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  • Opening the Magic Door

    Product #6002


    This deceptively simple meditation from the seminar Inner Knowing / Outer Success: The New Magic uses color, aroma, and the powerful presences of maiden, man, woman, and androgyn to open us to a magical new level of visualization and imagination. It can stand alone or be used as a preface to Causal Plane meditations, any belief or imaging technique, Underworld Meditations, and manifestation techniques. Lazaris also talks about its use with creating the Magical Place for the Magical Child and how to use it before you sleep to enhance dreams. It heightens emotional experience in meditation, enhances the clarity of answers and insights you have with your Higher Self, and can stunningly augment successes in the physical world. An easily memorized, invaluable meditative tool and a truly hauntingly beautiful experience (1 hour) .

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    Meditation: The Magic Door Meditation

    Keywords: Underworld, Manifestation, Visualization, Senses, Meditation

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