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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, and travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world.

The Seven Faces of Soul, Part 2

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Blog: The Seven Faces of Soul, Part 2

By Lazaris

In Part I of this article Lazaris talked about the first three faces of the Soul -- the Name, the Power, and the Eternal Youth. In this, the second part of a partial transcription of a Lazaris Weekend entitled "The Soul's Path," Lazaris begins with a discussion of The Wounding which follows The Eternal Youth and traces the remainder of The Soul's Path.

The Wounding

The wounding is when the wind gets knocked out of you. It's when the fire gets extinguished. You crash and burn. This is a time when you are punched in the gut, when the fire of The Eternal Youth is extinguished. The Wounded Soul comes and breaks your back. It breaks your invincibility. It breaks your delusions. At first it seems cruel, for in so doing, it cuts the umbilical cord, and you are abandoned. Your Soul is wounded, a self-inflicted wound. Your Soul bleeds.

As we've often said, for some the Wounding is a great event, a major crisis, one you know well. For others it may have been but a straw that broke the camel's back, as the cliche says, a feather that tipped the scale in a delicate balance of pain.

It always happens quickly. It might have been that summer when a counselor, or a bunkmate or cabinmate, did something that they shouldn't have -- something that ripped or shredded your self-esteem or your self-respect and self-image. It might have been the throw-off phrase from your mother or father. It might have been a phrase or incident that meant nothing to others, but that pierced you, cut you, made you bleed.

Traditionally and classically, for women it was the menses, the beginning of the menstrual cycle, when you bleed and realize you're now a woman. You're now fertile. You're now capable of mothering. You're no longer a little girl. You're now a woman.

For men traditionally, it is a time of the hubris being broken. In the chauvinism of society, boys are given power and privilege because of their gender. Further, they are expected to live up to standards that are defined by their gender. The result: male hubris. When the hubris of that time of pride and invincibility was broken, you realized: I'm no longer a boy. I am now a man.

But The Wounding is not limited to the classic. And certainly in your world, where the mythology is now technology, those Woundings take all kinds of forms. It is a time when your back is broken. It is a time when because of the hubris, because of the invincibility, you fly too close to the sun. Your fire consumes too much, and you crash and burn, and a big wind blew out that fire.

It is more than hurt. It is pain. And something died then. Something died.

Up to this point you had the Name, the first clues of destiny. Then there was the Power, the first throes of personality, of power, of identity taking form. Then came the Eternal Youth with its sense of invincibility, its glimpse beyond the horizon, beyond the cracks and crevices, into a world that had not yet been. And each of the phases and Faces of the Soul was an expansion. You were expanding and expanding, and then ... In the Wounding you were punched, cut in a moment. And in a flash the expansion was gone.

The Wounding is perhaps the briefest face of the Soul, but it is one that lasts. For many it lasts all their lives. Most people spend the rest of their lives licking that wound, and thus never letting it heal. They react and respond for the rest of their lives, pretending that the Wound never happened, that it didn't affect them -- not really. Most people spend the rest of their lives running from that Wound.

The wound was not a mistake. It was not something you did wrong. It's not as if "had you done it differently, had you not been so arrogant, this would never have happened."

It had to happen. It is the fourth birthing, when you sever from the umbilical of God/Goddess/All That Is. When you are born of the placenta of that Wounding, you come forth and really give birth to the self -- not to the illusion of a physical body, or the abstraction of emotion and thought which had happened in the three Faces of the Soul thus far. This fourth phase is the real birth of you, the birth of the real you.

You see, up to this point, you'd been filled with all the images mothers and fathers give you, all the images teachers give you, all the images that authority figures, whoever they might be, give you. Up to this point you were motivated in a negative way by their desires, for ambition which is not your own is always negative ambition. Up to this point your sense of what it is to be a man or a woman was defined by your mother or your father, depending on which of them predominated. Their chauvinistic view -- their twisted view of what it meant to be a man or what it meant to be a woman -- defined you, your hopes, your dreams. Maybe your own dreams were present, but they were riddled and polluted with other people's hopes and dreams. Your identity, your motivation, your drive -- if any part of them was present, it was polluted.

There had to come a point where you severed that tie, where you broke from that past, from that family, from all that was fed into you so that you could consciously pick and choose, so that you could consciously decide -- so that you could consciously develop your own parenting, your own inner child and adolescent, your own identity as a man or as a woman, your own motivation, your own drive, and your own relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is. The tie had to be severed. Your Soul tried to teach you and reach you at that time, but for so many of you, the pain was overwhelming.

It happens quickly. There may be many incidents, but one of them caused the snap, the break, the plunging of the knife, the punching in the gut -- however you tend to symbolize it -- where the wind was knocked out of you, and you crashed and burned.

The Wounding may occur prior to puberty, but it cannot happen in your early childhood. It cannot happen then. Now an incident of the same nature could happen then, but it won't wound you. It may wound, but it won't be The Wound, because, quite frankly, you're just too young. You don't have enough of your Name, enough of your Power, enough of that testing of Power, or enough of that invincibility of The Eternal Youth. You've got to have that first, because if you're only two feet off the ground, no matter how hard you fall, it's very difficult to crash and burn. You've got to be way up there, and then ...boom! You've got to be filled with fire. You've got to be consumed.

So it cannot occur when you're two years old. You were wounded most likely, but it wasn't The Wounding. It is the fourth Face, not the second, not the first, not the third. It's the fourth. So although there may be horrific experiences, though there may be many experiences that wounded you, that produced enough pain that a part of you died, it was not The Wounding. Maybe the one that was The Wounding, as we say, was exactly the same thing. But because of the set and setting in which it happened, this time it didn't just wound you, it wounded your very Soul.

It may have occurred in a pre-pubescent time. However, most often it occurs between 14 to 18. For some of you late bloomers, some of you holding out in your reverie of Eternal Youth, it did not happen until you were in your late teens or early twenties. Usually not past that. By that time it's happened.

At that point the fire was extinguished in an explosion where the oxygen was removed and the fire was extinguished. What was left was smoke, shadows. And thus comes the Face of the Shadow.

The Shadow

For so long this Face has been seen as the dark face, the ugly face, the terrifying face, the nightmarish face, the mistake, the black sheep of your Soul, the bad one. Perhaps it is the most compassionate one of all. This face of your Soul loves you so phenomenally, for it is the one who comes when you are broken. It is the one who comes when you are bleeding. Not that the others love you less, not that the others have less compassion, but this one perhaps demonstrates that love most completely -- certainly for the longest period of time, for it is the major face of your Soul. And you crash and burn. And the earth, and the water, and the fire and the air are sucked down. And you take them all into the Shadow, down into your Unconscious.

Now you may well have been dumping things in your Unconscious already. You may have learned as a child: Stop that imagination. Stop that creativity. Stop being so vocal. Stop being so much the center of attention. Stop this. Stop that. Don't ask so many questions. Don't be this way. Don't be so curious. Don't be so .. Don't be ... Don't be.

Some of you said, "Naaaah!" Others of you said, "OK," and you stuffed it. You've been dumping things into your Unconscious all along, certainly so. Certainly ugly things, certainly fearful things, yes, but also some beautiful things. But at the time of the Wounding, it all gets sucked in. And that's important to understand. It all gets sucked down:

Your Name gets sucked down. You feel a loss of identity. You don't matter. You're not important. Nobody cares. Nobody loves you. Your name is stupid. You are stupid. Your existence is stupid, as you pull your Name -- whose element is the earth -inside of you.

Any sense of power? Forget it. You're weak. You're impotent. You're useless. You're valueless. You've nothing to offer. You'll never amount to anything. You decide that at this time. And you pull your Power -- the river, the flow, the Power whose element is water -- down deep inside of you. And your personality now becomes persona. It has been raped, it has been ravaged. And it has been tossed aside in the heap, pulled inside of you to be replaced with the persona: OK, I'll give you what you want.

Your sense of invincibility, your sense of adventure, your sense of excitement, your sense of wonder, your sense of awe has been totally sucked inside. The fire of the Eternal Youth is sucked down. And you hate life, and you hate the world, and there's no way out, and it's only dark, and it's only ugly. And you never want to ... and maybe you just want to die at that moment, at that time.

And likewise, the Wounding itself, with its element of air, is sucked down in.

And then comes the face of the Shadow, which is the etheric -- the combination of earth and water and fire and air. And you go deep into the womb of your own being in the dark place where it's moist, where it's damp. Some become brooding. Some become lifeless/listless. Some become defensive. Some become arrogant with chips on their shoulders, bitter and angry. All of you are hurt.

Then comes the Shadow. The Shadow comes at the time of Wounding, and stays with you until your mid-50s. So calculate the number of years. Of all of the Faces of the Soul, it is with you the longest.

You are supposed to go into the Shadow. That's the right thing. You didn't blow it. You didn't do it wrong. You're supposed to do that. You're supposed to drag all this stuff down with you.

But, you see, what you're supposed to do then is to heal it -- to allow the Wound to be healed, to listen to your Soul, to let it explain why it had to happen, where you would have gone had it not happened, why you had to be tethered, why you had to be reined in, why you had to be yanked out of the sky and crashed into the earth. Had you not been, this would have been a wasted lifetime, because you would not have been you. You would have been an extension of somebody else -- a twisted, hollow extension. It had to happen.

With the denial of spirituality, however, for many the Wound is never healed. It's supposed to be that in this Shadow place you learn the secrets, you understand. You start looking at what your name is, at what your destiny is, at what your power is. What is your passion? your fire? And what is your breath of change, of transcendence, of transformation? You are, from this Shadow, supposed to emerge into this world to test out what you learn, to try things out to see what works. And then you go back into the Shadow again to redirect. You come out, go in, come out, go in. Your growth is cyclical. There are times to be in the world, and times to remove yourself from the world. There is time to be out there, and time to be inside. There is a time when you are supposed to try things out, to experiment in this grand playground, to learn how to play the games and to create new games.

And when the rules don't work, or when your technique is faulty, you go back in and find out why -- back into that warm, moist place that is your Shadow. You go back into the Underworld. You go back into the Unconscious, back to your Soul, your Higher Self, and the various spaces/aspects of who you are to learn, to grow, to experiment, to try, to work with it.

The Shadow is with you from the time when you're roughly 16 to the time you're about 56. That's 40 years, and for many, sadly, that's more than half a lifetime. Most of you are now in your Shadow time. The Wave Generation -- that bulge in worldwide population called the baby boom -- is in the Shadow, in the time of mid-life.

Do you realize that in the next five years there will be more women in menopause than there has ever been in the history of your planet? It is an incredibly powerful time. Now we know in your world menopause is not considered powerful. But remember, your world is a chauvinistic world which sees most feminine functions as dirty and distasteful and a source of embarrassment. But it is an incredibly powerful time, that stage of one's life in the latter part of the Shadow years.

Men go through a menopause as well, of a different nature, of a different kind. And it also comes in the latter years of the Shadow. In your mid-to late-forties, for men and women alike. This is the Shadow time.

The Double

After the Shadow comes the sixth Face of the Soul, that of The Double. The Double comes when you emerge from the Shadow, having experimented, having explored, having tried everything out, having made the mistakes that you are supposed to make and the mistakes that you're not supposed to make.

This is when you come out into the world, when you come out of the Shadow to be your full and total self. This is when women, past their menopause now, come into the time when they can be who they are fully and completely. Men (if they handle it right) can be past the imprisonment of other people's definitions of manhood and can truly discover their whole self. Finally, you can be who you want to be, and be who you intended to be. You can fully come into the time of wisdom. It happens in the mid-fifites or early sixties. It varies. Again, it's not absolute.

This is the time when many, emerging from the Shadow but not having done the Shadow Work, long for that Eternal Youth, long for that passion, long for that time, and try to go back there. You never can. You didn't have it then, and you're not going to get it now.

Others, recognizing that sad truth, come out of the Shadow and sit in the sun and wait to die. On the East Coast it's called "moving to Florida." They get a condo and wait to die. "Move the parents to Florida. Move them to Sun City. Move them to the Southwest where it's hot, but it's dry heat." So many either wait to die or long for and chase after a youth they never had.

Some, having taken advantage of the Shadow, emerge and become wise and have a life that they've been waiting to live -- a life filled with their dreams and their desires and their powers and their grounding and their passion. These people don't have the fire of a teenager. They have the glow of a mature fire, and their fire does burn eternal. You've seen some of them in your life, these older people who glow, who radiate, who have a wisdom, who are living the fullness.

It doesn't have to wait until then. You can become wise much earlier than the time of the Double, but just in case you don't, that Face of the Soul will show up and force you out of the Shadow. What you do as you face yourself is make the decision: Am I going to go back and try to live my parents' life or my children's life? Am I going to live my life? Or am I going to die?

And the choice is made then. In your mid-fifties you decide. Oh, the health problems may not show up for a decade or two, but the decision is made. For those of you who decide to try to return to the youth, the senility won't set in for another couple of decades, but it'll be there. And between the choice and the senility, you can make a fool of yourself, that's so.

And the decision to be wise? Though the wisdom may not attach to you then, it will be there.

The Remain

The final Face of the Soul, the last face, is that of The Remain. It comes at your time of dying, and at the times when you might die. When you choose to die, it ushers you out and watches over the remain. If you choose not to, it retreats, and waits. At the end of life, it is this Face of the Soul that comes to you to usher you out of the body. It has been called Death, or the Grim Reaper, but it is the Soul with the Face of the Remain.

At times of near-death experience, it is also the Soul that comes to you. It is often the one who sends you back. "No, not yet." It comes at times when you are hurt and in pain. Not hurt alone, but hurt that is pain. When a part of you dies, it is the Remain that comes. Those of you who have worked with healing and have gone through the experience of The Valley of Lost Souls, it is that Soul, the Remain, that travels nightly, waiting for you to retrieve yourself, watching over you, because your Soul will never abandon you ... Your Soul will never abandon you.

And therefore, the Face of the Remain also shows up at the time of the Wounding. But it is the Shadow Soul that picks you up, and starts putting you back together again.

Those are the Faces. And you can see how you can get so misguided and off-course in a world that denies the very existence of Soul. It is the Soul that keeps your course of growth according to your pattern, according to your rhythm, that allows and makes sure that the ebbs and flows happen, and that the waxings and wanings occur as well. It is your Soul that nudges you -- maybe bumps you -- when you get off-course. It is your Soul that lets you know when it is time to change course, when it's time to move up an octave.

Now there is a tendency, because of the natural propensity for hierarchy, to try to figure out: "Well, where does it fit? Is my Soul above or below my Higher Self? Where are my counselors?" You kind of have God/Goddess/All That Is at the top, OK, and after that it gets pretty nebulous, between Them and you.

Let the Soul be a part of your team. It's not better than your Higher Self; nor is your Higher Self better than it is. But it's there with its many faces. The Soul holds secrets that only it can reveal even, though certainly we could assume your Higher Self, being who it is, knowing all, knows those secrets.

But there are secrets of the Soul that can only be learned from the Soul, not because they have priority or hierarchy, but because the Soul has the resonance, the energy, the essence that comes to live with those Secrets.

Perhaps moving beyond the Faces of the Soul into the Dialogues with the Divine, beyond the Faces to that One Soul is where the secrets lie -- not in the hierarchy, but in the resonance, the connection, the essence of being in communication with your Soul. It holds the destiny. It holds the power. It holds the talent, and the means and the wherewithal to discover and have your talent revealed ...

With love and peace ...




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The Sirius Connection, Part 2

Monday, May 9, 2016
Blog: The Sirius Connection, Part 2

By Lazaris

The Sirius Connection: What it Can Mean in Your Daily Life, Part 2 

All right ... As we look at how you can apply The Sirius Connection, what it means in your daily life, so we turn now our attention to technique.

In this time after the opening of the Vortex, attention and intention come more to the fore; resonance becomes the source of causation; and spiritual hunger and thirst awaken even more than they already have -- and awaken in so many about you. Your chakras are realigning to a whole new frequency. And indeed electromagnetic energy can be used to boost and to work with your very resonance. With the futures, now so much more impactful, there are ways you can work to create an elegance.

You can continue to use the techniques that you know -- from the simplest of manifestation to the most intricate -- to create your own reality. Now you approach them with a greater intensity of your own intention, a greater intensity of your own attention, and with an awareness to let in the resonance that it's different now, it's different now. You can have that humility: it is different now.

The futures are far more impactful, far more impactful, than they have ever been. And your brain works differently now.

Portions of it are now functioning that never did before. And your DNA is functioning differently now than it ever has. Just sit with that. Just thinking about that -- just feeling that -- shifts your attention and opens the way for a greater intention to link together pieces of what is your conscious world in alignment with your conscious creation.


So certainly, with that as a preface, we look at technique. First of all, you can notch up your own overall resonance.

Sometimes you can sense: "I'm in the dumps. Yes, I'm in depressing places. I'm in self-pity places. I'm in martyr places. I know those are low-resonance. I don't have to look them up anywhere."

... {laughter} ... "Gee, what's my resonance? Low. That's good enough." ... {laughter} ...

And if you will not judge yourself, but go into and beyond it, you can find the reason you're in martyr. If you're feeling defensive, there's a reason for it, and that reason is because you're defending something. That's why people get defensive. ... {laughter} ... They don't do it for no reason. ... "The sun's out, I think I'll be defensive." No, it's always to defend something. People don't control just for the heck of it, you know? There's always some need that is trying to be met. Martyrhood is an anaesthetic, yes, and it is an expression of hostility in its punishing nature, absolutely, but there's always something behind it.

You see, when you're in those resonant places that you know are low, stay out of self-pity -- and out of judging yourself, which shuts off any communication. Stay somewhere in between, and let yourself go into the martyrhood, or into the control, or into the defensiveness, into the whatever the low resonance is, and look behind it. "What am I defending? What am I numbing? What am I avoiding? What am I holding onto, and why?"

In that place, understanding it, you can take your power back. You can take your power back. Then you can let it go, having taken the power, the treasures, and the gifts. Then you can drop the attention from it and shift it to something else. Then begin to notch your resonance up, to bump it up, to bump it up.

