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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, and travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world.

A Rabbit Hole of a Different Nature (excerpt)

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Blog: A Rabbit Hole of a Different Nature (excerpt)
An excerpt from Jach's post, "A Rabbit Hole of a Different Nature," in our online community, A Sacred Place Where Magician's Gather:

Who’s going to win the election? What if Trump? What if Biden?

Here I am, and here we are. I feel as if I’m staring down two very different Rabbit Holes: An election and a future are down there. Which Rabbit Hole am I going to go down? The questions loom.

In my pondering about the Rabbit Holes and the realities to which they lead, I have been thinking about Atlantis. These are the thoughts that tumble around in my mind.

Our Story of Atlantis is basically a Reality Set in which Atlantis existed and was destroyed and destroyed three distinct times. That is the Reality Set we exist in. In other words, that’s the Rabbit Hole we went down.

We have learned that there was another Reality Set, or a different Rabbit Hole, in which Atlantis did not get destroyed. How, what, where, why ... we don’t know because we are not a part of that Set.

In talking of Atlantis, Lazaris has pointed out that we failed but that we were not failures. He has further explained that it was a good thing that we failed because that failure set us up to enter the third experiment and to be the founders of a New Spirituality and creators of the New World. That failure allows us to be a part of the conscious evolution of humankind on Earth. The conscious evolution!! It has never happened before, and we get to be a part of it. Why? Partially because we failed in Atlantis. Ergo, had we succeeded in Atlantis, we would NOT be participating in a world becoming new. I paused to let this reverberate.

We exist in a world unraveling and we are in the right place at the right time. In the immediacy there is an election, and beyond, a future, and beyond that more futures, and among them the new world waits for us to let it in. The unraveling of the world is uglier and more frightening and painful than I imagined it would be.

I realize I romanticized it. I knew the old systems would crumble; they had to. I knew the black dogs would tear apart the fabric of reality; it’s their nature. It’s what they do. But I thought, “great, wonderful, I can hardly wait” eager for all the bad structures and systems to fall apart. I didn’t consider that the systems that I admire and rely upon would also unravel. I didn’t consider what it would really look like or feel like or be like.

Here I am and here we are. An election and a future. Two Rabbit Holes. Each paints a reality of the other destroying America. Each offers its own approach for dealing with the unraveling and crumbling the systems and structures of reality not only in America but in the world. Which Rabbit Hole is correct? Which Rabbit Hole will we go down? (continued...)

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Puzzle Pieces from the Middle (excerpt)

Monday, October 5, 2020
Blog: Puzzle Pieces from the Middle (excerpt)
An excerpt from Jach's post titled "Puzzle Pieces from the Middle" in our online community, A Sacred Place Where Magician's Gather:

During the Lake District workshop, nine years ago, Lazaris talked of the Perfect Storm of Change. I think we are in that perfect storm now. To me, there seem to be four individual crises, each with its own brand of chaos, that are at work here. They are mysterious and thus they are powerful but they can also be magical. Each is like a puzzle piece from somewhere in the middle. I think that if they can be fitted together, we can work our magic to mitigate their energies and forces. We can change their energy in formation. We can transform the crises and the chaos into amazing change — change that can open the portals to a new world.

When these crises are fitted together like puzzle pieces, they create a resonance, a standing wave that is more powerful than its individual components, more powerful than the individual crises. Wow. Because of the strange integrity and the complexity of these individual crises, as they work together as one without losing their individuality, the resonance that emerges could lift to a different level or a different octave. That’s frightening. It could be terrifying.

However, as we put the puzzle pieces together and face the horrific and tragic potentials and as we face our fears, we can work Resonance Magic. We can recognize-acknowledge what we individually contribute to the resonance. Forgiving ourselves, we can then withdraw our contributions and the resonance in our reality collapses. The crisis doesn’t go away, but the resonance and the potential complexity that could lift these crises to unimaginable levels, can collapse.

