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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Monetary Success + Personal Success
  • Monetary Success + Personal Success

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    These recordings are a straightforward re-patterning of our Subconscious Mind on the subjects of allowing more money into our realities and for allowing greater levels of personal success. The guided meditations employ both affirmations and marvelous visual imagery to awaken new levels. Lazaris warns about the problem of guilt in relationship to creating greater financial success, and recommends using the title Ending Guilt as well if you feel that it is an operative factor in creating financial distress. The Red Label Series is a very special series of meditations from Lazaris. Each title contains two topics which work together, and for each Lazaris gives a days-on/days-off formula for listening which follows the pattern with which your subconscious works most effectively in creating change. Though they are not subliminal recordings, once you have listened to them consciously, many may be used at night while you're asleep. Each title consists of two 30-minute meditations.

    Monetary Success ~ Personal Success

    Monetary Success: Meditate with this recording once a day for seven days. It is best to remain conscious while meditating. If you wish to listen more than once a day, additional sessions may be done while sleeping. It will work. Thereafter, listen once a week in a meditative but fully conscious state. Additional work may be done while sleeping.

    Personal Success ~  For those who wish to bypass Monetary Success and work with Personal Success only, it is best to meditate with Monetary Success at least two times before working with the Personal Success Mediation. When prepared to work with this recording, meditate once per day for 14 days. Remain conscious during each meditation. Thereafter, work with this recording once a week for a month (four more times) and then every week, as desired.  Of course, you can work with the recording more often, if you like. It is best always to stay awake while working with the Personal Success recording.

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    Meditation: Monetary Success Meditation / Personal Success Meditation

    Keywords: Money, Success, Abundance, Creation, Guilt

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