Now you can do that in your meditative Safe Place. You can do that in some special place using your own imagination, using your own creativity, being inventive about it. Maybe you'd like to get inside the double-tetrahedron and spin and spin and spin and spin and spin, and rotate. Because in that double-tetrahedron, as you're spinning and rotating, you disintegrate and suddenly disperse to the whole of the universe. When you come back, you can come back without that low resonance. You can put your martyr out of you. You can put the defensiveness out of you. You spin and rotate and then suddenly you're very non-local. You're in the nonlocality of the enfolding energy. And then when you come back together again, you can consciously leave whatever it is out of you. You don't have to let that be part of your molecular structure. Maybe you'll want to go into the future and there let your resonance be notched up.

And that's a technique that you can use. And at first maybe it will not be as effective as it will be later with practice and with a bit of experience, but in time it can be tremendously effective in literally shifting the resonance from one place to another in a very short time -- and changing the reality configurations as you do so, changing the reality potentialities as you do so, changing which futures have impact upon you, notching your way up.

Working with the Chakra Centers

Certainly you can work with the resonance of your own chakra centers. As we adjusted them {in the meditation at the workshop -ed. note}, certainly your Higher Self or one of your Unseen Friends can adjust them. Or you can bask in the light of Sirius itself, allowing your chakras -- like radionics dials -- to be turned, to be shifted, to be lifted, to be adjusted. Sense your Higher Self reaching in. If you want, we'll be glad to do it. You can work with any of your Unseen Friends. Again, go about it inventively, creatively, finding what feels right.

Perhaps it doesn't make sense to you that you could do that in your Safe Place. Maybe it does make sense to go into the Underworld. Maybe it does make sense to go over the bluff and sit in your Success Cube. Maybe it makes sense to go down by the river and be in a very private place with the willows that weep and the shade and the mottled light. If that seems appropriate, so do it there. You can find the meditative place that feels right for you and adjust your chakras.

Working with the Pipeline

Also you can work with the pipeline of futures. It is most helpful to find a way to go into that future and work with it. You can go into the Underworld. You can go to the Causal Plane. You can use the double-tetrahedron. It's so incredibly teleporting from the present reality to futures. In those futures, find the pipeline. Maybe it looks like a clear Lucite pipe. Whatever it looks like to you, it is the pipeline of the futures that are coming. What's in the pipeline?

At first your natural tendency is to be somewhat hesitant. "I don't want to see if there's something horrible there. I don't want see that there's some dread disease, or some terrible accident." But then you realize, "Wait a minute. Whatever's there I can change it." Wouldn't it be better to see an auto accident and change it than not to have seen it and manifest it? The short-term gain of avoidance is far outweighed by the long-term reality.

Now that doesn't mean that you necessarily have to see dreadful horrible deaths and destructions. No, be honest. And in time, as you get used to working with it, you can work very powerfully, very profoundly, to clear the pipeline. And as you look in the pipeline, you can be very specific. "I'm in this relationship with this person and I'm seeing trouble. There's difficulty we're running into. Let me see what futures are creating this. Let me see what futures are out there. Let me flow into that and find the future. Oh, gosh, this is the future. Six months from now I'm going to realize I was projecting this or fearing that or I was running away from something. But I've found it now and I can change it in the pipeline."

And once you discover it allow in the Light of Sirius. Allow in the Goddess. Allow that energy to change what's in the pipeline.

Intercepting & Disconnecting

Another technique is what we call Intercepting & Disconnecting.

Now, when you work with self-sabotaging futures, you intercept the potential self-sabotage, you disconnect it, and you release the energy into a new success. And you can do similarly here.

For example, if you were in a situation where you discovered: "Oh, six months from now I'm going to have this huge fight. I can see it, because I can feel it brewing. I can sense it there, so I'm going to disarm it and instead take all that energy that otherwise would have been a fight and create an incredibly close, intimate experience -- an incredible wonderful argument that leads to wonderful great experience." Intercept those futures.

Now this might have been a somewhat airy-fairy technique a few years ago, but now, because everything's different, because the vortex is open, you can work with that, thought maybe not exclusively. Maybe you also want to use the techniques that you're very familiar with. Certainly so, if you recognize that it's your martyr, you may want to use the techniques you know to deal with that. But you may also want to create a variation using the future techniques to begin to stretch your experience and expertise with intercepting and disconnecting futures.

The Light of Sirius

And of course there's always the Light of Sirius itself. Since the opening, that resonance of Sirius is inside you. Perhaps you'll want connect with it by stepping outside at night and looking up to the heavens and locating it, just off there to the left of Orion's Belt -- that twinkling star -- and calling upon it, sensing it, opening to it. Perhaps it's in a meditation where you are sitting on a mound of earth and looking up into the night sky, sensing it, letting it come, calling on it ... "In the name of Sirius, in the name of the Goddess, in the name of ..." An abstract, but oh, phenomenally powerful technique.

Optimal Futures

Also, and seventh, there is a technique for creating Optimal Futures.

Now we're not saying "optimum," meaning the most incredible of any other. There can be many optimal futures. If you go for optimum it gets competitive. You know, which one's better? And ... could I come up with a better one? There can many Optimal Futures.

The idea here is that you're going to create these Optimal Futures, and you're going to lay them within the Radiance of your Resonance. And they will start having impact now, long before you would ever manifest them, for as a conduit of that future, it changes you now.

Now, admittedly, this technique takes time, it takes thought, it takes work. So it's not something you can just throw together.

There are several components, but you can take your time. And you work on it over a period of days or weeks. Not every day all week for weeks. You work on it, maybe a little bit now, and a little bit a couple of days from now, coming back after you've thought about, after you've worked with it. Yeah, made some changes there, etc. So again, respect yourself and not just throw it together. The goal here isn't to get it done as fast as possible and get as many as possible. I've got a book full of optimal futures. I got 20 or 30 of them this afternoon alone. I just sat down and buzz-sawed through." ... {laughter} ... That's probably self-sabotage. ... {laughter} ...

Now, an Optimal Future has several characteristics:

First of all, Optimal Futures involve skill and challenge that somehow engages your strength, your power, and your talent. Optimal Futures call upon your creativity, your confidence (your ability to cope), and your expertise. An Optimal Future involves a certain skill that presents challenge -- not struggle, but challenge -- an interesting, curious, wonderful challenge. And that challenge involves or in some way engages some of your strength, some of your power, some of your particular talent, some skill. Skill and challenge.

When you say you're going to be the zillion-trillionquadrillion-billion-dillionaire of the world, there's no skill there. There's no challenge there, because it's become meaningless. There's no way to engage your strengths. "I can add. I can subtract." Oh ... {laughter} ...

Your power is certainly not your talent. There's no way to involve your creativity or your confidence. You can't really be confident. You can't even figure out how much that is, much less be confident that you can create it. It has to have some sort of task that involves skill and challenge.

Secondly, it's important that the Optimal Future involve complexity and attention. That is, in order to do this skill, in order to do this task that involves skill and challenge, it engages your full attention. It can't be something you do on automatic, and it must have complexity.

Now complexity is often seen as difficulty. It doesn't have to be difficult. Intricate, yes. Involved, yes. But not necessarily difficult. Complexity exists when you allow something to be an expression of your individuality as well as your oneness. When an Optimal Future expresses your uniqueness as well as your sameness, it has complexity. Complexity involves your individuality, your uniqueness, your signature, your autonomy, as well as your oneness, as well as your partnership, as well as the "together energy" you have with others -- perhaps involving my spiritual family more than my biological family, my chemical family -- my spiritual family developed not by chemistry and biology but by character, by personal and spiritual character.

Therefore, an Optimal Future is not something you do totally alone -- or if it is, it gets passed on to or is involved with others. Also, whatever it is, you want to become totally absorbed in it while you're doing it. Not obsessed, but absorbed.

And, you see, there are those of you doing things in your life now that already involve a certain amount of skill and challenge, and which give you the chance to express your individuality as well as your oneness with another. Some of you are working in sporting activities. Some of you working in creative projects that are purely hobby but are nonetheless beautifully creative. Some of you are in relationships where you are taking the skill and the challenge of intimacy, love and caring that calls upon your strength, power, and talent as well as your creativity, confidence and expertise, and that gives you the opportunity to be fully yourself and a partner with another.

Thirdly, an Optimal Future needs to have clarity -- specific and clear goals, short-term and long-term, immediate and eventual.

An example: You see yourself having an Optimal Future in which you compose music. That involves a skill. Certainly it involves a challenge because no matter how talented you may be, it involves challenge. It involves skill. It calls upon your strengths. It calls upon your power of vision and creativity. It calls upon your talent. Creative, yes. I have confidence, though, a sense that in that future I can do it with the expertise. And it's intricate, complex.

It also involves me by myself, but it also involves others who will listen or who will play or who will enjoy this music. And to that end, it takes my attention. When I'm focussing on this composition, I can see myself totally engaged, totally involved. And there is a clarity. There are goals in mind. I want to write so many measures every day. Or I want to get the first movement done by a certain time. There is a goal of completion, a goal of achievement, a goal of accomplishment that is clear.

Fourthly, an Optimal Future needs to involve Choice, the choice to take charge of the situation, to exercise control in the situation, rather than having to be in control of the situation.

You have a sense of dominion: You can exercise control in the situation in varying degrees of intensity. Rather than having to control the situation or be in control of it, you can exercise control. You have that choice: to intensify or to lighten up, to work faster or to work slower, to let it ebb and flow. You have that sense of choice.

Fifthly, an Optimal Future needs to have a continuum of feedback, short-term and long-term feedback, a system of gratification and reward, where some of the feedback is immediate. Going back to our composer: You've set the goal. Today you want to get this many measures done, this many minutes. This portion that has been a stickler. Yes, you would get immediate feedback from that. Now this is a future. You're not doing it but you can see that it has the opportunity of immediate feedback. It has that immediate gratification, that immediate reward.

The sixth quality it must involve is commitment and centering, where you are absolutely committed to doing it, to be engaged in it, being involved in it, a total commitment, in the moment, in the now, centered, where you have to give it all my focus now. You can't be distracted. You want to create it in such a way that you can be totally centered and totally committed.

Finally and lastly, an Optimal Future needs to stretch you beyond your self-consciousness so that your Conscious Self can emerge. Ironically and paradoxically, being self-conscious is never your Self and it's never being Conscious. An Optimal Future is bigger and grander than you are, and because of that it lifts and engages you such that you lose all sense of self-consciousness. You forget the cameras are rolling. (In fact, they're not.) With an Optimal Future you aren't conscious of people watching. You aren't conscious of what they think, of whether they care, of what they're deciding. You don't even know they're there. You're so engaged that it stretches you beyond being self-conscious. It may well be called a moment of ecstasy, where you are in a euphoria, in a sense of unity, of oneness, beyond space and time. Sacred, ineffable, a self-transcendent moment. You let your self-consciousness go so that in that transcendent moment, in that self-transcendent time, the real you, the true you, the self that you really are can emerge.

Now admittedly, these characteristics of an Optimal Future take some thinking and feeling. They take some playing around with.

Now putting together an Optimal Future calls upon what:

It calls upon clarity.

It calls upon centering.

It calls upon choice.

It calls upon commitment, challenge, complexity, and creativity.

It is automatically raising your resonance.

As you finalize it, what you do with it is you digest it and you project it. Let it in. Let it in. Imagine yourself caving, mountain climbing. You imagine yourself engaged in this sport or that sporting activity. Imagine yourself having that country home where you can be and do all these creative projects. Imagine it.

And as you create it, it's raising your resonance. As you imagine it, as you digest it, it becomes a part of you. You sense it. You feel it. You smell it and touch it in your imagination. Then you project it out there into what we call the Radiance of Your Resonance -- that wedge (of the futures you can experience). OK? Here's your resonance now. After working with creating an Optimal Future, it's maybe moved up a few notches. Now you're feeling pretty good about yourself, as a matter of fact. Your feeling very positively, drawing in a more valuable reality than you were even before you put this together.

Now you digest it. You feel it. You let yourself taste it. What does it taste like? What does it smell like? What does it feel like? You're notching up now just a little bit. Not enough that anybody might notice any difference, but you're still notching up.

Once you've digested it, throw it out there. Project it out into your future. How far? Well, it depends. If this is an Optimal Future for when you retire from work and sell your property and move to the country, it may be 20 or 30 years from now. Even though between now and then you may change it, it doesn't matter. You still digest it and throw it out there. Throw it out there somewhere within the Radiance -- obviously on upper end of the Radiance of your Resonance.

Now that Optimal Future, by its very projection is starting to have impact on you now. It will start immediately to have impact on you. Subtle, yes. It may cause you to feel more optimistic about something, or your programming around some issue may be more effective. Whatever, it's drawing you toward it, toward that Optimal Future. Now if you have four or five of them out there, they're each going to draw you -- not necessarily any faster, but more deeply. It doesn't mean you're going to be 65 any sooner, you see? But it'll draw you more deeply.

Now, if you want to really have it come in more deeply, there are one of two things you can do.

You can consciously start developing that skill more fully and exercising the challenge. You can start developing that complexity and that attention even now. You can bring the clarity into your current reality. You can exercise that particular skill, that particular challenge, or that particular complexity. You can start exercising that in direct activity. You see, when you're in that Optimal Future, you want to be doing some specific thing. You don't necessarily know how to do that yet, but it's always been there as a dream that you've had. It seems like that would be such an incredible reality, to do woodworking, to carve. But you don't know how to do that, so you're going to start developing the skill now -- preparing, learning, taking steps, maybe taking a class here, reading a book there. It's anchoring. It's not anchoring that future to you, it's anchoring you to that future. You start developing the particulars of skill now, and it will anchor you and pull you to that Optimal Future more deeply, more richly, changing the reality along the way more significantly.

Now the other way: Maybe that particular Optimal Future really is something that can't really happen until down there. There's no real way you could go about developing the skill or challenge without actually doing it now in a real way. So the other way you can anchor your current reality to the Optimal Future is to find something else that you can do now not upon the same specific skill and challenge, but upon some skill, challenge, attention, complexity. It will not have the same clear goals, but it will have clear goals. It won't have the same kind of exercise of control in the situation, but it will offer a way to exercise control in some situation. It won't have the same feedback, but it will have feedback in a continuum of rewards and gratifications. And likewise through the list, with that sense of feedback -- it's not going to be the same feedback, but it's feedback in a continuum of rewards and gratifications. And it does involve that sense of commitment, not to the Optimal Future, but to the quite separate skill and challenge you are working with now.

It may be that you have an Optimal Future out here that has to do with more academic concerns. But right now you express it through playing tennis. Challenge, skill, certainly so.

Complexity, amazingly so. Attention, absolutely. You can't be thinking about what you had for breakfast or who you're going to see later or whether it's awfully hot. You've got to be right there. Clear goals? Yes. Choice? Can you take charge? Yes.

Continuum of feedback. After every volley. ... {laughter} ... You get immediate feedback. Either you got the point or you didn't.

They don't have too many draws. Nobody got that point. Well, that can happen, we suppose. You just volleyed for six hours and you both dropped dead. You know, it doesn't ... {laughter} ...

Does it involve that sense of commitment, that sense of absolute centered commitment in the moment? And do you escape yourself? Yes, if you aren't worried about your hemline or whether your shoes are white enough, or whatever. You lose yourself. You lose yourself, the self-consciousness. And a more real you emerges. It can. Not always, but it can.

In that way now, in your 20s, another activity can link you, can connect you, to an Optimal Future that has nothing to do with such physical activity in your 70s, or in your 50s, or in your 30s or some other kind of Optimal Future that isn't that far away. So, you can just nudge it and push it and create it. That's going to lift your resonance, because it involves the attention and the intention. And it involves the qualities of resonance raising from clarity to creativity. When you start digesting it, it nudges your resonance a little further. When you project it out there, it nudges you further. And that can be enough. And then every so often let yourself digest it again. Ponder it. Savor it. Daydream about it. Dream about it in your meditations, or in your night dreams.

So if you want to nudge that Optimal Future a little further, you can begin doing that now or preparing for that now, or something else that involves the same seven energies, do you see? You see, it's the energy of skill and challenge that engages strength, power, talent, creativity, confidence and expertise.

It's the energy. It doesn't matter what the form is. At least for linking purposes it doesn't matter what the form is.

As you do this, you will start creating Optimal Experiences and Optimal Futures, and the link can be phenomenal. It can generate successes that seem not to have anything to do with it. Suddenly things at work get tremendously better. Suddenly the intimacy takes a powerful turn for the better.

But you see, it has impact, and shifting your resonance - not just your resonance about the Optimal Future, but your resonance now. That Optimal Future may be very involved in curing the malady you have now. Not so that you can hurry up and achieve the Optimal Future, but so you can move the Radiance of Resonance. "Here's my Radiance of Resonance now, which includes X disease.

And through this Optimal Future I've nudged it up to here where now that disease X is outside that wedge. It's not within my radiance. And therefore, it goes away." It's unable to stand the resonance -- even though that Optimal Future had nothing to do with "health concerns" other than perhaps wanting to live fully and richly in order to do that. And what other futures are here in this Radiance of your Resonance, in the wedge of your resonance? When your Radiance of Resonance moves up, futures that are all along the wedge shift and change. And it becomes like magic, very much like magic, so much like it that it probably is magic. ... {laughter} ...

Now that the Vortex is open, now that the past has ended its bitter grip and control, now that practice is over, everything IS different. Not "can be" -- IS different. You can make it suspiciously the same, but it IS different.


In this meditation, again open to the energy of Sirius, to your connection. But you know, we've talked so often about that stellar heritage. Well, what is your stellar heritage? It's either Sirius or Pleiades. No, it's not Orion. ... {laughter} ... Even if there's an Orion connection, it's Pleiades/Orion, Sirius/Orion, but it's Sirius or it's Pleiades, or you wouldn't have found any interest in wanting to deal with the Sirius Connection, you see?

It wouldn't have interested you.

What is that connection? What is your heritage? Were you one of the genetic engineers, so appalled at what had happened? And also one of the souls clearly who said, "I'll sign up." You see, this isn't the first time you've been a Mapmaker. It's not a job assignment that's handed out like karma. "Who wants maps?" ... {laughter} ... It's a quality of who you are. It's part of your nature. It is your destiny -- chosen, yes. But then only Mapmakers choose to be Mapmakers. In a planet full of people, in a universe full of consciousness, there are relatively very few of you overall. But enough.