For example, to withdraw what I contribute to the Covid-19 crisis, I work my magic to create safety for others and for myself regarding the coronavirus, and I encourage others to do the same. I also work my magic listening to and understanding those who won’t wear masks to safeguard others and themselves. I lift my understanding to the level of appreciation and valuation. Then I use my imagination to imagine that those others can also understand me at that same level. When understanding is at the level of appreciation and valuation, balance, if not harmony, can open the way to change. (continued...)

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Most Monumental Decade

Sunday, December 20, 2015
Blog: Most Monumental Decade

By Lazaris

(Editor's note: Lazaris refers to the decade from 1990 through 1999 as the most monumental decade in the history of humankind on Earth.)

So often we have said that this decade -- the one that you are midway through even as we speak -- is the most important, the most monumental, decade in the history of humankind upon your earth. Even as monumentally important as other decades have been, this one is absolutely the most important, because it is in this decade that you, individually and then collectively, will decide the future of your Planet Earth. You will decide whether there will be a future or not. Though you will not implement that decision in this decade, this is the decade in which the decision, the choice, will be made.

Please hear that. You will not implement the decision in this decade. Despite what so many are telling you -- despite what many will tell you as the remaining years of this decade unfold -- you will not implement your decision in this decade. Neither nightmare nor dream is going to manifest within the next five years. Though both will be more available and reflections of each will be more visible, neither will manifest yet. As we have often said, even though many will choose no future, as reflected in a three-dimensional world as nightmare or mediocrity, most will choose a powerful and positive future -- a potent future as reflected in your dimensional world as The Dream. You will choose The Dream.

It is important to remember -- amid all the fearful rhetoric of doom and gloom, which too many are too quick to spout -- that the problem is not that there is no future: The problem is that there is a future, and you are responsible for creating it. You are responsible for making it a positive future of dreams filled with plenty of magic and miracles. It is up to you, individually and then collectively.

One voice, whether heroic, lyrical, or sacred, does matter. Though one voice may not be able to create it all for everyone, one voice can begin as other voices join in and rise to the occasion. Then many voices can complete what one voice began. But it has to begin, and it does begin, with you. Nothing changes until you do. We know it sounds like a cliche? or a platitude. Yet, in this decade, it is truer than it has ever been.

So many are ready to give up on your planet. So many are willing to fully entertain -- even to eagerly anticipate -- the end and a miserable and agonizing death: the death of humankind. The death of Earth. Don't give up.

Do not give up. There is a positive future of dreams. More, it can be yours. However, you have to choose it. It will not be delivered to you because you are a good little metaphysician or such a pure spiritual being. Your Higher Self, your Soul and Spirit, even God/Goddess/All That Is (or whatever you call the Divine) will not live your life for you, and they will not make your decision for you. They can help you -- they can intervene in the process -- but they will not do your life for you. You have to make the choice. Then they will be right there for you, filled with all kinds of love and all kinds of healing. You have to ask. You have to ask.

Do not give up. Make a decision and a choice. Make it consciously, or as consciously as you can. And then ask. Ask for more love and for more healing so that you might implement and manifest your decision and choice with greater ease, elegance, and excellence.

Beyond making the most important choice humankind will ever make, there are other issues that both make this decade so vital and that contain the seeds of lessons to learn.

We offer two examples. First, the control of the past has ended its grip -- its sometimes tyrannical, sometimes suffocating grip -- upon you and upon your reality. All the while the influence (not the control, but the influence) of the future is ever-increasing. Though the past still exists (we are not talking of memory loss here), its control upon you has been loosening for years. Now it has let go. The future, which has always been ultimately at the core of causation, has always been more influential than most would willingly admit or would dare think. Its influence is becoming more visible and more viable.

Part of the loosening of the past has resulted from the psychological work and, of course, the metaphysical and spiritual work you have been doing. Beyond that, the controlling hold of the past has now let go. Yes, there are those who will insist that the past is still a noose around their necks or a binding about their hands and feet. Many will insist that they are still prisoners of their past. However, more and more it is going to become apparent that it is they, not the mysterious wardens of the past, who are keeping themselves in prison. As they grip the bars of the past, demanding to be free, their tight grip holding the door shut will be the only grip that is there.

