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  • Talisman #28 for 2018 Energy of Acceptance

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    Dear Friends, 

    Lazaris has created a new talisman. It is for the year, yes – 2018, the Year of Acceptance, but it is specifically designed for working with the energy of Acceptance, no matter what year it is. While it's not only for use in this particular period of time, it is especially powerful during this year.

    In a video we created about how to use talismans, I answered questions about how the talisman creation process unfolds: Lazaris creates it and I assist by manifesting it into form.

    First comes the energy. I sit with the blank form, focusing on it as I imagine that it is a window into the world, into the future, into the magic, or a vortex into the Unknown. Then I blend with Lazaris as I open that window or vortex to receive the raw energy, the formless energy, or whatever it may be called. It’s all very fluid and abstract, I just try and flow with it.

    I want to say something about how this specific talisman touches me.

    For this talisman, each of the images seemed to blossom, much like a flower opening rather than unfolding. The first image was the horizontal image across the bottom, that one seemed to sing to me, and the four circles seemed to capture and hold my attention. Focus. Lifting. Reaching for something more. They seemed to insist that they should be solid black, and that one, slightly larger than the others. I don’t know why, but it had to be. I accepted that. Ha!

    The one at the top came next. Again, it blossomed … first the large curve, then the smaller ones followed by the horizontal lines and finally the vertical lines emerged. To me, there’s an elegance – a progressive elegance to this symbol, it speaks to me of connection. It’s asymmetrical, yet there is a strong sense of balance, harmony and peace that comes from accepting our commitment and connection to ourselves and to each other. What does it say to you? I think each symbol speaks to us individually.

    The larger symbol to the left came next. The complexity of curves and straight lines continues, this symbol speaks to me of determination. Love and Will intertwined. Again I don’t know why, but that’s what comes to me and I am going with it... for now.

    The colors came next and they came fast, almost in a frenzy: the middle rung, then the outer, and finally the inner rung with the gateway on the left. The inner two circles came slowly, first those two circles and that partial one, what are those about? Then, like honey, the remaining colors oozed into place.


    I thought it was done and I set it aside. In my process with these talismans, once done, I let them rest (and I rest) for at least 24 hours. Then I come back and just look for a while, and I walk away again. I come back a third time. “Yes, it’s done.”


    Yes, now it’s done. 

    This is how this Energy of Acceptance Talisman touches me. How does it touch you?


    Talismans Created by Lazaris: Instructions and Use

    These talismans are designed to function as crystals. In addition to the visible symbols, there are numerous symbols (sigils) embedded in the rings of color and in the arbor. Each talisman has the metaphysical properties and the esoteric properties that are found in quartz crystals. Therefore, whether or not you have an affinity for crystal work, talismans can be an active and dynamic part of your magic and its workings. Any of the Lazaris techniques that are called “crystal working” can be done with these talismans.

    It is important to remember, however, that the talisman is a surrogate for the power and the magic found in your crystal alliances. These talismans can be used as if they were crystals, but they are not crystals.

    Activating a Talisman: Place the talisman before you. Pause. Focus. Pick a band of color and lightly touch it at the bottom center with the intent of activating the talisman. Then smoothly glide your finger a full rotation either clockwise or counter-clockwise, whichever feels right. Do this three times. Continuing, lightly touch another color band and trace the ring three times in the opposite direction. The talisman is now active.

    Deactivating a Talisman: To clear programs off a talisman so you can reactivate it with new programs, place your finger on the same color band. With clear focus and intent, lightly glide your finger in the opposite direction from the direction you used to activate it.

    Please note Lazaris’ comments about replication: You can duplicate these talismans for your personal use only. This talisman image should not be used in any direct or indirect commercial way. It is for personal magic work only.

    To use the talisman in ways that are not intended is disrespectful of the magician you are and gives your subconscious mind a clear and negative message about your self-esteem as well as about your self-respect. If you are unsure about duplication of this talisman, out of self-respect and out of respect for Lazaris, please email the office at or call (407-401-8990) to be sure before you begin replicating this magical gift.

    DISCLAIMER: This talisman is not a medical device. It is not meant to be a replacement for any medical attention or regimen you are receiving or are considering receiving. This talisman is a work of art. It may or may not serve to enhance your metaphysical work. Concept: Synergy, Inc. and its agents make no claims or warrants for the effectiveness of this work of art called “talisman.”

    TALISMAN COPYRIGHT INFORMATION © 1998, 1999, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 NPN Publishing, Inc. 

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