Until we have the opportunity to work with you, be it in workshops, in Blendings, in meditation, we shall close, and we shall do so to each of you and all of you with love, oh yes, with love, with love, and peace. ...



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The Sirius Connection, Part 1

Monday, May 9, 2016
Blog: The Sirius Connection, Part 1

By Lazaris

The Sirius Connection: What It Can Mean in Your Daily Life, Part 1

All right ... You're all here! ... {laughter} ... All right ... Well, well, well. Oh, my, my! ... {laughter} ... Yes!

How many times you have heard us say it. ... It is a pleasure to be here. It always is a pleasure. And it is a joy. Yes, to be with you and to work with you is joy that keeps growing and that keeps expanding. How many times you've heard us say it! And each time we feel it more deeply. We love you.

Yes, of course, we love all of humanity in its way, and in ours. Yes, we love the consciousness that you are -- the spark and the light that grows ever more intense inside of you. Certainly we love the more real Self that you are just beginning to know. Also we love you -- the Mapmaker, the Dreamer or Dream Weaver, the Vision Maker, and the Reality Creator that you are. But we also love you ... just the way you are.

Your growth is enchanting. Your changes are at times amusing ... {laughter} ... at other times profound. But even if you didn't do that growth stuff -- even if you were not responding to the hunger and thirst of spirituality -- we would love you. We love you just the way you are, with all your foibles and all your wonders all wrapped up together.

We love you. Sometimes it is hard for some of you to hear. You want to discount and deny it. You will let us love you as humanity, and you'll let us love you as consciousness. You will let us love the more real you, but it is hard to let us love the you that you are now. Even so, it is that you that we love as well. And we do know you. ...{laughter} ... and with all that we know, we love you so. You matter to us so deeply, so dearly. You are important to us.

And it is with that love, with all of its maturations, with all of its faces, that we do welcome you today. And we also invite you today to come with us as we explore The Sirius Connection, more specifically your Sirius Connection, and what it can mean in your daily life.

History Has Ended... Practice is Over

History has ended. No, not the academic discipline, but the control of the past has ended. The Sirius Vortex -- the Vortex of the Goddess -- has opened. It has opened like it has not opened in over 90,000 years. With its opening, you now have all the information and all the light necessary to evolve the human species, to trigger the metamorphosis of the human species. And even more, you have all you need to create a new world (not just a new order to an old world, but a new world) in which a new kind of human being can participate and thrive. Yes, the Vortex has opened wide and full. And everything is different now.

Practice is over. Now everything counts, everything matters. All your thoughts, all your feelings matter like they never have before. You cannot practice your metaphysics and your spirituality anymore. Now it is time to live it. Everything is different now.

What does it mean, day in and day out? What does it mean in the nuts and bolts of your reality? Part of what it means is that you can no longer play patty-cake with your martyr or hop-scotch with your negative ego. You can no longer play the flirtatious game of maybe I'll give you up and maybe I won't. Your negative ego and the dark sides of self are playing for keeps now. They are hitting, and they are hitting hard. Those aspects of self can cheat. Your martyr, your self-pity, and your negative ego do not always follow the rules. Though reality is an illusion, it is a very serious illusion that suddenly became more serious.

You cannot play. Many of you hear that and think, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." And then you find out ... "Oh, it's really true" ... because you can get hit, and you can get hit hard.

In the seminar on Ecstasy we talked of the entanglements, the problems, the crises, and even the tragedies that are current in your reality. Because practice is over, whatever your personal entanglements, problems, crises, even tragedies may be, now they matter more, now they count more. They cannot be left on the back burner. Your entanglements, projections, games, problems, crises, and tragedies can -- not will absolutely -- but can become more intense. We say these things not to scare you, but to alert you.

As the past relinquishes its control, the influence of the future expands. However there is a pipeline of futures that you may not even realize you have. Through the years, you may have inadvertently created -- or in a rather willy-nilly way may have created -- a full range of futures of which you are not currently aware. Some of those futures could be quite dark -- could be extremely dark.

Futures, light or dark, are created by your thoughts and your feelings. They are created by your attention and by your intention, which, respectively, manifest and order your reality. Some of those futures that your thoughts, feelings, attentions and intentions created long ago might otherwise lie dormant. They might never have become manifest in the three dimensions of space and one of time that you call your reality. Now, because practice is over and history has ended, those otherwise dormant futures, those potentially light futures, could manifest with tremendous impact. And those otherwise dormant futures, those potentially dark futures, could manifest with devastating impact. Devastating impact on you.

The growth that you have been meaning to get to when you have time and the growth that you have been consciously or unconsciously procrastinating can come up and slap you right in the face, right in the reality, very hard. Responsibilities you ignored, or erroneously thought you didn't have to take or could just dismiss, can come up and haunt you. It can be pretty frightening that practice is over.

But it also can be incredibly, incredibly beautiful. Past has ended and Practice is over can mean you can be totally free from that personal past. It can be a genuine freedom. It can mean that you have to and that you can stop playing the games: Get off the game board or dance floor with your negative ego. Stop the game or the dance with your martyr. It is over. It is done. An ended Past and a concluded Practice can mean that you can get to the root of those entanglements, and you can undo them in the future before they fully manifest, before they become more intense.

You see, maybe you have not allowed yourself to really change the past. Many of you believe that you can work with the past, that you can compensate for it, or that you can even overcome your past. However, change it? Certainly you can, but so many of you do not believe that you can. It's not allowed in your belief system. After all, you convince yourself, the past has already happened. It is a matter of record, right? Work, compensate, overcome, but you cannot change it. Regardless of rhetoric, most believe they cannot change the past, not really.

But you do believe you can change the future. Therefore, the entanglements, problems, crises, and tragedies already in progress are things you can intercept and change.

Yet when you change the future, you change the present. It has always been true: The future creates the present and lays it against the backdrop of the past. Now it is becoming truer than it has ever been. When you change the future, you change the present: Your entanglements can change. Sometimes they can change right before your very eyes.

You can play catch-up now -- not by working extra hard, not by burning the candle at both ends, but by changing the future. By owning a current painful or fearful reality, you can scan the future to see where the current pain or the current fear could lead. In other words, you can discover the future that is creating the present -- the future that is creating the current pain or the current fear. Once discovered, you can work with specific and precise technique to disconnect the dark future. Then you can use this disconnected power to actually and literally create a different future -- to create a brilliant future -- that can create a different present. Yes, as incredible as it may sound to some of you, the current reality of pain or fear can change. It can dramatically change. What used to be considered a fanciful experience can now work in ways that can startle you, that can amaze you. Everything is different now.

You can empty the pipeline. You can clear out discordant realities and fill that pipeline with unbelievably positive, powerful, beautiful futures. You can create what we call Optimal Futures -- futures that may not in any logic be able to manifest for decades to come, but from which you can benefit now.

Those of you in your thirties can create the future of what it's going to be like when you're eighty. What kind of world are you going to have when you're eighty? What kind of peace? What kind of spiritual awareness? What kind of wisdom? What kind of physical well-being are you going to have at eighty? And even though it may be half a century before you are there, that future that you create can alter your health now. It can alter choice and decision before you even know that choice and decision are connected to that future. You can create Optimal Futures that will not be yours for decades, but which will alter your decisions and choices, your thoughts and feelings today. Those Optimal Futures can create current success and present day happiness. Yes they can.

The Evolution of the Human Species

When we talk of an evolution of the human species, we are not talking figuratively. We are talking very, very literally. Just as you have a prehensile thumb, just as you stand erect (which was a process not of linear evolution, but of exponential or consciously designed evolution), there is change occurring in your very physiology, in your very brain, and in the very function and the very shape of certain portions of that brain. There is an evolution, very literally an evolution taking place, and there is the positive future that will prevail for everyone who's willing to step into it, back into it, fall into it, or end up in it by default. ... {laughter} ... It just won't be there for those who intentionally choose not to be there, and that is their choice.

And there is a new world. You see, as we've said for so long, there really is no solution to the problems, so many of them, that you have in your linear world. So you'd better create a new world -- not by scrapping the one you're in, and not by fixing it, but by changing it. Though indeed much of what you do may look like the dance called fixing it, in fact, that dance will be creating the resonance, the space, of change. So often we have said it: It is not about fixing; it is about changing. That truth has suddenly become more true.

This human evolution, this evolution of the human species itself, is more correctly a metamorphosis. It involves the emergence of a new kind of human being. This change is essential to create a new world. Your brain is a hologram that projects holographic images of body and of world. In order to project a new world, you need an evolved cranial hologram. That is what this evolution, this metamorphosis, is about. The new kind of human being will have a new kind of brain that can literally sense the new world. We mean it very literally when we talk of Virgin Futures, of positive futures of dreams, of an evolving human species. We mean it more literally than you currently can believe -- than you can currently imagine.

Now That the Vortex is Open...

But what specifically can you anticipate because of your Sirius Connection and because of the opening of the Vortex? What can you expect, quite literally?


First of all, when the Vortex opened wide and full, when your entire Universe was flooded with all the information and light, and it was also flooded with an energy of acceleration. As a result, intention becomes much more powerful now. Intention is what orders and prioritizes your reality. It is what orders and prioritizes your consciousness. You have conscious awareness. Some of it you call memory. Some of it you call fantasy. Some of it you call hard knocks reality. And there are varying degrees of consciousness about all kinds of things in this patchwork reality that is your current life, and that also bleeds through into the holographic impact of all the lifetimes that are yours.

You see, you tend to say this life you are current experiencing is your lifetime. More correctly, all your lifetimes are part of your Fabric of Being. The current lifetime is the portion of that Fabric that you are experiencing now. But it is all happening, and it is all part of your consciousness. And it is your intention that gives order to the otherwise chaotic, fragmented pieces of your consciousness. It is what arranges the pieces. It is estimated by your scientists that you have 50,000 thoughts a day. 50,000 thoughts. Write them down. ... {laughter} ... The first 20,000 are I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. ... {laughter} ... You have 50,000 thoughts a day, and each of those thoughts has a feeling connected to it. But it is your intention that sorts and orders them, connects this one and that one and this one and that one. Intention gives order to the chaos, and creates what you later will call logic and reason. So many dismiss intention. Only when it become their personal logic and reason does it become absolute.

Intent is increasing now. Due to the influx of energy, intent is becoming more and more powerful. However, that increase is non-linear. Intent is stretching higher, but it is also sinking lower. This means that instinct, which is at the core of your intent, will either degenerate into primal biology and chemistry - - into more animal-like nature -- or it will elevate into personal character and spiritual character that will supersede and override the seemingly unconscious chemical, biological, animal response that is in you. It will descend, or it will rise to respond instinctively to a more Real Self -- to respond more to who you are becoming than to who you have been.

It also means that your needs will either degenerate or rise. Your needs -which are for survival, security, a sense of belonging, self-esteem, creating and producing, knowing, and aesthetics (your very spirituality) -- all are part of your intent. You will find people more and more focused on the base needs of survival and security: Me, mine, what I need, what I've got, taking care of my own, taking care of myself.

In your world, with the amount of disease that is airborne, with the amount of disease that is non-responsive to the allopathic traditions, in many ways it becomes frightening to go out there into the world. And many people will retreat into their survival mode, into their security mode. Their needs will reach toward the low end as opposed to lifting to the higher end. Yet, it is also true: Because intent is so much more intense, many of you are going to find that your needs have been met, and that you can stretch even higher by turning your intention to your preferences. Your intention is so much more acute, so much more powerful now, that it is altering your instinct, it is altering your needs.

It is altering, thirdly, your drives. In some people drives such as genetic/hormonal drives, social drives, negative ego drives, and personality drives, will descend into obsession. On the dark side, you will see people in your world approaching things from a more manic/depressive-like energy. You will see greater frenzy and an increase in what seems to be an almost insane focus: obsession.

However, on the light and lighter side, these and other drives will move toward integration. There will be a drive toward grace, toward elegance, toward embracing a certain panache and aplomb. You will see intention turn into manifestation without a whole lot of work going on in between.

The fourth component of intention is desire. Desire became part of your intention when choice became part of the complexity of your life. Desire complicates things at times. Nonetheless it is part of your intention. Now, with the Vortex opening, desire can ebb at its lower levels: greed, self-centeredness, self-absorption, and self-obsession. Sadly, you will see the ebb of desire in the lost eyes and the empty countenance of so many. You will see it and feel it in the whatever attitude adopted by so many. (Whatever attitude: nothing matters, nothing is more important than anything else ... whatever).

Even so, you will also notice the flow of desire as well: A new and refreshing flow of desire that has not yet been imprisoned by consensus words and definitions will break the surface of reality. This flow with no name or description, this effervescent desire, can lift and change people. It can ignite a passion for life and for living. Yes, it can.

Because intention has become so much more acute and so much more powerful, instinct, need, drive, and desire -- whenever and wherever they are focused now - - will intensify. If they are headed in the downward direction, they will plummet. And you will look and say, Wow, this is the Goddess? No. This is what comes when the Vortex opens? No. This is what happens when more acute and more powerful intention plummets to the depths of darkness or when it is allowed to follow the descent of entropy.

Be conscious. By being conscious you can reverse the descent. You can lift your instinct up into a strength of character with intuition; you can lift base needs higher, and needs met to the wondrous level of preference. Drives can be consciously directed to reach heights of grace and elegance. Desire can wax to its heights where you desire for yourself, but also for something beyond you, something bigger than you.


What other changes? You will experience an increase in the importance and in the impact of attention.

Now attention is what defines and thus determines what is conscious in your consciousness. Attention defines what you manifest in your illusion. So often we've said this: What you pay attention to is what you create. If you spend your days feeling sorry for yourself, and spend one hour releasing self-pity, don't be surprised if you have self-pity in your life. But I did the meditation. I did it three times. I listened to the tape, and I took real good notes. Yes, and that's valuable, certainly so. And probably you were not feeling sorry for yourself in the midst of your processing and programming. But if you go right back into self-pity as soon as you put down your pen and paper, then your attention is on self-pity. And what you pay attention to is what selects the reality that is conscious to you.

You see, it's all out there: Everything from the very worst future to the very best -- everything from instant death to longevity -- is available to you. Where you put your attention is what determines what becomes conscious and what happens in your reality. Attention -- with its intricacy of thinking, feeling, imagining, and expecting -- is unbelievably more acute, more intense, and more powerful since the 23rd of April.

People who are locked into downward spiral thinking -- it's going to be bad, it's going to be terrible, the end times are coming -- are going to select, among the possibilities, the realities that look more and more like nightmares and mediocrity. Those who hold their feelings in the negative range, refusing to lift and change their attention, will select those realities that most reflect and most motivate negative feelings. What you pay attention to becomes more important than ever.

Likewise, what you imagine and what you expect are more important than ever. That's why we talked this year of expectation, its mystery and magic and the importance not just of pumping it up, but of giving it substance that has genuine height and width and depth. What you expect, with little or no other technique attached, with very little other thought, is going to more quickly start manifesting in your reality.

Well, gee, I just kind of gave it a . . .whhhhht! . . . And there it was! ... {laughter} ... Attention is now like a dull knife that suddenly became sharp.

For example, when you are thinking and feeling about something in your past, you can shift your attention, and you can be done with it. The only caveat is: Make sure that you have removed the gifts and treasures from that past. Make sure that you have taken back the power that you have hidden there. That's why we have talked so much about taking back the power that you lost in the unfinished pieces of the past. You see, even though the past is over, even though its control is released, because you pay attention to it, because you think it, because you feel it, because you expect it, because you imagine it, you keep living it. You keep it alive with your attention and with your intention.

So why don't you just forget it? What a wonderful therapeutic technique that is: Just forget it. ... {laughter} ... You know, before I remembered it, I did forget it! Right? ... {laughter} ... I didn't have any recall. I was better off.

No, you were not. Why not? Because there were treasures and gifts inside that past. Because there were things that you needed to learn in that past. Therefore, you would not let it go. And just not thinking of it wasn't enough. It was there in the unexpressed or the non-actualized feelings in the Unconscious Mind. Then you brought it from the Unconscious to the Conscious when you were strong enough, when you were capable of handling it.

And who brought it? Your Soul. Well, thanks a whole heap. ... {laughter} ... Exactly. Because your Soul knows: You have got to deal with this. You've got to deal with the pain. You've got to deal with the shame. You cannot just shove it into the Unconscious, because you are still thinking it, and you're still feeling, you just are not admitting it. And you are still expecting it even though you are not fully conscious of it.

Why? Because you put it in your Unconscious. The expectation is still there, and you are still imagining it even though it's not conscious. Perhaps you have dreams of being suffocated, of being hurt, of being somehow violated. Maybe you have fantasies, you have fears when someone gets too close to you.

You see, you are still imagining, you are still expecting, you are still thinking, you are still feeling. The attention is still there, but it's in the Unconscious. When you are ready, your Soul brings it into your consciousness. Then you need to pay attention to it so you can process it, so you can understand it, so you can sort it out and lift your attention -- which has held it in place -- so that you can learn the lessons that you need to learn, that you chose, that you decided. No, you did not choose to have that tragedy, that horror in your life, but you chose to learn the lesson that the tragedy or the horror represents. That was your intent. That was why you linked those pieces of consciousness together: to meet some instinct, some need, some drive, some desire. And you gave it attention to keep it in your reality. If you will learn the lessons, you can release it.

Many of you have learned so much. Maybe you have learned enough of that lesson. Why won't it go away? Because you haven't extracted the gifts, you haven't extracted the treasures.

Maybe you have. Maybe you honestly have extracted all the gifts and treasures and have learned all the lessons from the created reality. Then the question arises, What more could there possibly be here? When you are right, when there is nothing more to be gleaned or to be learned, you ask, Why won't it go away?

Your attention. Drop it from your attention and it will cease. It will.

You mean I can ... Yes. Don't I have to process it some more? ... {laughter} ... Isn't there some technique?

... Yes, choose. ... {laughter} ... Just drop it.

OK. I want to make sure it went away. ... {laughter} ...

You're paying attention. That's why it's following you. ... {laughter} ...

It's still following me. ... {laughter} ...