Part of the increasing influence of the future has resulted from the same psychological work and, even more so, from your metaphysical and spiritual work. It is not long into the realization that you create your own reality (and that you can become more and more conscious of that creation) that you begin to suspect the powerful role of the future. In time, you come to discover the incredible potency of the future.

The idea that you are an expression of who you are becoming, far more than you are a reflection of who you have been, is becoming truer and truer. You do not have to be at sufferance of your past. You can joyously embrace the future and see what it holds for you. More, you can actively and eagerly create new futures -- never-before-dreamt, never-before-imagined futures -- that can generate transforming and transcending growth, change, and evolution, and that open to a bounty of abundance filled with untold treasures of happiness and success. We do not speak in hyperbole here. We speak more literally than you know; more literally than you will let yourselves believe just yet.

Lessons? Learn to release your own past. Do not just continue to process it and process it over and over. Learn to release it. End your imprisonment to the messages, patterns, thoughts, feelings, and events that are your past. If you want to keep the same players (continue to relate to the same people), then find new roles for them and for you to play. You can still spend time with your family and with past friends, but find a new way to relate. For example, let your mother be a woman, and let your siblings be men and women. Let them be contemporary people with a future rather than remembered people with a past.

Lessons? Learn to work with the future. Learn to retrieve power from futures that may be dark and destructive, and learn how to use that power to create light and constructive futures that perhaps do not even exist right now. Learn how to lace the future with possible and actual dreams, desires and expectations. Learn to throw futures that will generate a mysterious, but no less effective, resonance that will produce amazing success. Space and time do not allow us to elaborate on the precise techniques of actually working with the future. However, let yourself ponder and savor the possibility. Let yourself consider: There are techniques that you have not yet begun to learn. There is so much out there that you do not yet understand and that does not yet make sense to you. But you do not always have to be someone who already knows. You can be someone who is about to know. You can be someone who is about to discover something new and exciting.

Pondering, savoring, and patiently sitting with these ideas will be a beginning. You will have begun working with the future.

Secondly, the ever-present evolution of human consciousness has, itself, changed. Succinctly, you are in the midst of an evolution that involves the very human species itself. This very physical evolution is more critical than when you developed your prehensile thumb, more important than when you first stood erect. It is big. Very big. Bigger than you yet know.

Now there are many who are picking up hints and clues of this evolution of species about which we speak. However, they are having problems translating what they sense into a workable and thus accurate understanding of what is really happening. Aware of this species evolution, they are thinking in linear terms. They are applying a chauvinistic or consensus logic and reason to what they sense. Thus you hear many talking about cranial enlargement (harkening back to the science fiction of the 1950s), about increased or decreased chromosomes, about DNA with any number of strands other than the double-helixed two that are already present, and about the next generation of human beings with superhuman academic capacities. Perhaps they mean well, but these are not the real changes that are afoot.

Your brain is a hologram created by your mind -- created by a more real self. The hologram of brain, in turn, generates the hologram of body and the hologram of three dimensions of space placed in one dimension of time. Your 3-D world is an illusion -- a very powerful and sometimes very painful illusion, an illusion that from inside it seems more real than anything. But it is still an illusion. You know this.

As a species, you have been calibrated and have calibrated yourself to experience reality in a certain way -- in the consensus way. Part of that calibration is to see the past and not the future. Part of it is to see through chauvinistic eyes and listen with chauvinistic ears, regardless of your gender. We are not meaning eyes and ears that think women are less than, though chauvinism still includes such archaic concepts for some. We mean the eyes and ears that can only think in either/or terms, or that think only in linear logic and reason, or that think in terms of singular supremacy rather than in ideas of cooperation.

Part of this calibration is to think that everything has to be fixed before it can change, rather than realizing that the lessons of the future -- of the millennium that is dawning -- are not about fixing. They are about changing.

