixture of success and abundance. There is magic in it. After detailing the ingredients of prosperity, Lazaris explains four powerful techniques, both to awaken prosperity in our reality and to find the magic – the lost magic – that it holds: Seven Days to Prosperity; Amulet of Prosperity; Becoming a Beacon of Inspiration; Asking for Wealth. An elegant meditation is included.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Planting the Seeds of Prosperity

Keywords: Prosperity, success, abundance, wealth, Seven Days to Prosperity

Price: $24.95

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