OK, I won't pay attention, I won't pay attention to the shame and the hurt and the molestation I had as a child. I won't pay attention. ... {laughter}

... Pink elephants, right? ... {laughter} ...

Please understand: Because the Vortex opened -- because intention and attention are more intense, because everything's different now -- you can drop the past. If you have taken the treasures and gifts, if you've taken back the power that was left there, then you can drop the attention and be done with it. And you can turn your attention to other thoughts and other feelings, other expectations, other imaginings, and it will be different. It will be different.

Resonant & Impact Causation

Ultimately all causation is resonant causation. There's only a sliver of reality that responds to colliding or impact causation. And for the several hundred years, you have chosen -- individually and collectively -- to live within that sliver to make it appear as though causation is only mechanical (Newtonian Physics) and that it is a linear process of collision, conflict, conquering. You have wanted to hold causation as mechanical and as a linear process called cause and effect. You've chosen to make appear as if causation is a comparative and competitive process of the survival of the strongest, the fittest, the most intimidating, overpowering, and dominating influence.

Now that history has ended and everything is different, resonant causation, which has always been the ultimate causation of everything, becomes more and more intense, more and more evident, more and more visible, while impact causation becomes weaker and weaker and weaker.

Now that's going to make a lot of people really angry. They are not going to like this shift in paradigm, and they are not going to want to accept it. Perhaps the most angry and thus the most resistant will be the male chauvinists, regardless of their gender, who are counting on a system of reductionist logic, a system of linear evolution, a system of conflict, a system of impact, and a system of cause leading to effect. And they are relying on it because that is what the whole system of singular authority and male dominance is based upon: that men are better-than because they can have more collision impact. They can compete and conquer. Men are stronger, they are faster . . . if they're in condition. ... {laughter} ... If they're not in condition, well . . . it's not fair. ... {laughter} ... They're still better-than. Or so you are told, so you are conditioned to believe.

As the paradigm of causation shifts, the chauvinist in you is going to rebel. Therefore, the inner-chauvinist in you is going to show up in your world. You will experience more and more people trying to prove cause and effect is real with impact that is more harsh, more punishing, more filled with conflict and with competition.

You see Korea, Bosnia, Yemen, Los Angeles, Haiti, Africa, places erupting with harsh colliding and destructive impact. People are calling for strong-impact action. Neither are we are suggesting this politics or that, nor that one is right and the other is wrong. Beyond the particular politics, it is clear that you are creating (causing or allowing) a reality where once again we have to use force in this way. It is as though you are trying to reinforce the doctrine: Cause/Effect. Though the range of reasons why is complex, one of those reasons is an attempt to hold the old paradigm together. The current and ongoing increase in violence and dominance is sort of the last throes, if you will, of a dying paradigm. Reality is changing now. Resonant Causation is replacing Mechanical Causation. Resonance is becoming stronger.

Because of Resonance Causation, dreams and dreaming are become more potent, more powerful. You can begin to generate a reality in which you can dream a different world. You can dream people being different. Perhaps it will begin with night dreams and then spread to day dreams, to conscious dreams, to conscious visions, and to meditations. The new dreams can extend to a new kind of intuition, a new kind of gestalt, and to any number of new ways of dreaming.

The Lemurian Dreamer Technique of "it's a dream, it's a dream, it's a dream" is going to work for some of you as it has never quite worked before. Aaaah! ... {laughter} ...

"You mean I can change the reality by touching my finger here and there and saying a few words and then dream what I want and I will get it? It will happen? I don't have to go out there and manipulate? I don't have to go out there and cajole? I don't have to go out there and try to make people feel guilty? I don't have to go out there and whine and cry and beg and ..." {laughter} ... Well, that sounds like anarchy! ... {laughter} ... We can't have people doing that!

Fear can arise . . . What are you dreaming about me? What are you dreaming about me? ... {laughter} ... Don't you dream me different! ... {laughter} ... What if everybody went about dreaming everybody else different? There'd be anarchy!

But it does not stand alone, does it? Intention. Attention. Resonance. They all work together. And your Soul is more involved than ever. Your Soul is not going to let you dream someone robbing a bank so they will get put in jail. ...{laughter} ...

"Well, what if I'm not in touch with my Soul?" Then you are not going to allow Resonant Causation to work as elegantly or as effectively as those who are in touch with their Soul. It is something of a positive catch-22, isn't it? There are some unscrupulous people out there who might want to dream bad dreams for other people, but they do not know anything about their Soul. They can touch and squeeze all they want, and it still will not work for them with any elegance or with any ease. The requisite is: That level of spirituality where you will allow it to work with excellence is the same level of spirituality where you have the spiritual character to hold and use the proper intent, attention, and resonance. You will have the appropriate spiritual character.

Further, it's not so much about dreaming other people different as it is about dreaming yourself different, about dreaming the future and the resonance of that future. It's about shifting your thoughts, shifting your feelings, shifting the attention and intention to create a different resonance that will open you up to a whole new range of futures. As we have said before: Whatever your resonance, there is a unique wedge of possible futures that can survive within that resonance. There are certain dark and light futures, and the higher that resonance is, the less dark the darkness and the brighter the brightness. The lower that resonance is, the darker the darkness and the dimmer the brightness.

If your resonance is low, perhaps the most positive future you can create is Nothing Going Wrong. ... {laughter} ... But not everybody is there. If someone's resonance is higher, then Nothing Going Wrong may be their mid-range, and all kinds of success lies in their top range.

Even illness is a resonance. Therefore, within a certain frequency there are certain diseases that do not exist -- cannot exist. No matter how contagious they might be in another resonance, they do not exist here. We are not saying to step out in front of a bus, because it is not in the radiance of your resonance that you will be hit by a bus. You see, you can tell yourself that you can step out in front of a bus because it's not possible that I'll get run over by a bus, but as soon as you start contemplating it, paying attention to it, your resonance starts to change. And by the time you reach the curb ... laughter} ... you have shifted resonance. Now you step out in front of the bus and you get smashed. And your dying words are, But, but, but ... it was not supposed to be there. Neither were you. ... {laughter} ...

How do you hold and lift resonance? By working with the Seven Cs: Centering, Clarity, Choice, Commitment, Complexity, Challenge, and Creativity.

Commitment is a resonance holder and lifter. The authenticity, the clarity, the courage, the perseverance, the conviction, the coherence, and the acceptance that are inherent in commitment hold resonance. They also lift it.

Complexity is looking for the individuality and the uniqueness of you. And simultaneously, it is blending that uniqueness -- that difference -- with the oneness and the beauty of that oneness. To be separate and autonomous and yet at the same moment be one is complexity.

Challenge, creativity ... With the opening of Sirius, Resonant Causation -- the ultimate causation -- becomes now more visible, more apparent, more powerful.

Spiritual Hunger

On a very personal, very private level, understand that when the Vortex opened, it filled you with the light, and that light is now inside you and everyone else. Therefore, what you're going to notice in your world is everybody is going to be reaching for their spirituality -- not for your spirituality, mind you, but for their spirituality. It is not that others will copy you or will begin doing your spirituality. Nor is it as if everybody is going to start reading spiritual books, meditating, and talking metaphysics. Each will find their own way, and that may involves ways quite different than your own.

... And with the light, with that energy now inside you, people are going to respond to that hunger, perhaps without even knowing why. They are going to respond to a thirst that they perhaps don't even understand.

There are so many ways to respond to this spiritual hunger -- to this spiritual thirst. For example:

1) People will seek human dignity for themselves, for those they love and for those they care about, and for all of humankind. Human dignity is integral to the spiritual quest.

2) They will seek to allow the Unconscious to become Conscious with a certain ease and a certain elegance. The Unconscious Mind has always released information into the Conscious Mind. Too often such release is accompanied by crises of loneliness or pain. The spiritual quest yearns for new ways to allow the emergence of the Unconscious into the Conscious.

3) Further, people will reach for a sense of longevity and immortality. People will give greater attention to things eternal.

4) Additionally, they will search for a deeper sense of goodness and truth.

5) They will yearn for the blossom of desire and expectation -- for the blossom of imagination.

These qualities, these answers can be found in the pursuit of beauty. Clandestinely, they can be found in the depths of violence. Ironic, but true. Those who commit hideously violent acts often talk of human dignity and unconscious truths finally revealed. They often speak of immortality and eternity. They are often convinced their violence has purpose and meaning: to vindicate goodness and truth. Though it seems insane to most, those who commit such violence often feel content: Their desires, though not the ones of their victims, have blossomed. Yes, the spiritual hunger can be answered, for some, in violence. Though the end results and the form are totally different, the function of beauty and the function of violence can be the same.

Beauty or violence. In your world, people will either reach for more beauty, or they will reach for more violence. The Goddess is returning, and the battering of women is increasing. Rape is increasing. How can this contradiction of violence and beauty be? As the true feminine energy emerges, some will embrace it, and some will attack it. Both are trying to answer a hunger and a thirst. This is not to say that violence is OK, nor that one should look the other way. No. But understand: You will have greater violence or greater beauty.

And there are others dichotomies:

Love or pain. We've talked of it before. The way to know someone, truly know someone, is to either love them or to inflict pain upon them. To truly be loved or truly be in pain is the way to know someone or to be known.

Enchantment or crisis. In the depth of crisis there can be incredible growth. At the April Intensive we talked with a woman. Four years ago, she faced her terminal cancer and her terrible home situation. She faced the fact that her whole life had fallen (was not just falling) apart. She faced all this four years ago because that was when her husband, in financial ruin, committed suicide. Massive crisis. Now, many years later, she speaks of it as the most unbelievable time of growth, the most enchanted experience. For in the depth of crisis, some - not everyone, but some -- will answer that hunger, answer that thirst.

Designed solitude or chaotic loneliness. Here again, we do not say it's a good way, but understand that that is why some of you are so unbelievably lonely - not just alone. You are desperately responding to a hunger and a thirst. Solitude, designed solitude, would work more beautifully and more positively.

You are going to see in your world those who understand and seek beauty more consciously and those who seek violence more consciously. Those who seek love, and those who seek pain. Those who seek enchantment, and those who seek crisis. Those who seek solitude, and those who sink into loneliness. The Vortex opened and filled you with all the light and all the information. It also has awakened a hunger, awakened that thirst, more deeply in each of you. And even for those who have no idea what we are talking about, that thirst and hunger is there. Expanding.

You're going to see it in your world. And depending on your intention and your attention and where you slide your resonance, you will see it in your reality. You will see it in your reality.

And so be aware of it and work within yourself, because everybody is going to respond. Your world is going to become much more spiritually aware. Whatever vocabulary, whatever vernacular is used, it's going to be there more and more, everywhere. And you are going to feel a little vindication. ... Um, hmm, hmm. OK, feel it a little bit, and get off it. ... {laughter} ... and just rejoice and keep stretching, responding to your hunger, to your thirst.


Just as the Vortex of the Goddess opened, so each of your vortices -- your Chakras -- has been changed.

Your first chakra of security is now functioning at a different frequency than it used to, and issues of security and the manners and means of creating it -- physically, emotionally, mentally, etherically -- are going to change. Now maybe you have not become aware of it yet, but your Chakras are functioning at a different frequency.

It's almost as if the dial on the resonance of each chakra has been changed, as though the settings on this radionic device that is your body have been recalibrated. Therefore, you can expect to feel changes in each of these arenas -particularly the physical Chakras. You are going to find yourself feeling and thinking and expressing differently. Some of you may, others of you may not, like the sensation. New is not always comfortable. Certain of the re-calibrations may have countered, in a way, certain other more familiar calibrations. Imbalances may occur. Your Chakras are very loose, very fluid right now. Some of them have been locked in and locked down for years. Maybe longer. You know, the old combination lock has not been turned in years ... {laughter} ... rusted. Change is not always comfortable: This is my frequency, and that's it.

Well, the ball bearings have been greased, and what it is going to mean is that you need to be more aware: What is my intent here? What is my attention? What resonance do I want to set?

Now you can be more conscious in adjusting your own Chakras. If you are in a reality where your physical security is being threatened, you can change that frequency. If you're feeling stuck and blocked in primal creativity energies, you can change that frequency. If you are being too vulnerable at the moment, you can dial it down. You can open up to more love, and to a greater sense of intuition, of knowing, of psychic awareness and psychic energy. And you can adjust your connection with your Higher Self to have it be more. And all of this you can do more consciously now. Understand what the daily differences could mean.

Now it could sound crazy, certainly so. Woops, I'm going to dial up more security now because it is currently under attack or at risk. Your negative ego -- that yamma-yamma voice that always speaks to you (often with your own voice) will tell you that you are crazy, that you have gone off the deep end. It will tell you, Go out there and manipulate somebody! Go out and guilt-trip somebody! Go out and intimidate somebody! That's how you get more secure. But, as always, your negative ego lies to you. It will be lying once again.

You have always been able to adjust your Chakras. You have always been able to be conscious of doing so. Now that your Sirius Connection is active, you can do it more consciously than ever before. The adjustments can be more tangibly meaningful than ever before. Everything is different now.

Electromagnetic Energy

Electromagnetic energy, which we have been talking about for years, has intensified. Marked by greater tectonic activity of earthquakes, by volcanic eruptions, windstorms, electric storms, water storms, and intense heat, the electromagnetics of your world have expanded exponentially. Such energy and its range of manifestations will continue to increase. Oh yes, you are going to see greater storms, greater winds, greater lightning, and massive amounts of flowing water. There will be increasing earthquake and volcanic action. Yes, there will be all kinds of disruptions, including surges of emotional disturbances (violence). But they are not punishment as your chauvinistic eyes would tend to see and your chauvinistic ears would want to hear. No, not punishment. These increases are coming as a way to get that electromagnetic energy into you.

This energy called electromagnetic is essential to the evolution of your brain. It is essential to the evolution of the human species. It is essential to setting up the resonance that can allow the metamorphosis of a new kind of human being. In short, you need this electromagnetic energy or the human race will not survive. It will not survive.

The electromagnetic increases are intended as a help, not a hindrance. If you will absorb the energy, if you will open up to it rather than fearing it and cursing it, so much beauty can unfold. It will stimulate your creativity (part of your personal radiance of resonance), your imagination (part of your attention), and your intuition (part of your intention). Absorb this energy and it will change you, evolve you. It can trigger the beginning of a metamorphosis.

If you do not absorb it, then the earth does. Thus the physical and emotional phenomena your world is increasingly witnessing. If you do not absorb it, the energy rolls off you and builds up in and about the earth. In time it will release: earthquake, volcano, or attacking environment.

For those of you who are ready for a 12.0 earthquake in California, this will not happen. For those who are waiting for an 8.0, it does not have to happen. You can mitigate it if you will be aware and work at absorbing that energy through your creativity, through your intuition, and through your imagination -- letting yourself be more conscious of your intention, attention, and resonance with its radiance. Be more conscious of your own spiritual hunger and of your chakra centers. Use this electromagnetic energy to feed yourself. You will mitigate the physical effects, and not just in your arena. Before you needed to funnel this kind of energy more directly into your temporal lobes. Now, with your Sirius Connection, you can absorb it directly. When you hear of a massive storm in Indonesia, or a major earthquake in Malaysia that many might want to see as the beginning of the end, you can mitigate the effect. You can create a quantum leap in your own creative and imaginative nature. And you can confound the experts who are so sure doom and gloom are right around the corner.

This is not to say that earthquakes won't happen, but they can be mitigated. It is not going against nature. It is changing the vibration, using that same energy in a different way. Energy is energy to be used. Use it in a different way. Absorb it into your own creativity, your own imagination, your own intuition. Expand your intention, your attention, and your resonance with that energy.

It does not mean you have to grab paper and pencil and suddenly create something. You can use it to change your resonance, your attention, your intention. You can start using these things and confound those experts who are sure this will lead to horrible destruction. Rivers can crest lower than they're expected to. Gee, I wonder how that happens? Nobody has to stand up and say, I did it. I did it. But you can do it.

Then when you hear about these acts that are electromagnetic -- violence in cities, emotional violence -- you can draw that energy. There is enough of it to go around. You don't have to go looking for it. Draw that energy, and use it to shift your resonance, attention, intention, creativity, imagination, and intuition, and thus mitigate the impact.

Futures are creating your present ...

Which brings us to the final issue. Futures are now creating your present more completely than ever before. This truth can work against you. The dark potentials: You are wide open now to self-sabotage. The wellspring of traditional failure is lodged in your past. So as you look and watch for potential failure by scouring the past, it can come at you, unannounced from the future. It will appear to be failure out of the blue. Boom.

Well, no. Such failure is not really out of the blue. If you had been looking toward the future, you might well have seen it coming well in advance. The past has ended. By continuing to look there for answers or for anticipated traditional failures, you can get blind-sided with non-traditional failure called sabotage. Whereas the wellspring of traditional failure is in the past, the wellspring of sabotage, especially self-sabotage, is the future.

... and I didn't see it coming. ...{laughter}...

Well, that's because it is coming from the other direction.

Yeah, but I don't know how to deal with looking into the future. What I do know is how to deal with the past. So I'm going to keep looking in the direction of the past!

It's like looking for the keys under the lamp, even though they were lost over there in the dark, because you can see better over by the lamp, right? ... {laughter} ... That old joke.

Self-sabotage looks like it comes out of the blue. It looks like it has no cause. It looks like it happened suddenly, without warning, because so much of self-sabotage is a product of a future -- not exclusively, but more so -- than it is of the past. Sure, secrets and shames can produce self-sabotage. But it's because you throw it into the future.

You see, you are not sabotaging yourself in a loving relationship now because of what someone else did to you in the past. You are sabotaging yourself in a loving relationship now because of what you are doing now and because of what you are intending to do in the future. The cause is in the future and in the present, not in the past.

Now what someone did may keep you from getting into the relationship in the first place. Thus, failure, you see? I never got to first base. But sabotage happens when you are past first and rounding second. It is then that you break your leg. But see, that is not a product of a past. That is a product of what you do with the past. Too often what you do with it, while throwing it into the future, is called sabotage.

And as the past is ended, the more traditional failures are fewer and farther between. You can still do it. We trust you. ... {laughter} ... You don't have to show us. But more sabotage is on the horizon, and that is one of the down sides to the fact that the future is more influential now. Self-sabotage becomes a greater threat.