In 1979 we said that the future is not about cleaning the old floor. It is about creating a new floor. You are moving into a new world. No, not a new order to an old world. You are moving into a new world.

To succeed, the human species must evolve the hologram of the brain. Simply put: You cannot watch color television on a black and white set. You cannot even see the dream and the new world with the current cranial hologram. You need a new hologram, and your mind is in the midst of evolving one.

Lessons? The old ways of growing and changing simply do not work. Those ways are too dependent upon discipline, admonishment, and criticism. Far too many are dependent upon harsh punishment. Though such techniques (except punishment which we have never condoned) have their place and their effectiveness, they have reached the point of diminishing returns. It is not about more discipline, more admonishment, or harsher criticism. It is about more love and more healing. It is about receiving. To survive into the future, it is important to do these new things more elegantly and with greater excellence. More love. More healing. More receiving.

Lessons? Be willing to stretch into the unknown -- into what you do not understand and into what does not make sense. More of who you really are is made up of what you do not understand about yourself than is made up of what you do understand. Even though you do not know where you are going, be willing to go there anyway. These are lessons of courage, of perseverance, of conviction. These are lessons of character, human character and spiritual character.

Each of you has ideals, goals that you reach for but will never fully realize. Even so, you are a better person for the stretch. And with those ideals you have certain principles -- rules that you align with in such a way as to lead you to, or to bring you closer, to those ideals. For example, you may have an ideal of seeking perfect love. Though you will never reach it, you are a better person for having tried. Along with this ideal, you may have a principle or two about honesty and fidelity.

Against this backdrop, character is the consistency and the frequency with which you apply or adhere to your principles. Many people claim the principles of honesty and fidelity. But if a person only applies or adheres to those principles when it is easy or convenient, they lack character. No matter how lofty their ideals nor how honorable their principles, if they only apply and adhere to them when it serves their self-interest, they lack character. Vise versa, obviously.

The lessons are also about character. Can you adhere to your ideals and principles? Are you willing and able to stand tall? Are you willing to take a stand upon your ideals and upon your principles? Are you willing to take a stand upon your beliefs and upon the highest truth? The current highest truth: You create your own reality by causing and by allowing, and you can become more and more conscious of your creation.

Are you willing and able to take a stand, to stand upon your beliefs and your highest truth? Are you willing to reach even higher? Are you willing to reach for a higher highest truth? Are you willing to reach for more liberating and illuminating beliefs?

This is the mark and measure. These are some of the issues and lessons. As you can respond (be responsible) and as you can receive (be receptive), you will make your maps, and you will dream and then weave your dreams. You will create visions and make realities like have never been made before.

You will found a new spirituality -- not find something that is already there, but rather be a founder of a new spirituality. And with it you forge a new world. Yes, you will.

Once, so long ago, as a new kind of human -- as a human being -- you stood up and discovered a world all around you. You discovered a world that was there all along. Now it is time to stand up a second time -- to stand up as a new kind of human being - as a god-being -- and to discover a new world all around you. However, this time it is to discover a world that has never been.

We love you.

With love and peace ...


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In Search of the Truer Self

Saturday, December 19, 2015
Blog: In Search of the Truer Self

By Lazaris

All right. All right. Well, well, oh my, yes. Certainly so. Whenever we conduct a workshop, we begin by listening and by watching. At workshops, with your permission, we begin by touching – by touching that vulnerable and tender part of you that, in turn, always touches us so deeply. We touch that part that shimmers – that part so fragile and so powerful – so profoundly powerful – somewhere deep inside you.

That part of you that we touch and that touches us, in many ways, is the you who always loves – it’s the you we call the Truer Self. As you read these words, we will work with you so that you might touch – so that you can be touched – by that part, by that Truer Self as well.

Your journey with its few and many paths has taken many twists and turns. You have known struggle and suffering. You have known fear and pain – more fear and pain than was ever meant to be. You have known failure and sorrow and the silence of shame and despair.

