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  • PPV Charting Your Path in the Uncharted World: Finding Your Way In The Unfolding Labyrinth Of Futures

    Product #9323

    9323 Charting the Uncharted
    46 Day Access

    Keywords: Miracles, Future, World Becoming New, Harmony, Balance

    Price: $100.00

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    When you find new ways to perceive reality, to perceive the world, you begin to find new ways of perceiving a new world. More than just perceiving reality differently, you can begin to perceive a different reality … realities of new dreams, realities of deeper magic, realities of gracious healing. You can begin to perceive and create realities of magic and miracles that are innate and inherent with goodness, truth, and beauty. When you find new ways to perceive the world, you can begin to perceive a new world — not “just” or “only” perceiving reality differently, but you can begin to perceive different realities. — Lazaris

    We stand at a pinnacle, and where and how we move forward can and will have profound effect on our future and the future of the world — a world that is crumbling and a world that is becoming. We are at a pinnacle in the uncharted of an uncharted future — in an unfolding labyrinth with dead ends and circular paths where at times it seems there is no way out. Lazaris describes why both the future and our personal realities are now uncharted, and also illuminates why they need to remain uncharted and chaotic — because change emerges from chaos and we are currently in the stage of destruction-creation.

    In this profound and timely half-day experience, Lazaris helps us find our way in this labyrinth of futures to take our stand, discover our personal way forward and learn new ways to perceive the world, and thus to begin to perceive the new world. Lazaris gives suggestions of where to look to build our future, what common threads to perceive and follow. The threads that speak to us the most can then become the armature for the realities we dream and goals we have. Further, he describes new ways of perceiving so we can perceive these threads and have a way to step from the pinnacle and a direction to go—toward the light of adventure, the substance of presence and grace, the light and substance of love, the flows of life, the light and substance of beauty, the substance of joy and the light of harmony and balance. That’s the stuff we use to create our futures.

    This event concludes with a meditation where together we make our way to a sacred grove, to be, and to allow what we cannot imagine. Surrendering our sense of separateness, we can allow a healing: a re-forging, a reforming, reshaping of our observing and measuring devices, as our old ways of sensing fall away. As we move to the brink of reality, we perceive differently and begin perceiving a world that is new.

    These are troubling and chaotic times, and we are so fortunate to have this opportunity to both understand and experience, with so much love, how best to chart our path in the uncharted world. Welcome to this time with Lazaris … a wondrous “moment” together.

    Download a printable PDF version of the session list for this event.

    Download a printable PDF version of the processes used in this event.

    Production Credits:
    Archivist - Marilyn Arnett
    Video Production - Terry Clancy & Eric Belluche
    Sound Engineering - Terry Clancy
    Sound Post Production - Eric Belluche
    Video Editing - Eric Belluche
    Graphic Design - Margie Deeb
    Proofing/Testing - Alix Jamieson

    Music Credits:
    Comfort by Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 4 [CD] 
    Sacred Silence by Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 8 [CD] 
    Abundant Flights by Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 10 [CD] 
    Beyond Our World by Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 13 [CD]


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