You are going to see people out there in the world sabotaging themselves more frequently than you see them out-and-out fail in the traditional sense. They got the job, and then they embezzled and got caught. Then they ran into the boss's car. They did not fail at getting the job. Only afterwards, they sabotaged themselves, you see? They got into a relationship and then they indulged their infidelity or their unfaithfulness. If they had not been in a relationship, it wouldn't have been called infidelity. But they waited until they had the relationship, and then they were indiscreet. What kind of self-sabotage is this? That's what's coming out of the future.

Similarly, turbulent futures that are already in the pipeline can become more intense and seem to be coming "out of nowhere." It just showed up, or so it seems. People will feel more and more as if they are out of control, and therefore feel the greater need to control, to dominate.

They will convince themselves, and try to convince others, that the world, for some strange, quirky reason has become more frightening than ever before. Perhaps on a dreary night of depression they laid out a bunch of futures that they never really expected to manifest, and but lo and behold, here they come down the chute. Because of the potential threat of self-sabotage and the pipeline of futures, people will feel more out of control and therefore feel more of the need to dominate and control.

However, on the light side, what it means is that the future is wide open. You can create whatever you want to create. It is as though the slate can be clean. And you can purposely create all kinds of wonderful futures, and lay them out there weeks and months in advance.

Maybe not at first, but in time, your Subconscious/Unconscious will figure out what you are doing. They will soon find that it is fun to do this little Easter egg hunt of creating futures and then going to look for them -- going to manifest them. It will be particularly fun since they know where you hid those futures. ... {laughter} ... It's wide open.

What it also means is that all the Doom and Gloom does not have to be. It does not matter whether Nostradamus was right or not. History has ended. The past does not have that impact anymore. You do not have to have any of that reality. You get to write the rules. You get to decide whether it is going to be a dream, a nightmare, or a mediocrity. Does it take you too long to figure out which answer to choose? Let's see ... I think I'll take a dream.

You see, it is as if the books that were written so long ago no longer apply. They do not apply. The way it worked does not apply anymore. Therefore, you can create it the way you want it. The slate can be clean.

Likewise, you can lay out the most beautiful and most elegant futures. In the pipeline, you can create Optimal Futures. Now Optimal Futures are not outlandish things like "King of the World." You are not suddenly going to be a zillion-billionaire. ... {laughter} ... That's not an Optimal Future. That's ego fantasy.

But there are ways to create Optimal Futures that you can lay in the pipeline sporadically or purposefully, because the future is now creating the present. You truly can walk away from the past, taking the gifts, the treasures, and the power with you, because those belong to you. And then ... let it go.

And beyond that, just as the dark can mean greater domination, the light can allow you to step into dominion where you can consciously create with an ability to act, co-creating together, side by side, eyeball-to-eyeball with your Unseen Friends. You do not have to keep fixing, fixing, fixing the past, patching it, plugging holes in it, plugging leaks, hoping no one notices. You can turn your full attention to the future, where there is so much to write, so much to create, so much to change.

Remember, you already believe you can change the future. If you have a past that will not let go, throw it into the future and then change it. What you could not do in the past, you can do in the future.

And the world can be a friendlier place, where you can give and you can love, and where the Elements walk with you. The world can be a place where you and the Goddess and God can walk together, not in the physical sense, but in the true metaphysical/spiritual sense. You can open up to that kind of dominion because the future is creating it.

People, you have lived in a world created by others for most of your lifetimes. But now you have a chance to start new. Boy, if I could just do it all over again knowing what I know now. Your wish just came true. With the opening of the Vortex of Sirius -- with the opening of the Vortex of the Goddess -- and with your connection to Sirius, your wish just came true. You can do it all over again knowing what you know now. These things, these things that we talk about today, can be where to begin. Let it begin. Play with these ideas, let them tumble around inside of you. Sometimes, when you least expect it, something wonderful -- more than wonderful -- happens.

With Love and Peace ...




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The Seven Faces of Soul, Part 1

Monday, May 9, 2016
Blog: The Seven Faces of Soul, Part 1

By Lazaris

This article is an excerpt from a Weekend seminar Lazaris gave on the Soul's Path. Far from being some remote, untouchable concept, the Soul journeys with us through our lives, appearing with us and to us as seven distinct energies -- the Seven Faces of the Soul. The first part of a two-part series which gives a brief overview of all of them, this article covers the first three of the Faces, the ones we experience in our childhood.


The Faces of the Soul ... We have talked of them before, and many of you know them already, or know the words, know the names, know the intellectual descriptions of what goes on. Some of you may even have glimpses and clues, and may have gained communication from your Soul from each of these various faces, certainly so.

The Soul is such a nebulous thing. For most people it is a non-thing. It is a persona non grata, if you will, that doesn't really seem to have much play in your life. Oh, yes, it has influence, and it will demand reckoning from everyone, whether they will admit they have a Soul or not. But for most, the Soul isn't anything more than some sort of nebulous something that is of God, something that cannot be understood.

The Soul is a being -- living and vibrant -- and it is so much more. It has several specific Faces -- seven of them to be very precise. And your Soul is with you from the moment of death to the moment of birth, and all the time in between. And each of these faces comes to you and gives its many gifts to you. Not by vocal expression, but by communicating in their way: through the cracks and crevices of your life, in the silences, in the stillness, in the cherished moments, and in the enchanted times of your life, your Soul communicates all the information you need to know.

Sadly, because the Soul is denied in your world and is given so few avenues of communication -- because its particular tools have been turned into shams of silliness or of embarrassment -- the communication to so many is very difficult. Because of the inbred chauvinism, because of the impact of an arid spirituality that exists for many only within the rigidity of religion, these messages are missed. They are lost. And people flounder. They flounder in delusion, they flounder in a negative ego that turns against them. They flounder imprisoned in their own shame, in their own pain, in their own sorrow continuing to punish themselves, never finding their power and never using it -- never finding their talent, never using it.

It does not have to be this way. It was never meant to be this painful. If you can hear the messages of your Soul, so many answers can come. So many new directions can be found and so much pain can be relieved and healed. It is not a panacea, yet there is so much magic if you can listen to your Soul ... if you can know its Faces.

The Name

The first face of the Soul is called The Name. Its element is that of earth. It is the grounding. It is what brings the etherium of you into this body, this infant's body. Certainly so, the Spirit, the fire, the light, the breath of you enters that fetus at various points. It may be at the point of conception, at the point of birth, or even a slight bit after birth, that is so. No one is ever going to be able to pinpoint it exactly because, there is not a rigid rule about it. It is not a system. Souls enter the body at conception, at 3 weeks, at 9 weeks, at this week, at that week. There will be those who obviously theorize about it. There will be those who want judges to decide for them. But it can never be decided. Each Soul enters at its own chosen time, and that can range from the point of conception to three days after the birth.

There is a time then that the naming takes place. And when you make entry into the physical realm -- cut umbilically out of the womb, out of the placenta, out of safety into the world -- it is your Soul who catches you.

It is your Soul who names you, regardless of how your name came about -- regardless whether melodrama was attached to it or whether it was a simple decision. It doesn't matter where the name may have logically or tangibly come from, it is your Soul who chose the name. It gave you your name. Even if you don't use it as the name you go by, even if you have changed it, it is still the name that your Soul gave you which grounded you into the earth, which made you physical, which kept you here.

So very early in life, at the infancy, long before you could ever know that name, long before that name could mean anything to you, it was given to you by your Soul. It may have come through your mother, through your father, through a grandparent, a mother-in-law, a grandfather-in-law of whatever side, through the history of the family, or out of the Dell book of baby names. However, it was, in fact, given by your Soul.

And in that name are the first clues, the first hints, the first riddles, the first mysteries that reveal your destiny. Now the clue to the destiny may be obvious by the naming. It also may be very, very truncated, and may be very hidden. Do not to assume that if your were named after some Greek god or goddess that that is your destiny -- or that if you have the same name as some religious saint, that that is your destiny.

But rather, hidden in that name, hidden within the meaning -- not just the phonetics of the name, but in the meaning of the name -- is a first clue to your destiny.

This face of the Soul stays with you during the first many months of your infancy. It watches over you, and in a sense it supervises the development of your brain, nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, and immune systems that must take place. All these systems that develop in those first many months are overseen, in a sense supervised, by this Soul. Tangibly, physically, certainly so, they are taken care of by those of the parenting influences. And you bond, certainly so, with that physical form. But what you're really seeking, even in that bonding, is your Soul. It gives you your name. It gives you your first clue of your destiny, your identity.


The second face of the Soul is that of power. It is the time when you are emotionally born. After the physical birth, you are still connected. Then you are emotionally born, discovering that you have separate emotions than your mother, or the mothering force -- that you have separate emotions, that you have your own emotions, that you have your own desires even at this infant stage. They're very rudimentary, they're very primitive desires, but they are yours.

Certainly so, an infant, when placed to a mother's breast, will automatically begin to nurse. But it's not aware that's its desire. However, in that sense, at the time of power, which can begin as early as 15 months to 18 months -- when the naming is complete and the grounding is done, when the seed of destiny has been laid, when the identity has begun to form -- when the Name retreats, giving way to that of Power. And an emotional birth occurs where you have your own feelings. You have your own desire. At that point the desire to nurse is YOUR desire, conscious. However primitive, it is your desire.

You start exploring and discovering that there is a world outside yourself. You start looking for your power. You start looking for your power. You already begin to explore it, to see: Am I powerful in this way? Am I powerful in that way? Am I more powerful in this way?

And little children of this sort become incredibly explorative as you know, become reaching and touching everything, wanting to know everything they can know in their limited way. It is the Soul. It is within the Soul that you seek the power. And it is in this time that the power is born.

Identity, now grounded, now begins to develop. It begins to develop and flow like water. And infants of this age, children in this time, are like water. Here one moment, gone the next. Over there, under here. "How'd they get in there? How'd they do that? How did they? It's like they flew. It's like they teleported. It's like ..."

The face of your Soul is the face of Power. Its element, water. You begin to develop the powers that will be yours in later life. It is at this very early stage that the idiosyncratic behavior that in 20 or 30 years will be your blessing, your power, begins. Bizarre things, strange things, very "out-of-character" things do occur. You say things, and your mother and father wonder where you got that phrase, where you got those words. You understand things. You communicate. At this point, your Soul is very talkative inside of you as you begin to develop the talent that will be your own.

You also explore powers that your mother and father expect you to develop -- powers that the system is holding for you, expecting you to develop -- that grandparents have in mind for you, that godparents (if they are significant in your life) somehow have in mind for you -- their dreams, their visions blur and interfere, and you explore those powers as well. Whether they belong to you or not, you explore them.

And you begin to develop identity, you begin to develop personality. This stage is when your personality drive begins. That personality drive does not begin as a stamp, but begins as a survival mechanism, an expression of your power. You figure it out, how to survive. What powers do I need to use?

Survival: For some it is to figure out who's in charge and to figure out how to nurture and how to take care of them -- how to love them so as to get them to love you.

Others survive by figuring out what's going to please the most people the most of the time and how to maneuver and connive and manipulate and to actually, literally achieve in order to please, in order to get them to approve (and therefore love) you.

And yet for some, survival is figuring out early on that these two grown-ups are not able to raise you, and therefore, you must raise yourself. You realize: I must parent myself. I must be my own source of love. Living in fantasy, you decide you are special. If you could just figure out your deep and hidden flaw, and then fix it, your specialness would show.

In order to survive, some decide: "If I can just get away from the world, if I can just find one of my ivory towers, one of my secret places, then there I can have my own world, private world." You decide to understand how the world works. Then you can function. Then you can survive.

Others recognize that those authorities, those people who are supposed to take care of you can't or won't, and therefore, you'd better make yourself safe. You'd better chart your own terrain. You'd better be prepared for any contingency and know how to handle it. And you'd better be searching for that one that you can totally rely upon, and totally depend upon.

Others learn at that early age that it's better to have many irons in many fires so that if one of those irons breaks or if those fires go out, you won't be hurt or left out in the cold. It's better to have a lot of things happening, lots of projects, lots of plans. You'd better have lots of influences in your life, because you can't count on those one or two or three. You've got to avoid pain at all cost. You've got to avoid pain at all cost in order to survive.

Others realize that you are indeed immensely powerful, and that if you assert your will others will crack and will step back, creating a wide berth for you to pass. You learn that the best defense is an offense, the best way to get your way is to bully, and to be powerful in the way of taking charge.

Others of you learn that your role is to make peace and to make everybody happy, to bring harmony, to make a perfect world. And if you cannot, you are worthless, and therefore should retreat -- not to a private world, but to sit on the edge of everybody else's world.

And some of you come to know at this very early time that if you can just learn the rules, if you can just figure out the system and learn those rules well and do them right, that you can be happy, that you can survive, and maybe even change the world.

Early on, your survival mechanisms are messages from your Soul, clues to your power, identity, personality. The powers that you use come at this time, beginning at 15 months, others at 18, some of you a little later than that, and developing through that childhood time -- through the second year, the third year, the fourth, and into the fifth year, and the sixth and seventh for many of you as well. Usually, from that time up until the time of the beginning of your teen years -- or for some it comes sooner -you learn how to manipulate, you learn how to get your way, you learn how to "work" people, yes you do. You learn what works -you learn what works with mom, what works with dad, what works with your friends' parents, what works with your teachers, what works with your friends themselves.

Power. You're exploring. You're flexing. You're testing.

Eternal Youth

Somewhere in your late childhood -- often associated with puberty -- comes a time of the Soul called the Eternal Youth. Its element is that of fire.

First it is earth, you see. And then the water. And now the fire. The passion is born. And those of you who remember that time of your life, or those of you who have children who have entered that time of life, they were and they are hell on wheels. Yes, you were, too. Depending, of course, on what has happened up to this point, that fire takes different forms. But the fire is ignited. The melodrama begins. And in this time of always's and never's you start testing what you've learned in your world. You start testing those powers, seeing what works. And in that testing, a passion is born, a fire is ignited, and you are consumed.

Your hormones begin to flow, faster and more fully, and they rage, hot fire burning in your veins, flowing into every cell of your body. Every part of your body begins to be fired up. This is when children will spurt up in their growth, growing many, many inches -- five, six, seven, eight inches in a matter of no time at all. This is a time when certainly the hormones flow, and the body extends itself, bringing in sexual energies, sexual desires, and primal creative desires (not just sexual, but primal creative desire as well). The chakras, 1st chakra, 2nd chakra, 3rd particularly, are on fire, burning up, consuming you. This is where adolescents become consumed with thought, obsessed with thoughts. The littlest detail becomes the most important thing. They are driven. They are on fire. They are burning up inside. This is where many -- often the boys more than the girls -- will feel that kinetic energy where their bodies simply can't sit still. They're got to move. They've got to move. They're jiggling, they're moving.

"God, can't you sit still. You act like your pants are on fire." They are, in that sensing.

"I can't sit still. I'm just hopping. Ooh, everything ... Everything's this way, and everything is alive and burning, and everything matters, and everything is life or death."

And in this time of eternal youth, in this time of fire, you reach that point of invincibility. There comes a moment of truth, often a moment of ecstasy, when you know: I am invincible. It might be for some, so riddled with shame and pain, only one afternoon, or just an hour early one morning before the whole family began their dysfunction once again. But there was that time when you felt so alive, you felt so on-top-of-the-world, you felt so powerful. It is often a time when you felt the reverie. It is often a time when you are proud of who you are -- despite everything that has happened, despite the nightmares you have lived through, despite the pain that you have been known. All of a sudden you are YOU.

Now again, for some of you it might have been just a moment when you felt: "All of a sudden I am me." But you nonetheless felt it. You nonetheless felt that invincibility, that sense of total control, total awareness. For some of you it was a tremendously mystical experience, where you all of a sudden understood how the world worked. You understood God -- because you didn't have any reference to a Goddess then. Regardless of any religious background, regardless of what that religious background may or may not have taught you, you had a sense of the presence, and you understood. And you had that sense of invincibility that nothing could stop you, nothing could get in your way.

For some of you, it was a mystical and mysterious experience. For many, it was a time of tremendous arrogance. For each of you, it was a glorious time of fire -- of unlimited, unbridled energy - of aliveness called Eternal Youth. It was a time of your Soul.

Continued ... In Part II: The Soul's Path continues with The Wounding,The Shadow, The Double, and The Remain.


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Lazaris Talks about Karma

Monday, May 9, 2016
Blog: Lazaris Talks about Karma

By Lazaris

This is an excerpt from an interview with Lazaris, and was originally published in Lazaris Interviews, Book II. (This book is out of print.)

Well, what about karma?

Time is an illusion. Do we all agree on that? Is there anyone who doesn't agree? Anyone think time is real? Because, you see, Einstein proved that it was an illusion. Scientists subsequently have proved it's an illusion.

You have only straightened out time in the last 500 years to accommodate your Renaissance and to satisfy scientific and JudeoChristian ethics. Both rely very heavily on a beginning and an end of reality -- on a beginning and an end of time. Both need time to be a straight line.

Prior to 500 years ago, time was a spiral, and it was created to serve you and assist you. It can still be of service as a convenience. "Let's get together at 8:00 tonight" makes sense.

"Let's get together at frum-frum." ... {laughter} ... "What time?"

"Um-hmmm-hmmm." ... {laughter} ...

"Well, we'll just flow with it, all right?"

So you create time to say, "Let's do it Sunday the 13th at 8:00 p.m." It's much more convenient that way. So you create time as the illusion of convenience. Time is an illusion, which means there is no "then," and there is no "before," and there is no "after." There is only now.

So tell us about karma? What is karma? Karma is called the Law of Cause and Effect. Karma is supposedly the law that says that what you did then you are paying for now. Now wait a minute. We all agreed there is no such thing as time, and therefore, what happened then and what happens now are all happening at the same time.

You say, "If you murdered someone in another lifetime, then you're going to have to get murdered in this one." Poppycock! Absolute sheer nonsense! If you get murdered in this lifetime, and you murdered someone in that lifetime, both events are happening simultaneously. How could one cause the other? How could that happen? It can't! Therefore, this idea that what you did in your past lifetimes you're paying for now is a philosophical, political, metaphysical statement -- and not an accurate one.

