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  • Changing our Receptors and Modulators

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    Excerpts from Living Your Vision - Vital Keys to Greater Happiness, Success and Joy, Los Angeles Intensive, June, 1995

    Form follows function. Function follows energy. Energy unfolds because of resistance by our modulators -- belief, attitude, thought, feeling, decision, and choice. Our raw materials of reality creation -- desire, expectation, and imagination -- are the modulators that ultimately give form to energy. In this discussion, Lazaris considers the possibilities and potentials of form, function, and energy within our space/time reality. It's fun and thought-provoking. Imagination sparked, we can change the modulators -- and our observing and measuring devices -- and reality can change.

    Time: 54:13

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    Keywords: Form follows function, Atlantis, Atlantean Magic, Excerpts, Vision

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