And through it all, you love, you continue to seek and search for love. You have also known the power and wonder of celebration and triumph. And still you love even more. You do not settle or become complacent. You continue to seek and search for love – for more love.

You are amazing; you are astounding. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how good it becomes, you always seek and search for love. No matter how obscured, encumbered, or entangled your quest becomes, it never ends. No matter how lost you appear to be, you keep searching to be found.

It is your nature; it is your grace. Seeking more love comes to you as flight to an eagle. It is your dignity and your presence.

Amid this never-ending search for love, there is another search. We would suggest that while more love is your goal, you are also seeking your Truer Self. And as you seek both – more love and your Truer Self – there are so many wonders waiting for you.

So many wonders ...

1. You can create and manifest so much more of what you want, and you can fulfill so much more of your dreams and visions. You can touch and be touched by more of your magic, by more of your passion, and by more of your creativity. The peace, the self-acceptance, the more healing and the more loving can be yours.

2. A new sense of compassion and dominion can be yours. You can metaphorically walk with the elements, creating positive futures in the world that can become friendlier and more encouraging. You can give without guilt – beyond guilt – and you can love without fear – beyond fear.

3. Greater freedom to be and to become, the freedom to supersede and to surpass, with its possibilities and its capacities, can be within your grasp.

4. As you search for more love and seek your Truer Self, you can challenge the limits of your beliefs and imagination and the constraints of your trust and love. You can be wise. You can know. And in many ways, you can become your Truer Self and the beneficiary of the more love you always seek.

You are ready ...

That you are reading these words suggests that you are ready. We would suggest, your Higher Self is ready to link and connect you to your Truer Self. Your Truer Self is ready to be found.

Your world is waiting. As we have often said, "Nothing changes until you do." The world is evolving, and your conscious and active participation is an integral part of the evolution. The positive futures, rather than the "nightmares" and "mediocrities," are coming. It is your conscious creation and midwifery that will make it so.

Your spirituality calls you to the challenge. You are at a crossroads. Your future is waiting with so much abundance and bounty – happiness and success. In so many ways, we would suggest, seeking your Truer Self is the next step in your quest for love. With new ways of changing and new ways of growing, you must have known that there would be new ways of loving.

The Great Work and the Great Adventure are your work and adventure. In this sensing, these are yours to unfold with more of your magic and with the miracles of your Truer Self. With your Truer Self, the Great Work leading to the Great Adventure can become the Grand Adventure.

We hear you ...

We hear you. "It's too much. I am not enough. I cannot do all that; I cannot do it alone."

You are not alone. There is help. We would suggest, we are here to help you. Your Higher Self and Soul are always with you to help you and to assure you with their love and caring. Each is ready to help you come face to face with your Truer Self.

Your spirit, so filled with the breath of life and the inspiration-aspiration to live life more full and rich, is aligned with your Higher Self and Soul.

As we have said, your Truer Self is waiting to be discovered. And of course, God/Goddess/All That Is is always there for you and is always ready to love you.

You are not alone. You are loved more than you can know.

The nature of your Truer Self ...

Dreamer and Visionary: We would suggest, the Truer Self in you is always reaching for the future, the possible, the luminous – that which is filled with Light – and the numinous – that which is filled with the Divine. This august part of you is always reaching for the Unknown and the unfathomable.

Your Truer Self uses their raw materials and tools of creation with a focus on the future. In this sensing, your Truer Self accesses their beliefs and attitudes, their thoughts and feelings, and their decisions and choices with an emphasis on creating a better future rather than continually attempting to fix or perfect the past. The Truer Self forgives the errant of the past and works with receiving the powerful of the future. '

Your Truer Self activates and utilizes the generating and sustaining energies of conscious reality creation with an eye that is more upon what they are about to create more than upon what they have already created. In this sensing, this Self works with trust, gratitude, happiness, and value (the generating energies of reality creation) to build bridges to what lies at and beyond their horizons. They are visionaries; they look forward more than backward. They work with the sustaining energies (discipline, responsibility, intimacy, and love) to empower the present and the future rather than to justify the past.