Where does the Law of Karma come from? Primarily it comes for most of you out of Eastern religion. Now here again, think about it. Imagine: Here you are the Holy Man, right, and here are your 4,000,000 followers who are starving, who have miserable lives, who exist in absolute, abject poverty.

So what do you tell them? "Well, you created this because you don't love yourself good enough." Oh! Talk about a self-destructive statement! You'll get stampeded, yes? Absolutely. ... {laugher} ... So instead you say, "Ummm, all your suffering now? Be glad for it, because you're burning off karma. You must have been some rotten-to-the-core human being based on the karma that you're burning off, but nonetheless you're burning off karma, and every lifetime after lifetime filled with misery is burning off karma."

What on Earth did you do that was so horrible that you deserve 40, 50, 60, 100 lifetimes of misery! Good grief! No, that's what you say to placate millions of people when you can hear the growl of their stomachs and see the starvation in their eyes. It's what you do when you know of no way to silence the growl or end the starvation.

"You're burning off karma. There was a time that you were gluttonous and ate too much, and now you're burning it off. There was a time when you deprived people of their food, and you're burning it off."

Some suggest that the Jews in World War II were the Romans that threw the Christians to the lions. No. What happened to the Jewish people in World War II should not be devalued or trivialized like that; it should not be thrown off as some sort of karmic thing to be dismissed. It is far more important than that.

What happened to six million Jews and 12 million Russians and 11 million witches throughout your history should not be just thrown off as "karma," because it's not. All things are simultaneous. There is no such thing as the Law of Karma. There is a kind of karmic choice that you create for yourself. That's the importance: a karmic choice, not a law.

You see, you may have done something dastardly in a past lifetime, and you decide, "Look, I've got to work on that. I can't let that stand. I want to fix that." You may have betrayed someone, and therefore said, "I can't walk away from that. I am choosing, I am deciding, I am believing that I want to pay for that. I want to pay for that by going through it myself."

Now we ask you, if you cut off someone's finger and afterwards you feel, "What did I do?," does cutting off your own finger fix it? No, it doesn't. Does cutting off two fingers fix it? How about cutting off your hand at your wrist? Does that fix that? It doesn't fix it, does it? What does? Any ideas?

Forgive yourself. As you forgive yourself and apologize to them, on whatever level you need to do that, that's what fixes it. That's what fixes it. So you may have done betraying and dastardly things in your past, absolutely. And you may have failed miserably at love, and you may have failed miserably at power, and you may have been an oppressive person, and you decided, "In this lifetime I want to deal with love, and I want to learn about oppression, and I want to deal with this, and I want to deal with that, and I want to deal with power." But that's your choice - not the imposition of karma. That's your choice.

Therefore, karma does exist as long as you believe in it, and as soon as you're willing to drop it, it's gone. Not as soon as someone gives you permission, but rather as soon as you're willing to drop it, it's gone. So yes, you do have karma, because you chose it. God didn't impose it.

Some say karma is a law. We say it is choice. We encourage you to think for yourself. You know time is a simultaneous illusion. Therefore, how can something happen before and something happen after? It is all happening now. How can something cause something else when both are simultaneous? How could there be karmic law? How could you be paying retribution for a lifetime that's happening right now? No, karma is not a law. It is a choice.

An example: Assume you were betrayed in a previous lifetime, and you also were betrayed in this lifetime. How you respond to that current betrayal may be influenced by the past betrayal. Some may handle it poorly because "it's happened to me before." Others may handle it superbly because "it's happened to me before." How will you handle it? It's not written in a book: "All betrayal will be handled this way." No, it's not. You decide how you're going to handle it.

If you were betrayed before and are betrayed now, the cause of that current betrayal is now, and you choose whether the previous betrayal is going to make it easier. It's your choice, not the law. And when you can realize this, then you can let go, and you're done with the "Wheel of the 84."

You're done with karma when you allow yourself to let it go, just like you're done with physical lifetimes when you decide you're done, when you can realize, "I've learned enough. I didn't really have to learn anything at all. I chose to learn, and I'm done." We didn't say you don't learn. We suggest that you don't have to. You don't have to, but you do. What about karma? It's a choice, a self-determined and self-imposed choice.

With love and peace ...


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Lazaris Talks About Death

Monday, May 9, 2016
Blog: Lazaris Talks About Death

By Lazaris

Several Questions and Answers on Death

From interviews with Lazaris, originally published in Lazaris Interviews, Book II. (this book is out of print)

Q: Lazaris, would you talk to us about death -- and can you program to avoid certain realities like the death of one's parents and oneself?

Lazaris: What about death? The real statement -- assumption -- behind this question is: Death is bad. And we would ask: Why? What's wrong with dying? Well, we're going to talk about some of the problems with dying, but we would ask: What's wrong with it? You see, you've been geared, you've been conditioned, to believe that it's bad, that death is a failure, and that if you die you somehow have failed -- unless you live to be ... well, very, very old. Even then, people treat it as a failure. "Oh, that's too bad." Why? What's so bad about it?

The world that you go into, the reality that you move into, is far more exciting, we dare say, far more thrilling and far more to your liking than the one you're dealing with now. Death is something that you do not because you have to, but because you decided to.

Your body is a vehicle. That's all it is. It's an illusion. It's made up of light and sound that is dense enough to be called a body.

When you watch television you see light and sound, and it looks like bodies walking around in your television screen. They aren't bodies. You know that. When you go to movies and see figures on the big screen, they look like bodies moving around, too, but you know they're not. You know that's light and sound in coordination to create illusion.

Well, you're just a three-dimensional illusion, and that body of yours is a vehicle. Now how would you feel about getting an automobile assigned to you at birth, but you could never get rid of it? You had to keep that same automobile ... from birth! Well, even at 16, yes? Think back to the first automobile you had. How would you feel about still having to drive that? ... {laughter} ... "You mean I don't get to trade this one in?" No! You have to keep it, and you have to treat it right, and you have to program it to run forever. Would you like that? "No, I want to trade it in. I want a newer model!" Some of you trade them in every two years regardless. Some of you keep them a little longer if you particularly like them, but you always look forward to a new automobile -- the new vehicle.

Well, similarly, death is a process of turning in the vehicle, and saying, "I'm done with this vehicle. I'm ready either to move on without a vehicle or to get another one." So indeed, to program not to die? We would suggest look deeper. Why are you considering death a failure? Why are you considering it bad and wrong? Why are you seeing it as something you never want to do?

Admittedly, you might not want to do it now or next week or next year or whatever, but some time you're going to want to. You can program to be healthy and to live as long as you desire, to live to be as old as you desire to be, but eventually indeed you will want to die and be ready to die and be eager to do so. Truthfully, it is not inevitable as a "rule" or a "law," but it is something you will desire ... someday.

Also, there is the power of belief. You have been so conditioned to believe that you have to die at a certain age. Some people have a belief that they're going to die at 50 because their mother, father, brother, and sister all died at age 50, "so I'm going to die at age 50." And many times they do. Others feel that "once I retire and the old ticker stops working so well, you know, there's not much use in living."

Some of you who are led totally by your second chakra decide that once you can't have sex there's no reason to live, and therefore you go about the process of dying.

You've been conditioned to believe that the moment you're born you begin to die. What a devastating thought, but nonetheless ... So there are very high thresholds, and if you really wanted to get over it, you could. Ultimately, you don't really want to get over that threshold. You will want to die sometime. Eventually you -- everyone -- will choose to die.

Q: Death. Speak to us of physical death.

Lazaris: Well, it's a rather interesting concept, you know. You've been so afraid of it, and we understand that, certainly so. We understand your fears. We've heard you echo them. We've heard your call. But we would suggest that, in fact, death ultimately is the healer, as it is the ultimate end of your pain, the ultimate end of your fear, the ultimate end of your frustration in life. We do not encourage you to do it quickly. We do not encourage you to bring it on any sooner than you are fully willing to. But we would suggest that there will come a time, indeed, when each of you will choose to discard this form that you carry.

That discarding is the process called death. Some choose to do it with their eyes closed and pretend they can't see what's going on. Others choose to do it with their eyes open, and therefore more consciously select their death.

When you decide to die -- by whatever means, early or late in your life -- what happens is you slip out of your body, much as you would slip out of a garment at night, and let it fall to the ground and seem lifeless around you. But you, you as the spark that you are, are still alive, still vibrant, still reaching. What do you see before you?

What? A most glorious light, a most glorious light, and that light attracts you, and that light draws you to it, and you want to reach for that light. You stretch for it, and at a certain point as you are reaching, it draws you in. As you are drawn, you realize how much you are loved by God, by God/Goddess/All That Is, and how capable you are of loving. It is toward this love, this love, this love and light that is God, that you are so drawn.

Q: Do we have the physical chance to come back?

Lazaris: Oh, most definitely you do. After you go through the light, and have this most glorious of celebrations, most definitely you take a bit of a rest, you know? You carry forth with you much of your physical desire, and therefore bodies turn younger and thinner and more athletic and you get, finally, the body that you've always wanted, for a bit of time at least.

You go into this wondrous somnambulistic state, half-awake, half- asleep. When you awaken, you look at your life, and you look it over, and review it, to see what you've done and what you've accomplished -- not in a judgmental way, not in a harsh way, but just in an evaluative way.

Then you decide. You see, this power of choice is effective not only in your physical world, but in the world beyond. You decide: Do you want to come back into physical form or do you not? Are you most suited to learn by re-entering this density that you call physicalness, or are you most suited to learn without it?

The choice very clearly is yours, absolutely. There is no referee; there's no judge. There's no one there saying, "Ah ..." No. You are the one who decides. At times it would seem almost better if someone else did make those choices and decisions, because you are much harsher on yourself than anyone else would be. However, it is always you who chooses and decides.

Q: You've described the death experience as passing through a tunnel with the sound of wind rushing in our ears. What happens when you emerge from the tunnel?

Lazaris: Wonderful things! What happens when you die? Well, let's not belabor it, because we have talked about it frequently. When you die you leave your body behind. You go out of body, and it is a terrifying experience because you believe it is, because you've been conditioned to believe it is, because you get close to that brink, and you get scared. What if it's not there? What if there isn't a heaven? What if there isn't a God? What if the existentialists are right, and your body just rots in the ground, and you go into some sort of oblivion?

Nonetheless, you have all these sorts of resistances right at the edge. Therefore, you sort of faint when you leave you body ... {laughter} ... It's a trauma, you know?

You're born in trauma, and you die in trauma, many of you. When you're born, you're amazed that you're confined to this tiny body that doesn't even work! ... {laughter} ... And you wonder, "Did I sign up for this?" ... {laughter} ...

Then you make it work. "All right, if this is what I have, I'd better roll up the old sleeves here and get this body to grow and to function and to be able to walk and talk and do both those things all at the same time!" Then you go on and do other things more sophisticatedly. Then you reach that point of death when you're finally going to be liberated from this body, and you say, "Whoa! Wait a minute! Do I really have to be free of it?"

So when you die, many people "faint." It just sort of goes to black, yes? Well, very quickly you revive. It lasts whatever length of Earth time. It's outside of time by that point. But then you revive, and you are drawn to a tunnel of light, clearly so.

At the other end of that tunnel is everybody you want to have be there ... all the relatives whom you miss, the ones who died before you ... none of the ones you don't care for. ... {laughter} ... And since consciousness is multi-dimensional, all those people who are still alive that you would like to have there are there, also. So your kids, your friends, all the ones you left behind are there. It's a huge celebration, a huge party!

Now some who have a Fundamentalist belief and have fears of maybe going to hell will take a little sidestep, and they'll go sliding down toward hell, you see? They'll get right to the edge, and they'll teeter on the edge, but alas, nobody ever goes! ... {laughter} ... Some Fundamentalists get very close ... {laughter} ... not because they belong there, but because they're so afraid of it that they come right up to the edge and: "Whoa! I looked into hell! And I saw the Devil looking back at me! And I commanded the Devil to get out!" So they have their feared brush with the Devil, and then they go through the light into heaven, where they knew they belonged all along. ... {laughter} ...

So you go into heaven. You go into this wonderful place that is this huge celebration with everybody you want to be there ... including historical people you always wanted to meet. Everyone is there coming to greet you.

You go through this grand celebration, and then you go to sleep. You go into a somnambulistic state that can last in Earth time a few minutes, a few hours, a few years, a few decades. It is like that wondrous period when you wake up in the morning and you get to sleep that extra half-hour -- the time when you are half-awake and half- asleep, where you can just snuggle in when it's chilly, or listen to the birds chirp when it's a beautiful morning. You enter a somnambulism, a floating, wondrous state.

Then you wake up, and you experience the heaven you anticipated. If you thought that heaven was streets paved with gold, then you'll find a city with streets paved with gold, angels with harps, and wondrous creatures of this sort, and you'll play "Heaven" for awhile.

At a certain point you say, "Is this all there is?" Then the walls fall down, and you get down to the serious work of growing, of reviewing the life you experienced, of putting it in context to the other lifetimes you've experienced, of going to classes. You talk to friends, you get involved in activities, you do all kinds of things in your process of reviewing.

Ultimately you make another decision: Do I want to go back into the physical? Do I want to pick another lifetime? There's a broad array of them out there. You decide: "I want to learn this. I want to learn that. I want to deal with this, that and the other. That one will do. That lifetime. I'll take that one." Then you'll create and put the arrangements together to thus re-enter into physical incarnation.

Or you'll decide: "No, I'm done. I don't need to do any more physical lifetimes. I'm not done growing, but I've learned everything that I can learn or want to learn from the Physical Plane." Two statements: can learn and want to learn. "So I'm going to do my growth without body now, and therefore I'm going to move on."

That's what the death experience is like. It's rather beautiful, it's rather wonderful, and it's the ultimate healing. It's important perhaps to remember that. Death is the ultimate healing. It ends the physical misery. It ends the physical limitation.

Can you "learn to transcend death?" Can you be immortal? Now there are two approaches to immortality. One approach, which we would plainly say is rather adolescent, is the approach to immortality which says you've got to keep the same body you have. "I want to live to be 200, 300 -- I want to live forever in this body." Why on Earth would you want to? Why? We are rather amazed by that, just as we are by why you might want to keep the same automobile forever and ever. But we would suggest here some people are attempting that, and quite frankly they won't succeed. Quite frankly, their belief structures, the importance of giving up the body, and the value of being detached from it are such that they won't ever succeed at that kind of immortality.

Oh yes, human consciousness is going to be able to live to be 100, 120, 130 years old. That's not going to be a difficulty in a number of years. Out of a lot of the diseases that are currently operative, one of the byproducts is going to be a tremendous knowledge of longevity, such that people will be able to live to be 100, 120, or 130 -- and not by replacing all their organs. More and more people will be living to be that age. That is much more viable, much more possible -- but not to live forever.

There is a way to transcend, however, and that way -- the adult way, as we call it -- is to consciously die, to consciously die. You know, we take you on meditations, right? In those meditations you close your eyes, and you relax, and you lift yourself out of your body. Sometimes you float up and out, and you go here or there.

Well, immortality, in the truest sense of the word, can be accomplished. You can decide "today's a good day to die," and lie down and close your eyes. You enter a "meditation," and your light body stands up, fully conscious, climbs out of your body, and leaves it for good. Now that, we would suggest, is true immortality, where you "never die," where you never die, because you are fully conscious throughout the entire experience.

The movie "Cocoon" is a movie that appeals to a lot of people because they came close (they didn't really quite do that, but they came close) to portraying conscious death, immortality, when all these old people decided, and together, at one time, sort of ascended, yes? You can approach death by deciding, "Today is a good day to die, and, therefore, I'm going to go to bed tonight, and I'm going to consciously die."

You can decide not to "faint."

Q: Most of your comments on death seem to be directed toward the one who is dying. Can you offer some insights to the ones who are left here to deal with this phenomenon?

Lazaris: Yes, it is important. Obviously, we do talk primarily about the person who is dying because that's rather final, in that regard, for many of you, and it's important to want to know about it.

For those who remain, what's important is realizing why you are sad. You know, we tell you it's beautiful, it's wonderful, it's a huge party, you experience heaven, no one ever goes to hell, no one ever has a bad time, it's always wonderful -- it's fantastic! It's being able to program your reality and get it every time. That's what you're shooting for here, right?

You are not sad when you die. Why would you be sad when they die? Because you're going to miss the person. You're not really sad they're dying as much as you're sad they're leaving.

You think about a friend. You've had a lifelong friend, and they come and announce that they're moving to Hong Kong. You're going to be sad. Now imagine they say, "I'm going to move to Hong Kong, and I'm never going to write, I'm never going to telephone, and you'll never see me again." Of course, you're going to be very sad.

Death is an intensification of that, an exponential of that, because they're going away. From your perspective they're never going to come back. You're not absolutely sure where or to what they are going.

You can hear our words, but, hey, you've kind of got to experience it to know it's real. And what if we're wrong? That's more than sad. That's scary.

And so when someone dies, there is a natural sense of loss, a natural sense of missing them. You're not really mourning that they are dead. You're mourning that you are alone, that you got left behind.

We would also suggest that many times you're angry. "How dare they leave me! How dare they leave me!" Particularly a loved one. You're married to someone, or you've been with someone for lots of years as a friend, as a partner, and they up and left. They didn't consult you. They just did it on their own, and you're angry.

But, you see, you're not supposed to be angry. You wonder: "Isn't that a terrible thing to say? I'm so angry at them for dying. Oh, that's terrible!" So, therefore, you convert it to another feeling. You feel guilty, you feel bad, you feel this wave of unidentified feeling.

What's important around death is to realize that no matter how much you understand what it's like, you are going to feel sad. Don't deny your feeling. No matter how much you understand it, you are going to be angry, just as you'd be angry at a friend who applied for a transfer and is going to move thousands of miles away without telling you. You go over to their house one day and they're gone, or they're packing, on the way out the door. There's nothing you can do to stop it.

You're going to be angry. You're going to feel hurt. You're going to feel betrayed. You're going to feel fear.

