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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Cosmic Memory : Picking Up the Trail of Cosmic Memory
  • Picking Up the Trail of Cosmic Memory

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    Excerpts from "Cosmic Memory: The Journey of the Magician", Los Angeles, May 21-23,1999

    It is hard to define Cosmic Memory, but we can experience its bounty, and we can develop precise techniques for accessing this august source, now resource, of magic. We can skillfully craft our personal and unique Magician’s Journey. Yes, Cosmic Memory is hard to define and to describe, but its trailings and tracings can be found in chaos; they can also be found in the “between” among the many faces of Oneness. Lazaris provides a map: He lays out the seven steps we can follow; along the way we can pick up the trail. It can be a beautiful journey. (42:46)

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    Keywords: Cosmic Memory, Journey of the Magician, Oneness

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