That is to say, this powerful and beautiful Self within you asks, "Where am I going?" more often than they ask, "Where have I been?" That Self asks, "Where will this lead me?" more than, "What will this get me?"

Find these ingredients in you and you begin to see the hints and clues that your Truer Self is ready to find you.

Consciousness and Conscience with Dignity: Everyone has a sense of their consciousness. We call that awareness the Self-I as opposed to the Ego-I. Each person has a conscience.

That "little voice in your head" that is mistakenly called your Higher Self by some, we would suggest, is actually your conscience. Too often it is born of guilt or fear; too often it is born of duty and obligation.

Why do you get up and get about the work of the day? With a conscience of guilt or fear, that "little voice" offers threats and warnings about the dire consequences of not getting up and getting on with your day. With a conscience of duty and obligations, that "little voice" speaks of endless lists of things to do.

Yet, there is a different voice. We would suggest, there is consciousness and a conscience born of and based on dignity ... upon your dignity.

The base of your personal dignity is found within your sense of valuing yourself for who you have become and for who you are about to be. It is found within the strength of your character and integrity and in the presence of your Soul and Spirit. It is formed in your sense of freedom.

That "little voice," when based on dignity, encourages you to get up and be about your day because you are a valuable person with much to explore and offer this day. It entreats you with a remembrance of an embrace of Soul and Spirit and of the wonder of freedom. And you respond to that "little voice" with doing the right thing because it is the right thing. In this sensing, you respond with character and with integrity.

Your Truer Self is conscious of its dignity. Its conscience is born of and based upon that dignity. Find your dignity, and you are in pursuit of that not-so-elusive Truer Self.

Integrity: Admittedly so, integrity is a hard concept to fully understand. We would suggest that many within the consensus reality have used the word and the concept of integrity for less than admirable purposes. Many have used the idea of integrity to manipulate others.

Despite the twists and distortions that have come to the concept of integrity, we suggest it can be helpful to understand it as involving four ideas: 1) being spontaneously responsible for the impact you have; 2) thinking and feeling the full range of your emotions with intensity and humility; 3) becoming wise; and 4) having both personal and spiritual character.

People with integrity hold the space within themselves to hold every aspect of who they are. They hold a space for the beautiful within them. They also hold the space for the ugly within them.

In this sensing, a person who is unaware of their shadowy side lacks integrity. That is, a person who says such things as "I don’t have a negative bone in my body" lacks integrity because they do not have the space within them for their ugly side.

In the reverse, a person who says "There is nothing good about me; nothing at all" also lacks integrity because they do not hold the space for the beautiful in them.

The person with integrity says such things as, "I know I can be negative ... very negative. I also know that I have many wonderful strengths and powers. I have the potential for either the negative or the positive. I know this about me. And I can choose. Yes, I can choose the space from which I come. I choose the positive. I choose my power and strength."

Your Truer Self has integrity. You will discover more of your Truer Self as you explore your own integrity.

Making and Working Miracles: Your Truer Self doesn’t deserve more miracles than others do; it is not rewarded with more miracles. We would suggest, your Truer Self is capable of making and receiving miracles ... miracles available to anyone.

When we have talked of miracles makers, we have suggested that they have certain characteristics of personality ... they have a unique nature.

They are confident and conscious of their spirituality. The miracle maker uses success and failure and personal and spiritual crises to become strong and to transform. We would suggest, they do not use such as these to justify weakness or to explain their "specialness."

The miracle maker has the courage to craft their life filled with freedom, individuality, joy, and authority. That is to say, they look to utilize their strength and power ... their magic ... to make a life more than they look to these to make a living. In life, they look to supersede and surpass what has been, in search for what will be. They pursue the unfathomable with expectation and anticipation. They pursue the Unknown with hope.

As you seek these, you come closer to your Truer Self.

