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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : The Allure of Freedom: New Depths of Dignity, Intensity, and Spirit
  • The Allure of Freedom: New Depths of Dignity, Intensity, and Spirit

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    Freedom is seductive. It can persuade us to alter the very stuff of reality creation: raw materials, tools, and generating/sustaining energies. The allure of freedom can entice us to sharpen and hone our tools of creation. Yes, freedom is seductive, it changes our observing and measuring devices. It can change our world; we ourselves can change. And that allure is powerful; it can be incredibly powerful. If we can harness that allure, we can take a giant's step beyond having freedom to being free. Harnessing the allure, we can lift or be lifted; we can soar.

    During this magical exploration, Lazaris helps us harness the seductive allure of freedom as we deepen our rapport with dignity, intensity, and spirit. Together, we explore the nature of each, and our resistance to them. Before the evening ends, Lazaris lays out four specific techniques: Reflections and Expansions, Engaging Soul and Spirit, Happiness Priority List, and Encoding. This vibrant evening concludes with another unique Lazaris meditation, Capturing the Allure of Freedom.

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    Meditation: Capturing the Allure of Freedom

    Keywords: freedom; dignity; intensity; spirit

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