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Shop : Creating a Brilliant Future : Making Miracles : Awakening Dignity (audio)
  • Awakening Dignity (audio)

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    Full Online Conference from September 2006

    Lazaris has often pointed out that miracles primarily flow along two avenues: the avenue of tragedy and the avenue of dignity. Too often it is easier to imagine tragedy than it is to imagine dignity. Too often people within the consensus reality are more comfortable dealing with tragedy than they are with engaging or embracing dignity. Additionally, the energies -- the mystery and the magic -- of mattering are expressed through tragedy and violence. There are other windows of opportunity -- windows often ignored.

    Yet it is a time of miracles; it is a time of greater meaning and mattering. This two-hour event - a time of love and intimacy with Lazaris -- provides an opportunity to awaken our personal dignity, to heal and lift our dignity and the dignity of other magician/mapmakers, and to stir the presence of dignity within our world. We can begin creating a domain to attract miracles and mattering. The full two hours with a beautiful and moving meditation are included. Welcome.

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    Keywords: Dignity, Mattering, Miracles, Opportunity

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