Seeking and Searching with Spirited Passion: Spirited passion includes such as these: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty; Creativity and Productivity; Awareness and Understanding; Meaning and Significance; Value and the Valuable; Wonder and Joy; and Spirituality.

As you ponder these words and the concepts contained within them – as you seek the experience of each – in the mystery and the secrets that unfold, you can reveal more of your Truer Self.

Gracious Generosity: This is a kind of giving that has little or nothing to do with giving to "give in" or to "give up." It has little or nothing to do with "giving away" or "giving in exchange." Gracious giving is both giving and receiving beyond guilt; it is loving beyond fear.

We would suggest that gracious giving – the giving that is a natural part of you and exalted in you–is giving of your being more than of your doing.

By this we mean that often you give of what you do and of what you have. For example, you give money, time, space (your spare room or garage), and skill. Such giving can be and so often is beautiful and touching. It can be an inspiration. Giving of what you have and do can be profoundly powerful, and it is necessary.

We would add that there is giving of what you are; there is giving of what you "be." In this sensing, you are not money, time, your spare room or garage. You are not your skill. You have these, but you are not these.

What are you? You are consciousness of love; you are caring and creative. You are a spiritual being. Gracious giving is giving of your love and caring; it is giving of your talent and creativity. It is giving of your spirit ... your Soul and Spirit. These are the stuffs of your beingness more than your doingness.

Your Truer Self knows the difference. As you come to sense that difference, you come to sense your Truer Self.

Transcendence: Certainly there are transcendent states within your reality. There are those moments marked with beauty and with ecstasy; there are those moments –those timeless and spaceless moments that can be eternal – that are sacred in the hallows of beauty, love, solitude, and enchantment. Your Truer Self knows such moments. And we would suggest, they also have a resonance or a radiance of being transcendent.

What does that mean? Perhaps the most elegant way to describe being transcendent is to say that such a person has a radiance about them that seems to say that they enjoy life and enjoy living it rich with love and caring. That radiance seems to say that such a person is intrigued by and seeks complexity and challenge in their life. And they seek it with wisdom and with spirituality. A transcendent person, we would suggest, is one who invests in themselves and in their future.

Beginning the search ...

Work with the components. Work with where these qualities are present and where they seem lacking; work with where they seem missing. As you acknowledge and augment the presence of these, your Truer Self can emerge more fully. As you bring more loving and more healing to what seems to lag or to be lacking, you can love and heal your Truer Self into participating more fully in your life.

Work with:

  • Dreaming & Visioning
  • Consciousness & Conscience of Dignity
  • Integrity
  • Making & Working Miracles
  • Seeking & Searching with Spirited Passion
  • Gracious Generosity
  • Transcendence

Work with love. Remember, whereas it used to be that your growth was based on discipline, admonishment, fixing, and curing, your growth is now about more loving and more healing. It’s about changing more than about fixing; it’s about healing more than about curing. Work with love. You always do.

As we said when we began ... You are amazing; you are astounding. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how good it becomes, you always seek and search for love. No matter how obscured, encumbered, or entangled your quest becomes, it never ends. No matter how lost you appear to be, you keep searching to be found.

Yes, work with love ... always more love.

We close with the love we feel and hold for you.

With love and peace,


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Our Magic is Getting Ahead of Us

Saturday, December 19, 2015
Blog: Our Magic is Getting Ahead of Us

By Jach

A Question and Jach's Reply from an Online Conference

Q: Jach, both you and Lazaris mentioned at the Interludes that our Magic is getting ahead of us. Could you elaborate on what that means more specifically? I loved the bits you talked about "The Magic of Presence." Never heard it before per se but it sounds familiar. Would you elaborate on this, too? Is it about being aware of what is going on in our world at large (not putting our heads in the sand, so to speak) and yet 'walking' our life with Love and Will as much in here as out there, so to speak? Thanks [g]


Welcome. [g] I am not always sure what Lazaris means. [s] I still work to catch up to what he is saying.[vbg] What I meant is this:

The world is becoming new. It really is. We are all coming to that realization these days. It was a sad comfort to hear newscasters and academicians use that phrase during the unrest and violence in the Middle East: The old world is dying, and the new world hasn't been born yet. The world is becoming new, and it is happening faster and faster (and faster than even the impatient ones among us were ready for).

