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  • AIDS: A Compassionate Exploration

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    Lazaris begins this marvelous tape by completely dispelling the ignorance and bigotry that have surrounded the disease -- the misconceptions that AIDS is a gay disease or that it is God's punishment for sexual orientation or behavior. Rather, he looks at the four messages of AIDS -- that range from an attachment to the past and a sense of defenselessness that leads to defensiveness, to the desire to know who loves us. And he looks at the meanings: learning to release anger and hurt, learning more about love, and learning to create a beneficial Image of Success. In the meditation, the Old Man, the Elements, and Lazaris wash away the limitations and infuse the immune system with new strength. It is a tape and a meditation that is a wonderful ally for those suffering from the disease -- but which is also a tape for everyone as the understanding of AIDS is a concern for all of us. (30 mins)

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: AIDS Meditation (Immune System Meditation) with the Elements, the Old Man, and Lazaris

    Keywords: AIDS, Defensiveness, Clinging to the Past, Defenselessness, Wanting to Know Who Loves Us, Success Image,

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