The thing that is important for the living: When someone dies, let yourself mourn. Don't do a metaphysical "better than": "Well, I know what death is like, and I know this, and I know that, and I'm not going to mourn." Mourn. Cry. Wail. Thrash about. Get angry. Get hurt. Feel the betrayal. Feel the sadness. Feel the hurt. Feel the remorse. Feel the loss and the loneliness. Feel it, and feel it intensely. Don't drag it out. Don't spend a year or two. Feel it intensely. Don't hold yourself back. When you can feel it intensely, you can release it. You can release it.

If you feel it in a mediocre way, then you'll drag it out, and when you think you're past it, it'll bubble up again, and you'll feel it all over again. It can go on for years and years and years. If you refuse to feel it at all ... "I refuse to deal with it" ... you have to numb yourself out. Therefore, you shut down, and you will shut down other parts of yourself as well.

When someone dies, feel the full range of emotion, and let yourself feel that full range as intensely as you can. Take a day off from work if you need to. Take some time away. Don't be "big" about it. Be emotional about it!

Recently, a dear friend of the staff had an auto accident. The staff realized that she could well have been killed. In fact, when one looked at the automobile, it was amazing, truly a miracle that she wasn't. She came out with six broken ribs. That's all. More damage was done at the hospital than in the accident, as a matter of fact. ... {laugher} ...

But it hit everybody: She could have died. As metaphysical as everybody is, that realization was a real scary and very sad thought. Everybody knows that when people do start dying eventually -- and they're going to -- that it's going to be something very difficult to deal with.

But the way to deal with it is to feel it. Feel it. All the range of it. You're going to be angry at God for taking them. You're going to be angry at the world for whatever they died of. You want to strike out at that world. Well, do it in a way that's appropriate. Feel it as intensely and as fully as you possibly can, for that's how you get it out of you and release it.

Be done with it. Then when it's all done, you can sit around and talk more philosophically about what's it like to be dead.

We deal with alot of people who obviously are dealing with death. We deal with a lot of people dying. We tell them what it's like and describe it to them, and we are there for them if they so desire, and work with them over the hump, as it were.

It is a sadness, there's no question, because you're lonely and left behind, and that's sad. So understand what you're really mourning. You're mourning your loss, not their gain. If you can put it in that perspective, it is much easier to deal with.

With love and peace ...


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On Forgiveness

Monday, May 9, 2016
Blog: On Forgiveness

By Jach

Excerpts from the Online Conferences


Forgiveness is such a powerful tool; it is only recently that I have come to realize that it is far more powerful than I thought. We often think of forgiveness as the proper thing to do and we have all heard the clichés about the importance and beauty of it. It's the Christian thing to do or the spiritual thing to do. And it is. I mean, those thoughts are correct.

But it is more than that, too. It truly is a powerful technique that can profoundly and instantly change our reality. That is why the title tonight is The Dynamism of Forgiveness. Dynamism describes a process whereby the nature of reality -- of our illusion -- is a function of force and energy rather than of movement and mass. The velocity and mass are quantitative measurements but the true building blocks are energy and force. It takes very little energy and force to generate a change in mass. So it is the force and energy of forgiveness that I thought we could talk about tonight.

Q: Why is it so much easier to forgive others but so difficult to forgive ourselves?


You know, the answer to that does vary so much with each of us. However, at this point in our growth, when this happens to me I look at why I don't want to forgive myself. I mean, for someone who knows little about forgiveness the answers may vary, but most of us here know a great deal about it. So I ask myself why don't I want to forgive myself. Sure, the obvious answer is that I still want to punish myself. That could be true. I also look at this: Am I still wanting to keep others on the hook? What I mean is this: If I forgive myself now, then all is well and the changes can happen and the freedom can come and all is well. But if I refuse to forgive myself, then I am in a less-than-adult place. I am being less than my true self. I am being less than my "more." Why would I do that? Why would I do that to me? And why would I do that to others?

This is what helps me get off the difficulty of forgiving myself. Beyond that, I suppose it has to do with belief structures that say it is better to forgive others and better to punish self. [g] Anyway, this is the way I approach it.

Q: How to know if I really forgave myself, or just went through the motions?


Well, reality is a nifty feedback mechanism. [g] If any of us have just gone through the motions (motion without emotion, as Lazaris would say), our reality will reflect that soon enough. And if we did do the forgiveness, reality will show that.

See, the force of forgiveness has not speed. It is not mass and it is not motion. Forgiveness has not speed. It is or it isn't. It is a quanta phenomenon. Forgiveness, like change, may not have speed, but it does have size, the size of the change we make, the size of the forgiveness we allow. There are things that can make the forgiveness smaller in size or larger in size. I think that reality reflects and expresses that nicely. I have found it so. Also, when the forgiveness is real, it feels freeing. There is an exhilaration and an exuberance -- there is a breath, a breath of release or of healing or of something. Perhaps it is called knowing.

As a quick aside, knowing is something that we think is a big mystery. It is mysterious and it can be mystical, but I think knowing is probably a lot easier than we sometimes think or allow it to be. When we know, we know. When we don't, we don't. It seems to me that the mystery is not about knowing as much as it is about why we will not tell ourselves the truth about knowing. [g]

Q: How do I know when I've forgiven "enough" (i.e., when I'm done with forgiveness)?


Again, reality, though an illusion, is a great feedback mechanism. It is the best biofeedback machine we have. [g] And again, I think the freedom that we feel and the sense of knowing is a big part of it. Perhaps we have forgiven ourselves enough when we feel that release.

Also, there are stages of forgiveness. I think once we have honestly and consciously moved through those stages, the forgiveness will be enough. I also think that when we do not go through the specific stages of forgiveness we risk falling short of our goal.

The stages for those who are not familiar with them are:

Stage 1: Denial -- denying the need to forgive ourselves or others or denying the value of forgiveness.

Stage 2: Then comes the blame stage. We know that blaming does not work, but that does not stop us from doing it in life. [g] And it is the second stage of forgiveness. Once we really own that there is something to forgive and that there is value in forgiving, then we hit the blame stage. This can be blaming others or it can be self blame. But it is a stage, as Lazaris points out, and we need to deal with it. I think if we ignore this stage for example, the forgiveness risks not being complete.

Stage 3: Self-Pity. Yeah, need I say more. [g]

Stage 4: Indignation. This is such a powerful stage. And we, spiritual people that we are, often deny this stage or want to say we don't have this stage, but it is there. I have found that it is essential to respect this stage.

Stage 5: Becoming conscious of the why of the situation or circumstance of forgiveness; learning the lesson that is there; and giving meaning and significance to the constricting and the expanding potentials of the situation before forgiving it.

Stage 6: Freedom. See, that is why I think we know when we are done: freedom.

And the final stage that Lazaris talks of is Integration, the actual forgiving of self and then of others and moving on. He stresses the moving on,

let it go and move on. It is part of the intensity of the force and energy that is the dynamism of forgiveness.

Q: How does indebtedness play into this dynamism?


I think this is an important question and I think it goes back to the size (not the speed) of forgiveness. We can each do the same meditation and process of forgiveness, and it can be around the same kind of issue, yet for one of us the size of that forgiveness may be much larger than it is for the other.

What influences the size of forgiveness is the energy and force that we muster. What influences the size of forgiveness alters the impact of the dynamism. Lazaris points out certain things that can influence the impact of the force and energy. This is an important point, I think. The dynamism: it takes very little force and energy to change reality. It is the force and energy not the movement and mass. Okay. It takes very little energy. I use a little energy and force. You use a little energy and force. The dynamics or dynamism for each of us is the same. What then makes the size of the forgiveness different? It is how we let that dynamism impact us. See, forgiveness is not a reward. It is not something we earn. It is an energy. It is non-discriminatory. It does not discriminate; we do. It does not set boundaries of its size; we do.

The things that can influence the size of forgiveness:

1. The source of the pain: who did it to us.

2. The dimensions of the pain: length, width, depth, and the "space-time" of the pain.

3. What is our reaction pattern to being wronged? How much do we hurt ourselves and punish others when we are wronged?

4. Our resistance to the concepts and ideas of forgiveness. Our reluctance to entertain and follow through upon the concepts and ideas of forgiveness.

5. Stuck in one or another stage of forgiveness, stuck in pity or in blame or in indignation, and often denying that there is any indignation. [g]

6. The dimensions of our love also are key. If those dimensions of love are shallow, forgiveness will probably be shallow.

7. Relationship with the future. If we do not have a working rapport with the future, the size of forgiveness can be severely affected.

So all of this ties into indebtedness, which also dampens and can stop the energy and force of forgiveness totally. Even more energy and more force (Binford style) is not the answer when it comes to indebtedness.

Q: Jach, could you expand more about forgiveness as a letting go of old ideas and images such as illness and malady? Do you feel there is any limit to this?


Well, I am not sure that forgiveness is a letting go of old ideas and images. [g] I think that we can use forgiveness to accomplish this end result, but I don't think the letting go is forgiveness. Often the forgiveness aspect is to forgive ourselves for holding onto the old ideas and images. When we come to finally admit that that is what we have been doing, we can feel pretty foolish. We can feel indebted to our Higher Self for indulging us our indulgences for so long. In this case, once we forgive ourselves, then we can let go. I see them as separate activities that call us to separate tasks.

Beyond this, forgiving others may be a critical link. I mean, if we are holding onto those old ideas or old images to maintain a hidden agenda or to maintain a function of blaming them, then that forgiveness would probably have to come first. But even so, then the letting go would follow.

With illness sometimes we blame our bodies for getting ill, sometimes we blame ourselves. Sadly, in the New Age, there are those who hold severe better thans about themselves (who are well) and severe less thans about others (who are ill). We often buy into that New Age arrogance, sometimes consciously, most often unconsciously. If we do blame our bodies or ourselves, as well as changing the belief about illness, forgiveness would be in order, wouldn't it?

I refer back to the stages of forgiveness: if we are in a state of denial or one of blame or pity or one of indignation, then forgiveness seems to be an answer and an issue, our issue and part of our answer. So around illness or another malady, around anything that we sense as failure, there is a role for forgiveness.

Is there a limit? Sure there is. But that limit is not inherent in the forgiveness. I think its power is unlimited.The limits are not inherent in us, either. But they are within the beliefs we choose to hold. I don't even say within our beliefs, but within the beliefs that we choose to hold. And more and more the limits are contained in the choices -- the quality of the choices-- we choose to make. Or, at least that is how it seems to me. [vbg] Thanks for asking.

Q: Why does forgiving often feel like giving in or wimping out?


Well, I know what you mean. I have felt that and I have felt waves and waves of anger when I have approached forgiveness from that point of view. We are conditioned to think that. Chauvinism with its twists teaches us that the only acceptable way to be is to be on top of the heap, to be the best and to be number one, to be king of the mountain in the hierarchy of competition and comparison. Forgiveness, on this battleground, is tantamount to defeat. Forgiveness, on that turf, is utter failure. "Cry uncle." "I give." We are conditioned. Until we face and deny that conditioning -- until we start defining what forgiveness is for us -- we are often bound by that conditioning. That conditioning is an avenue of least effort. It is easy to feel that it is wimpy to forgive.

It is a strange irony isn't it that the consensus society in America holds Christian values. Paramount in such values is the value of forgiveness, yet it is held as weak and giving in. I wonder how a good Christian holds it when Jesus talked of forgiveness and forgave? Jesus, the wimp? Jesus, the loser who gave up? I doubt it. [g]

Beyond that conditioning, I think we each need to look at why we would want to continue feeling that way. As I said before, for someone who is naive, who has not been engaged and involved in spiritual pursuits, following the conditioning would continue to make sense. But once we are free of that conditioning, then we have to ask ourselves why we persist. It doesn't mean we are bad or wrong. We may have other agendas. Maybe we have other agendas for which we need to -- that's right -- forgive ourselves. [g]

Q: Jach, it seems permission and authority are involved in self-forgiveness. Can you speak about this?


LOL . . . thanks . . . the $5.00 will be in the mail tomorrow. Because the question was so appropriate, people might think I put you up to it. [g]

Anyway, Lazaris has talked so much already this year about the new kind of empowerment that involves finding and creating permission inside us, finding and creating authority (authorship, originality, innovation, inventiveness) inside ourselves. But you know, even as we come to understand and know this, some of us will still look outside ourselves. Some of us will still consider any permission we might grant or authority we might have is tainted or spoiled, as we are tainted and spoiled. When we are caught in the unresolved stages of forgiveness we will find it more difficult to empower ourselves.

The explanations and reasons, all valid and legitimate, may be many, but the answer or the solution can come down to forgiveness. Forgiveness is not a panacea; it is not the one prescription that is going to solve all our ills. But forgiveness can be -- CAN BE -- a phenomenal tool toward that end. It can, likewise, play a critical and phenomenal role in empowerment. And why do we forgive others more easily than ourselves? Empowerment: we lack the permission, we lack the authority, to forgive ourselves. When do we know we feel empowered? Ha! I am discovering my own answers as I am typing along. [g]

Q: When you say it takes very little energy and force to change a mass, are you saying that forgiveness is such a force that can change a "mass," that can change a lot of issues for us by forgiving ourselves around one issue, and then that change translates into changes perhaps in other areas where we weren't even working on forgiving ourselves?


And another $5.00 is on its way. [g] What a fun question. Yes, that is how it seems to me. That is also my experience. Forgiveness *used* to work one way. It did not have that dynamism that it seems to have now. I would find an issue, forgive myself, and move on. The forgiveness would reflect in my world and it was wonderful. It was magical and I discovered a bit more of who I really am. But everything is different now.

Forgiveness has always had a dynamism. Always. But that dynamism is now more available to all of us. It was embedded, I suppose, in those seemingly dormant or redundant parts of our brain that Lazaris talks about, lost in the "garbage" of our DNA, but now it is out there and present.

Now the "same" forgiveness (as though it really were the same) can generate more profound (far reaching) results. The dynamism is active and available more than ever before.

And when we:

1. release our resistance to forgiveness in general;

2. release our resistance to the specific forgiveness;

3. move through the stages of forgiveness in a conscious way;

4. and forgive the "why" of the situation whether it is self-forgiveness or forgiving another we will set that dynamism in action.

As you say, it will change the mass and the movement of that mass in our reality. It will begin a resonance action (more than a Newtonian chain reaction). The resonance of the energy and force is more powerful than the forgiveness that we do.It is more powerful than us (and our limitations) and it can change us and our reality surrounding us. It can do it in ways that we cannot yet imagine.

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Imagination & Imaginal Realm

Monday, May 9, 2016
Blog: Imagination & Imaginal Realm

By Jach

A Question with Jach's Reply from an Online Conference

Q. I wonder if you would talk about imagination and the Imaginal Realm; about the different forms and functions of imagination (making it up vs. letting it be) and what "imagination imagining itself" means? Thank you!


There are several questions here, so I will begin with different forms of imagination. [s] I think about how Lazaris looks at three types. First, there is "just imagination," which is the form most often acknowledged in our consensus reality. And it is as the label suggests ... it's just images that we hold or that we imagine.

Such imagination can be chaotic or it can be random. As with any form of imagination, it can be fuel for negative ego or for the less admirable parts of ourselves. [s] Among the types of imagination, it is the easiest one for our negative egos to work with. It takes little effort and even less imagination to burden us with chaotic and random images. [s]

Even so, such imagination can have merit. Sometimes such random "just imagination" images can be a catalyst for deeper thought or exploration. Often it's not, but it could be. If it is, such deeper exploration could be valuable -- it could have merit. Also, these sorts of images could be as whispers, encouraging us to turn to a more sophisticated form of imagination.

The second kind of imagination that Lazaris mentions is Active Imagination. This is also a psychological term. And I think that it is this imagination that is the fuel for most creativity. What begins as random or chaotic images (just imagination) can take form. That form can have direction. And when the random takes on form, the imagination shifts to become potentially an active imagination.

Being active, it can lead us somewhere. [s] It is the stuff of fantasy, which does have value on its own. And out of fantasy, it is the stuff of fantasia (or fantasy that carries a message or a deeper meaning, valuable to us). I think this active imagination is also the raw material of dreaming, and then of visioning. Those among us who are highly creative, for example, may begin their process with just imagination, but they do not settle for those random images. They organize the images; they bring a sense of order to the randomness. And that's active imagination.

Now, the third type that Lazaris mentions is a Living Imagination. This is the imagination that involves passion and compassion. It engages the body as well as the mind -- it engages soul and spirit, as well. It is full of images, as are the other two types, but these images have the capacity to inspire. These images have the capacity to engage our souls and spirits. [s]

I see these three types working in a non-linear fashion. We begin with just imagination and then move forward to an active imagination. We do this as kids and are often chided for it ... we are often told that our imaginations are just too active. Many people, doing as they are told, stop there. The creative people hold on to that active imagination, despite what they are told. And somewhere along the line, we slip beyond the boundary of active imagination and enter the realm of a living imagination. Sometimes we retreat, unaware or ill-equipped to deal with it.

As metaphysicians, however, we have learned to work with that Living Imagination and feel much more comfortable there. [s] And it seems that a Living Imagination is inclusive of the other types. You can find "just images" there, and you can find an active imagination with direction. And you can find much more. We can find the stuff of magic. [s] And this brings me to the Imaginal Realm, which exists beyond the boundary of our imagination.

It exists beyond the boundary of a Living Imagination, I think. The "just imagination" type and the Active Imagination type of imaginations don't seem sophisticated enough to reach the Imaginal. Perhaps that is my limitation. [s] In the Imaginal, there is also imagination. But it is not of our conscious creation. We can bring our "just imagination" and our active as well as living imaginations into that realm, but there is a different kind of imagination there. It's one that is not imagined by us, the lesser or the more. It is an imagination that is imagined by itself. It doesn't need us. [g]

Well, what does that really mean? I think that is something we have to imagine for ourselves. [s] I could go on, I suppose. But I hope this reply is helpful. Thanks for asking.

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Working with Futures

Monday, May 9, 2016
Blog: Working with Futures

By Jach

A Grouping of Questions with Jach's Replies from the Online Conferences

Question: Hi Jach! During "The Joy of Right Living: Crafting the Future and Creating the Present" workshops Lazaris talked about "anchoring futures". Would you please say more about what they are and possibly give a couple of examples? Thanks!!


