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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : The Tonal Creation & Manifestation Technique
  • The Tonal Creation & Manifestation Technique

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    The most powerful manifestation tool Lazaris has given us so far, the Tonal Creation & Manifestation Technique (TCM) is as much about receiving as it is about creating. When we ask the Goddess for help in creating and manifesting, the Goddess always says yes. The problem is in our receiving -- in the noise created by blockages and entanglements that interferes not with having gifts, but with the reception of them. In this meditation we create three tones, which then are lifted to a frequency higher than our range of hearing. There this "Cosmic Chord" creates a fourth tone that we cannot even imagine. On this tone the programming is sent -- sent in a way that allows for far greater receiving on our part. The results can be astounding. We can truly amaze ourselves with what we can create (60 minutes). Letting More Love into Your Life Series, #9 .

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    Meditation: Tonal Creation & Manifestation

    Keywords: Programming, Receiving Love, Goddess, Manifesting, Creating, Blockages

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