Oh, I know ... Back in the 1990s Lazaris talked of it, and we all wanted it now. But now that it is happening in more real and more realistic ways, it is happening faster than we are ready for. Maybe not faster than we wanted or want, but faster than we are ready for. See what I mean here? We have to catch up.

In November, Lazaris talked about being Visionaries. We are finally comfortable with being Magicians, with being Map-Making Magicians, and now we need to move forward to become Visionaries? Yes. Our Souls are challenging us to do just that. Lazaris talked about what the "real problems" in our world are. Sure, there are the basic crises, and they are still here. They are part of our human nature. Those crises we know well: the Crises of Dignity, Character, Vision, and Vitality.

But around those basic crises there are these core problems: Lack of Vision (is that too obvious? [s]), Collapse of Imagination. Loss of Belonging, Lack of Compassion, Dogma Replacing Dialog, Drought of New Dreams, and the Waning of Wisdom.

Hmmm. What are we going to do about that? These are not issues for the world to resolve. These are not issues for others to resolve. These are our issues. We need new and clearer -- illuminated vision. We need to lift our imaginations to new levels, higher levels. We need to create a domain of belonging. We have the compassion, but what are we doing about dialog? There is the dogma of magicians, too, isn't there?

I ask myself: Am I dreaming new dreams? More recently Lazaris has talked about how hope with its bounty can trigger new dreams. He talks about the "dreams of eternal youth" that can come at any age. And to temper those essential dreams, we need the vision that comes with wisdom.

Hope is a critical issue in dreaming new dreams and in ending the drought of dreams. I know what wisdom is. I can state the conditions of wisdom easily now (most of them [s]), but is my wisdom waning?

So in all this, I know that my magic has to grow. I also know that magic -- yes, my magic -- is growing. I say that without the aid of my negative ego: I am working magic, and sometimes I am startled by the success of that magic. I am amazed at the speed and at the depth of the magic I am currently working. My eyes widen and my jaw drops (a bit, not much) at how magical my magic is.

It's ahead of me. I haven't caught up to my magic. I need to expand (not just stretch) my success cube. For example, years ago stretching it was enough. Not now. I need to expand it beyond the normal three and four dimensions of my convention. And yes, I need to work with my image. I need to change it -- oh, here comes my fear of change -- and I need to lift it to new dimensions.

So for me to become a Visionary, I need to catch up to my magic, which seems to be growing faster than I am. During the recent "Evening with Jach" that preceded the Interludes, someone -- and it was someone on staff, no less -- asked me about the Reservoirs of Vision. I must have had a "senior moment" or something. First, I didn't know what she was talking about, and then I had no idea what they were.

Hmmm. I went and looked at my "November workshop notes," and then I remembered: OF COURSE!!!! Another person attending the Interludes came up the next day and gave me the short list. [s] By then I had remembered, and it was still a very nice gesture.

My point: I blocked it out. I listen to the recordings so I can learn the content and so I can listen to Lazaris. But I have to take copious notes. Otherwise, I slip away to sleep. That's because within Lazaris' voice, even as he has gotten rid of his accent, there is a resonance that holds me in trance. When I listen to the recordings, that resonance puts me to sleep. So I take detailed notes that are close to dictation (sort of).

Anyway, I had zoned out on the Reservoirs of Vision. Yes, I have work to do. [s] So that is what I mean when I say we need to catch up to our magic.

I also know that it is my destiny -- that it is our destinies -- to participate actively and consciously in the new world unfolding. It's unfolding. That's happening fast. My magic is keeping up. Am I? That's what I am thinking about all this. [s] Thanks for asking. My reply gave some nice clarity and focus for me. I hope it did the same for you.


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