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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Crystal Magic : Crystal Talisman #10
  • Crystal Talisman #10

    Product #378


    Crystal Talisman #10 from the May, 2010, Personal Crystal Interludes

    About This Talisman

    The wording on this image will not appear on the actual talisman.

    This talisman is a crystal talisman designed to function as a crystal. It has been aligned for the specific magic that was worked during the Personal Crystal Interludes and Lazaris workshop (May, 2010). There are numerous symbols (sigils) embedded in the rings of color and in the arbor (the black center) as well as the visible symbols. We have now made it available to those who were not at the event, with some special instructions:

    Design & Construction ...

    Lazaris designed each of the embedded and visible symbols. Lazaris also designed the color rings, and Jach drew the symbols and laid the colors according to Lazaris' design and precise instructions.

    Basic Uses ...

    This talisman can be used as if it were a crystal. It has the metaphysical properties and the esoteric properties that are found in quartz crystals. Therefore, whether or not you have an affinity for crystal work, this talisman can be an active and dynamic part of your magic and its workings. Any of the Lazaris techniques that are called "crystal working" can be done with this talisman. It is important to remember, however, that the talisman is not a substitute or a replacement for the power and the magic we can find in our crystal alliances. This talisman can be used as if it were a crystal, but it is not a crystal. This talisman can be used in conjunction with crystals and in the workings of crystal magic. The harmony of crystal and talisman can b e spectacular, and the magical workings can be stunning. It is terrific for crystal grid work.

    Activating the Crystal Talisman:

    1) Place the talisman before you positioned with the top and bottom in place. The right way "up" is with the green/blue bar on the left side (like on a clock from 7:00 to 11:00 roughly).

    2) Smoothly glide your finger around the outer ring of color three times either clockwise or counter clockwise, whichever feels right to you. Focus on the intent of activating the talisman.

    3) Trace the inner ring three times in the opposite direction. Focus on the intent of the specific magic you want to work.

    4) Finally, trace the green/blue bar or the red/yellow bar three times either from bottom to top or from top to bottom. The talisman is now active.

    Once it's activated, you can put it in your crystal grids, or you can place other crystals upon it. You could also write programmings or create sigils and place them upon the talisman. Once activated, it functions as if it were a crystal.

    Deactivating the talisman:

    1) Trace either the green/blue bar or the red/yellow bar three times in the opposite direction -- opposite from the direction you used to activate it.

    2) An alternative: Simply trace the outer ring of color with the intent of clearing it or deactivating it.

    3) If you forget to deactivate this talisman, it will automatically shut off when you dismantle the grid or when you put it away for more than a day.

    Please note Lazaris' comments about replication: You can duplicate these talismans for your personal use only. This talisman image should not show up on business cards or as company logos, nor should they be used in any direct or indirect commercial way. It is for personal magic work only. To use the talisman in ways that are not intended is disrespectful of the magicians we are and gives our subconscious minds a clear and negative message a bout our self-esteem as well as our self-respect. If you are unsure about duplication of this talisman, out of self-respect and out of respect for Lazaris, please email the office at or call (407/401-8990) to be sure before you begin replicating this magical gift.

    DISCLAIMER: This talisman is not a medical device. It is not meant to be a replacement for any medical attention or regimen you are receiving or are considering receiving. This talisman is a work of art. It may or may not serve to enhance your metaphysical work. Concept: Synergy, Inc. and its agents make no claims or warrants for the effectiveness of this work of art called "talisman."

    Talisman - Crystal #10 by Lazaris
    Copyright 2010, NPN Publishing, Inc.

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    Price: $75.00

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