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  • Uncompromising Success

    Product #636


    Lazaris begins this illuminating discussion by focusing upon why it is important to open to the possibility and the potential of success that is uncompromising. Then he moves forward to explore why such important success is so difficult to achieve. Compromise can be terrific: resolving difference by concession, adjustment, and balance. And it can be dangerous: a solution that can endanger our safety and security. Uncompromising, likewise, can be imprisoning: success that is unyielding and blindly stubborn. An uncompromising success can be brilliantly liberating: without reserve, adhering to principles with character and integrity; adhering to power with goodness, truth, and beauty. Lazaris explores the dynamics of both kinds of success. The discussion continues as Lazaris outlines specific steps to activate the resonance of liberating uncompromising success. From Lifting the Veil of Admission to Success as Magic, we can find the path of this brilliant potential. At the core, we can bargain with our future rather than continue bargaining with the past. Lazaris concludes this powerful evening with a profound meditation and with several practical techniques that include New Dimensions to Our Success Cube and 7-Day Crystal/Talisman Work. Meditation included.

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    Keywords: success cube, goodness, truth, beauty, balance

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