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  • Integrity + Honesty

    Product #308


    These titles are designed for much more than correcting character flaws about honesty and integrity -- though they will do that, for sure. They are about deeper levels of honesty with self and those who can be trusted with our vulnerability. And they are about the courage for the spontaneity that is required for true integrity. Whatever the source of our resistances to them, more integrity and deeper levels of honesty create a profoundly beautiful character in us that makes for a far more solid and secure pathway for our Spiritual Journey Home.

    The Red Label Series is a very special series of meditations from Lazaris. Each title contains two topics which work together, and for each Lazaris gives a days-on/days-off formula for listening which follows the pattern with which your subconscious works most effectively in creating change. Though they are not subliminal recordings, once you have listened to them consciously, many may be used at night while you're asleep. Each title consists of two 30-minute meditations.

    Begin by listening to Integrity twice. This will set the resonance, so please stay awake as you meditate.

    Thereafter, work with whichever title seems appropriate to you. Whether you begin with Integrity or Honesty, listen for seven (7) consecutive days (or evenings). Allow yourself to stay awake for each of these meditations.

    Take a two-day (2-day) "rest" by not working with either meditation. Then turn to the other title and work with that meditation for seven (7) consecutive days (or evenings). Similarly, stay awake.

    In a total of sixteen (16) days, you will have completed one full cycle of Integrity and Honesty. You can repeat the cycle or just continue working with the appropriate recording. At this point, it is fine to allow yourself to drift off to sleep while listening. You have heard it for one cycle totally awake, and thus you know consciously what is "going into your Subconscious." You retain the choice, responsibility, and power.

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Integrity Meditation / Honesty Meditation

    Keywords: Integrity, Honesty

    Price: $29.95

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