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Posts by Alisonn:

Never Turn Your Back on a Bluebird

November 4, 2021
Never Turn Your Back on a Bluebird

The following was written shortly after lockdown began in 2020.

Dear Friends,

There is a lot of advice floating around today. Some of it is practical, like how long to wash your hands, what percentage of alcohol your hand sanitizer needs to be, etc. etc.

Of course some of it is helpful, but sometimes I find the dispensing of so much advice counterproductive and overwhelming. Case in point: In catching up on the news today, I found a small tidbit in the headlines that encouraged everyone to walk around their homes so many steps per day in order to…

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Three Veils

October 6, 2021
Three Veils

(by Alisonn Rose)

When I was around 7 or 8, a feeling would come over me, more of a question, really: Who was I before this?

The question wasn’t more defined than that, but it would cause such “hard thinking” that I would almost give myself headaches. A smell or a sound would trigger these questions, or sometimes, someone’s smile, laugh, or voice. I know I was someone else, it’s important to remember, I would think … and then a veil would slide over the thought.

I remember that the veil was a bright blood-red, covering everything like a velvet…

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