Humm ... Anchoring futures are somewhat of a mystery to me, too. I think of them as the ones with gravity ... referencing the earlier question about core beliefs and then about our choice cubes. I think of anchoring futures as being akin to the choices we make that form our choice cube, for example. I think of anchoring futures as the futures out of which emerge our core beliefs and then as the futures that feed or fuel those core beliefs. And you know, Holly, it ties into our dark law or dark laws as well.

The future creates the present. The future creates the present. I often remind myself of that by saying it over and over to sort of let it sink in all over again. So where does our current choice cube come from? The answer has to be the future, doesn't it? Now, it is laid against the backdrop of the past, but it is created in the future.

I think those futures that generate our fundamental beliefs are the anchoring futures. They are not necessarily optimal or optimum, are they? And they are not clearly beacon or archetypal futures. I would be hard pressed to call them destiny futures, either. But there are certain futures whose primary or even sole function is to form and then feed our fundamental beliefs.

As an example, the fundamental choice: "I will always seek to be my truer self." Where did that come from? It didn't come from the past, not really. The idea came "out of the blue" and we attached it to a reference point from the past. First person ... I had this idea that I will always try to be my truer self ... novel idea ... and it floated by one day ... or Lazaris mentioned it on a tape I was listening to and I decided that it was a neat idea. So I decided to do that. I may attach it to the past, i.e., come up with things in my past that encourage me to try to be my truer self. But the actual fundamental choice came out of the future.

And now that I have adopted it as my own, it needs energy to grow and expand. If I don't feed it, it will die. Where does the food come from? My knee jerk answer is to say from the past, but that really isn't true. There is nothing in my past that can feed this choice that forms my choice cube. The food comes from the future.

Okay, those futures that create and feed the fundamentals of my life ... be they fundamental beliefs, fundamental choices, core beliefs, fundamental or core attitudes, etc., ... the fundamentals of my life are the stuff that make up Anchoring Futures.

Now, some of what are Anchoring Futures may be optimal and optimum and have a splash of the archetypal to them. I suspect they do. And those Anchoring Futures most likely bounce around and influence the Beacon Futures, too. Remember, Lazaris describes the relationships of the various futures as a matrix ... it is fluid and flexible ... it moves and shifts and grows. And he calls it an Organic Matrix of Futures.

So I think it is self-sustaining. We do contribute to the futures, that's true. But the futures in our Organic Matrix of Futures do not depend upon us remembering to feed them. Good grief! That's a scary thought, actually. What if our Organic Matrix of Futures depended on us to remember to feed it? We would all be dead. I mean, surely we would forget and the darn thing would starve to death. [s] So we do feed it, but just in case we are human [s], our futures feed themselves as well. Well, that's how I think of it anyway. [s]

You ask about examples? Well, I can't think of any specific example. And you know, Holly, I am not altogether sure the Anchoring or the Beacon Futures are well formed. I am not sure they are storyline oriented as pipeline, optimal, optimum, or destiny future are. They may be more like fractals. Now please, don't ask me why I think that: I don't know why. It just seems that anchoring Futures anchor with substance, gravity, or weight. They don't need to make sense or be linear in their expression.

Question: Hi, Jach! On “The Magic of Receiving,” Lazaris talks about the importance of disengaging (from the lie) and engaging the future. I seem to focus on the disengaging part.[s] Would you share some of your favorite techniques for engaging? Thanks!


Engaging the future: Dreaming. Actually, I like to work with fantasy ... I like to fantasize about the future as a way of engaging it. This is not as formal as weeding and seeding the future or as working with any of the various types of futures (beacon futures, archetypal futures, optimal, or optimum futures are the ones that are easiest to seed).

I just sit and spontaneously fantasize ... I let the fantasies flow without any censorship or judgment. That's how it begins. Sometimes I very consciously include my child and adolescent (more often my child because my adolescent fantasies are often absurd). Those fantasies hop all over the place. I let them happen. It might be called daydreaming, but it is often less focused than that.

Once the fantasies slow down, and they do slow down, I then turn to my Higher Self, and I open my unconscious mind: I ask for the fantasia. I ask for the insight or the knowing (okay, I will settle for an awareness or two) that can come from this array of fantasy. I don't try to force it. I ask. I make my intention known. I become silent and still and wait. Sometimes I fall asleep. Sometimes I get tired or bored with waiting. So I get up and go about my day. Often the response will come later that day or in the next several days. That insight or awareness is the kernel I use to connect to my dreams, my hopes, my wishes, my desires that are the future. That is the kernel that becomes the seed for new dreams. And out of that seed and dream come new ideas of what to do now in my life.

That's how I disengage from the past ... from the lie. That's how I shift out of obsessing on the past or the lie or the negative stuff my negative ego would love me to indulge. It's hard to break free sometimes, but this approach seems to work for me once I have cut those ties. Thanks for asking. I hadn't thought about this in a while. It was helpful to me.

Question: Could you talk a bit what "Right Living" is all about? Thank you.


Right living ... Oh, it's been a while. [s] I mean it's been awhile since I have thought about that as a topic, not that it's been a while since I've done it. [g]

The future creates the present ... we are coming to know this. More than just understanding the concept, we are experiencing the impact and the power of the future more and more. So we work with creating positive futures ... We weed the negative ones that are in the pipeline of futures. We seed positive ones to place in that same pipeline. We work with an array of futures. Among them are beacon futures (my favorite) that are out there to serve as their name implies, as beacons in the sea of possibility and in the sea of the unknown. We can change futures as part of our magical workings to create a better reality now. But we can also create futures.

Changing, creating, what's the difference?

Well, when we think about it, the difference can be significant. Changing is working with the futures that have already been created. Changing is working with futures that we have conjured in weak or frightened (or angry) moments, futures that we crafted as children or adolescents or when we were giving sway to them, and futures that we have lifted out of the past and tossed into the "things to come" for a variety of reasons. Changing has to do with reviewing the "hand we were dealt" and doing something about it. Change is good. [vbg] It's a whole lot better than the attitude of those who say we must accept that hand that was dealt.

But we don't have to rely on only changing, we can create future. Okay. And we can create futures that we never would have otherwise created. Right Living is a term that could be construed as a roadmap for those new futures, futures that have never been, that we can create. Some of those Right Living futures can be Optimal or Optimum Futures, or they could be Beacon Futures or Archetypal Futures. They might even be Destiny Futures. As we create them as such, some can flow into the pipeline and become our reality. But even if not that, they can influence the futures that do make it into the pipeline destined to manifest in our reality. Okay.

Right Living offers guidelines for crafting futures ... for creating them. Detachment/intensity is one concept that goes into Right Living. Do the futures we conjure -- that we imagine -- express a sense of detachment that at the same time involves intensity? Another concept involved in laying the foundation for Right Living is complexity/integrity. That is, do the futures we seek to create, that we seed, reflect complexity, and is there space for all of who we are? Is there space for the weak and the strong of us? Does the particular future have integrity ... our integrity?

And the third component of the foundation of Right Living is the voice of spirit. Does this future that we are creating have a voice (presence), and is that voice that of our spirit. Detachment/Intensity; Complexity/Integrity; Voice of Spirit ... these are the cornerstones of Right Living and thus of the futures we want to create fresh and new.

Upon this foundation come the issues of Chivalry and our work -- our true work. Upon the foundation we add courage, loyalty, virtue, etc. (the components of chivalry), and we add the energies of our true -- our rewarding -- work. And then there is the breath of soul. Is there a vibrancy of soul? In this crafted future, is there music? Foundation, substance, and now the action. The final components have to do with wisdom with dominion, and with authenticity.

So as we work with what future we want, we can play around with the stuff to have and the things to do. And that's important. We can allow our fantasies to be conscious so we might find the fantasia within them. We can work with the magic of claiming and demanding and with our subconscious and our unconscious. This work can be incredibly rewarding. And then as we cull the information that comes from this work, we can give it form. We can mold it into this foundation: detachment/intensity, complexity/integrity, and a voice of our spirit. We can create an armature of substance: chivalry, work, and the breath of soul. And then we can make it distinctively and uniquely our own with wisdom, dominion, authenticity.

Then we can let the power of the future ... of crafted futures ... do its thing. And our present reality will reflect and express the qualities more and more. Our illusion, a reflection of something more real, can be a reflection of the Right Living we have consciously and meticulously put into the future. For me, that's what Right Living is all about. [s]

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Dealing with Symbiotic Guilt

Monday, May 9, 2016
Blog: Dealing with Symbiotic Guilt

By Jach

A Grouping of Questions with Jach's Replies from the Online Conferences

Dealing with Symbiotic Guilt

Q. How do we deal with positive dread? I have had some truly transcendent experiences. I know I am different, and my life is reflecting that. But I feel like I am going to get in trouble. What do you suggest?


First, I think it's important to deal with levels of guilt ... both neurotic guilt and symbiotic guilt. The neurotic guilt is the stuff that makes you feel like a criminal ... like you are doing something wrong. You say it as if you are going to "get in trouble," and that is the criminal-like guilt. So before you get to issues of dread, bring that guilt to the surface and then convert it (transmute it) to a usable form. As Lazaris has pointed out and as we have all experienced, we cannot process guilt -- neurotic guilt -- because it's a synthetic emotion.

So transmute that guilt into a genuine emotion. It could be anger ... anger that you have these transcendent feelings in a world that seems far from transcendent or with a community that is burdened with non-transcendent issues. That is, you might have anger that there just isn't "space" to be as ebullient as you are. Maybe the genuine emotion is fear ... fear that it will be taken away; maybe it's fear that it won't last. It could be fear that others would be jealous or envious. And then again it could be anticipated or expected hurt. So transmute the guilt to its genuine emotion and then process (release) that emotion.

Symbiotic guilt is the guilt of "not belonging." You know you are different, and you have that "ol' transcendent feelin'" [s] but others in your world don't. Symbiotic guilt is the urge to belong -- "I am just like you, honest." -- when we feel so very different. Forgiveness is often the key with this guilt. At least that is what I have found.

Now, with these two guilts (neurotic and symbiotic) out of the way, listen. Be really still and listen. Maybe get off by yourself: solitude is sacred, and it can be incredibly magical in its mystery. Listen to see if you are sensing dread. Perhaps you are not. And if not, hurray, move on. [s] But if you are, then I have found the best way to deal with it is to work my way through the narrows. I create a corridor and sense the dread as a ball of eerie light ... bizarre light that is wrapped in fear. I sense this eerie ball of light at the end of that corridor, and then I make my way, step by step. I sense the options along the way ... the options of pity, martyr, judgment, rage, etc. I may even dip into one or another of those places, but I do it very consciously. I don't have to be perfect. I used to think I did ... that I had to stay away from those temptations completely. But I know better now. In my corridor, I move toward that dread -- that imminent threat of non-being.

I may feel martyred. And when I consider that as an option, I may decide to spend some time there. Yeah, I am feeling very misunderstood and put upon. I am feeling very unappreciated, and I am not going to pretend otherwise. The trick for me is that I am doing it consciously. I turn it on consciously, and thus I know I can turn it off just as consciously. And I do. I may give myself ten minutes, or I may give myself a day and a half. The key is, it's conscious. The other key is that it is my choice -- my decision. I remain in charge. If I do stop to partake of the taste treats along the way, I then get back on course and eventually move through the concentric circles of defenses that surround the dread.

Then I enter the dread as though it were an all-consuming fire. In certain ways it is (for me). And then I emerge on the other side not knowing what I will find there. It is always more. Whatever I find there, it is always more ... I am always more. The thing that I always remember about dealing with dread and with working through the narrows is this: It is like a metaphorical birth canal. And if I come out of it, something new has been born in me. And that new birth is always something more. You may notice that dealing with positive dread is the same as dealing with negative dread. I think that is an accurate statement. Dread is dread.

Q. So many people around me, family and some friends, are having health and some relationship crises. Too often I feel overwhelmed and out of balance with the flurry of these crises. I realize I don't want to feel happy or successful -- symbiotic guilt. I am trying to integrate my being a Healer, but I wonder if I am a part of the problem, needing people to be 'sick' in order to offer healing. I wonder how I can redefine the role and function of being a Healer as crisis increases in the world. How do you approach this?


My delayed reply is due to the slowness of my reading. [s] Give me a moment.

First, I understand your sense of not wanting to feel happy or successful, and I agree, there is a ray of symbiotic guilt there. For those reading along who may not understand that, as humans we have a powerful and a profound need to belong. It is the third core need beyond survival and security, and it precedes our need to be valued. It is that powerful. And when many are in crisis, if we are not, we can feel "left out," as if we do not belong. And so we feel guilty ... denying our happiness and our success. We feel guilty as a way of being connected and thus as a way to belong. Symbiosis is a process of connecting and aligning.

As you recognize your guilt, are you also in touch with your anger, your fear, and your hurt? As you witness those in crisis, especially those whom you love, these feelings can be there, too. So as I begin here, my concern is for you and the unrealized emotions that may be tucked inside that neatly-identified guilt. I hope that makes sense.

To your major concern: what if you are part of the problem, creating the sickness so you can offer healing? That you are open to the possibility is a strong indicator that you are not. So ask yourself. You see the possibility that you could be part of the problem. You see the possibility that you could be creating not the health problems and relationship crises, but the environment in which these things exist in your reality so that you can be the champion, the knight in shining armor, so that you can be needed and so that you can belong ... not out of guilt, but out of need. Okay.

You see the possibility. Now explore it. Is that what is happening for you? Are you feeling loved and needed because you are offering your healing? Are you feeling useful now whereas you were useless before? Have you finally found your place, where you fit in your family and with your friends? Most likely the answers here are, "No. No, that's not what it's about at all."

So once you honestly look at the possibility, you can ask yourself what's true or what's so about it. If you are not getting your identity, your image, your meaning out of their problems, then you are not "part of the problem." And if their problems are the major source of meeting your needs ... their illnesses and crises give you survival, security, belonging, and a sense of value ... (having lacked these things without their illnesses and crises), then you are part of the problem.

My point here is that you don't have to continue to wonder. You can face the possibility and answer it. If you are part of the problem, recognize it, acknowledge it, forgive yourself, and change. If you are not part of the problem, let it go and move on. [s]

How do you redefine yourself as a healer? I am wondering why you would need to do that. I think this issue is more one of accepting yourself as a healer in the face of current and building crises. I think the overwhelm often comes from a lack of acceptance. Having said that, let me back up a moment. When I am feeling overwhelmed with anything in my life, I have come to discover that those feelings or sensations are not coming from a faulty definition as much as they are coming from a lack of confidence, a lack of respect, and a lack of acceptance (of realization). That is, the overwhelm is coming from a lack of value. The valued self begins with self-awareness and moves into self-worth followed by self-esteem. All this flows into the pool of energy, force, and resonance call self-love. And out of that pool come the other three often hidden components of a valued self: self-confidence, self-respect, and self-realization. So when I am not confident in who I am, when I don't respect myself, or when I lack the realization ... when I don't allow myself to be real ... I get overwhelmed. Like you, I tend to think I have to redefine myself, but I have found more often I have to accept myself.

And with healing it is especially hard. I think healers have to continually work with self-acceptance (self-realization) and with self-respect (the ability to look back at yourself). Healing is a hard road to follow, and it is an easy road to fall off of. I remember something Lazaris said long ago about healers: "Once you open that door, you cannot close it. So be careful. Be sure you are ready to open that door before you do."

So maybe it would be helpful to explore the fuller range of feeling within that guilt, then to face the possibility that you are part of the problem and either heal it or let it go. And then work with valuing self rather than defining what it means to be a healer in the 21st century.

As I type that, I think of the seduction of looking for sweeping answers ... I think about what I wrote as this online conference began: looking for sweeping answers that apply to all of humanity is seductive, but looking within ourselves is more revealing. Likewise, looking to refine what it means to be a healer in the 21st century can be very appealing; it can be very seductive. It can be the stuff of theses. But looking into ourselves can be more revealing.

I suspect that during this Year of Illumination, we will all be seduced by the sweeping answers when we would be better served to look inward. I suspect that it will be tempting to shine the light out there rather than to shine it with greater focus "in here."

Q. I've been feeling symbiotic guilt coming up -- especially around the recent London bombing (7/7/05) -- the paradox of growing happier and more successful in a world where there is still so much pain and nightmare. Can you talk a bit about this?


Symbiotic guilt ... it can be difficult to deal with, but I have found that mostly it is associated with a sense of belonging. Or better said, it is associated with a sense of the lack of belonging. To be in a symbiotic relationship with someone or something is to be in alignment, to be in tune, to be connected. The guilt that we feel that is a guilt of connection -- symbiotic guilt -- comes when we fear separation or loss (the pain of love and the fear of love). It seems you outline it nicely here ... as you feel happier and happier, as you feel more and more successful, and as you feel a greater sense of fulfillment with your success, there is a loneliness that comes along. Those around you aren't as happy or as successful. Or even if they are, they don't seem to be as fulfilled as you are, or they don't feel it as you do. Maybe they do, but it doesn't seem so to you.

And I suspect that symbiotic guilt is particularly associated with issues of reward, intimacy, meaningfulness, and fulfillment ... even more than with the simple matters of success or happiness. I think that even when people feel happy and are successful, the degrees of reward, intimacy, meaningfulness, and fulfillment are the determining factors.

And when there is disparity there, often we feel alone ... we feel separate ... we feel as if we don't fit or that we don't belong. We can get arrogant about that ... we can turn to the judgmental postures of better than ... to assuage the feeling. And/or we can turn to guilt ... symbiotic guilt ... as a means to narrow the gap and to feel as if we, indeed, do belong or that indeed we are connected. "I feel your pain." And thus I belong and you belong and we belong to each other. [s]

So as you discover your personal sense of guilt here, I would look to your personal sense of being cut off and of not belonging. I would look to the challenges to belonging (from the workshop on the miracle of belonging and on receiving the miraculous gift of belonging from the Ancients). I would also take a walk in the Dark Wood and work to move beyond it. And in this, I would open up to receiving the gift of belonging. I would ask my Higher Self to give you that gift. Work with "your Ancient One." And I would also do a blending with your Higher Self ... maybe with Lazaris as well ... and ask for the gift and then demand and claim that gift. I bet the guilt vanishes after that. [s]

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