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Shop : Creativity and Beauty : Beauty : 9231 Healing with the Archetypes
  • Legacy PPV - Beauty’s Magic: Healing with the Archetypes, One Day

    Product #9231

    9231 Healing with the Archetypes
    46 Day Access

    Keywords: Australia, Archetypes, Beauty, Beauty's Magic

    Price: $150.00

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    Beauty’s Magic: Healing with the Archetypes, One Day Workshop

    The world, mired in chaos, stands upon the verge of monumental evolutionary change. You stand upon a pinnacle as a radiant beacon of light in a world fraught with fear and pain. — Lazaris

    The greatest act is the act of love. The greatest joy is the joy of healing. — Lazaris

    Here is a printable PDF of the Session List for this PPV event:

    We are gathering in Melbourne. We are coming from all parts of the world. We are coming to unfold the bountiful of love and the benevolence of healing.

    In subtle yet stunningly powerful workings of magic, we can openly stir and awaken Beauty’s Magic. In its radiance, as we stand upon our pinnacle, we can also stand with the Archetypes. We can love. We can heal. We can work healing magic together — together with each other and together with the Archetypes as we infuse our lives with boundless love and benevolent healing. We can receive the greatest gift and the greatest joy. Then we can share the beauty and the loving and the healing with the world.

    Come join Lazaris and masterful magicians from around the world in this working of sacred magic which includes such rituals as Opening the Vortex of Beauty and Walking the Valley of the Giants. Join us for a magical day of loving and healing. Welcome.


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