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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, and travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world.

It Seems To Me

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Blog: It Seems To Me

by Jach

I feel an urge to be quiet. Not inactive, no, but quiet as I go about working my magic in my life and for the world. So with the influx of activity in the world specifically in Syria, I am being quiet.

It's September 23, the second most powerful day of the year. In my quiet, I am calling upon the grandmothers and grandfathers of Sirius, and I am calling upon my future selves, several of them, and together we are creating a union of magic, a confluence of our various magics, to flow into the world.

During the One-Day workshops, Lazaris talked about the unique nature of the current chaos in the world. He spoke of a convergence of an array of futures from the constricting to the expanding - from the negative to the positive. These futures are not manifesting but they are converging in the present. To this, there is a convergence of the prevailing human crises of dignity, character, vision, and vitality and of the continuing crises of fear and of hope. With all these energies converging in the present, the current chaos is different. It is more intense and more prevalent. We all feel that.

Chaos, by its nature, is a delicate state. It precedes and follows change, all change no matter how big or small. In addition, even a subtle shift during a state of chaos can ultimately have huge impact. This is why such states - states that seem totally random with no order or direction in which the most subtle of shifts can generate profound change - are called chaos.

While these futures and these crises are converging, during the chaos, all sorts of choices and decisions are being made. Those choices and decisions produce subtle shifts. What will be the impact? What changes will eventually emerge from those subtle shifts in the domain of chaos?

I now understand more fully why Lazaris spoke of October as a time to be cautious. With the raging political conflicts, internationally and nationally, it seems too easy to make choices and decisions that are fraught with hidden agendas and riddled with hasty and sometimes irrational shortsightedness. It seems too easy to build choices and decisions upon an armature of constricting emotions: anger, fear, hurt, blame, revenge.

Change begins with me. I need to be cautious with my choices now and with my decisions. Then I can work my magic to dream that others are also being cautious. I can make a map of cautious choice, and I can dream that others find such maps for themselves.

To this end, I am being quiet, and in the stillness, I quietly make my choices. I work to weed out any of my hidden agendas and to weave in a bit of wisdom: seeing the bigger picture without losing sight of the current one; reaching beyond logic and reason without losing touch with either, and letting my imagination be wild and wonderful without losing my tether to the rational.

In the quiet, I am working on my vision of my future. I expand my image and sense myself in my future as my world becomes new.

My choices. That comes first. Then I am working magic on the impact - the affect and the effect - of the choices and decisions others are making. Perhaps I cannot change their choices, but I can change the impact of those choices in accordance and compliance with my will, my imagination, and my love. I am a magician. I can work magic.

My vision. This also comes first, and then I work my magic to build a vision for the world. From my world becoming new, I envision the world being new. I don't know the details of what happens between "here and now" and "there and then." I don't need to detail in the Between of worlds. Somewhere in the Between of "here and now," magic happens. Beyond the Between, there is the "there and then". Magic happens. I am okay with that.

I am quiet, but I am very busy working my magic of dreaming others waking up with caution, of working my magic of change, and of infusing my choices and decisions and the choices and decisions of others with wisdom.

Right now, this is how it seems to me.

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Honoring Water

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Blog: Honoring Water

by Lazaris

Dear Everyone,

Lazaris made an audio recording, "Honoring Water," as a response to our concerns about the Fukushima situation and the current drought in Southern California. Here is the link and the transcript.

Message from Lazaris ...

All right. All right. Of course it is a pleasure. It always is. Because so many of you are concerned about potential dangers of radiation pollution from Fukushima, and because you are concerned about the growing Water Crisis in Southern California, we thought we would offer some observations and suggestions. We are not going to say all that could be said about these very real concerns. No one could do that anyway. However we do want to plant a few seeds in the magic you are working. We want to talk about Honoring Water.

Of course we encourage you to do what you do, to do what by your nature and by your grace you do: to dream, to love, to heal, and of course, to work magic. Do these in your individual and unique ways, and do these things together, together in harmony and balance more than in space and time, together in harmony, together in balance. Beyond this ... Let’s talk of Honoring Water.

As we suggested, the Element Water played a significant role during the final phase of 2013 and you saw the expressions of that significance with the flooding in Colorado and with the torrential rains from the typhoons in Central America. Water continues to play a significant role as the Year of Gratitude gets underway. Both these concerns, one a potential crisis the other a full crisis, involve water and involve the Element of Water with all its metaphors.

Water changes. It’s about changing and growing. It’s about transmuting and transforming. Water is about the strength of character and integrity. Each of these are key to gratitude. Water is also integral to the flow of possibility and the power of the possible. Water flows and it can flow with passion and inspiration. Each can become ebullient. Each can become effervescent because of soul, because of the soul and spirit of water. Water erodes and builds up. The world is in the midst of change, of growing and changing, of transmuting and transforming. Yours is a world that needs the strength of human character and integrity and the strength of the possible. It is a world that calls out for both passion and inspiration. Of course Water with its metaphors is at the forefront of your reality and is at the forefront of the world’s energy.

This is the Year of Gratitude and the dangers to water and the absence of water are calling you to awaken your sense of gratitude. Gratitude is a feeling and it begins there, and it lifts to action and again it expandsto become a state of mind, a state of being.

In this circumstance, we suggest initiating your magic by personally feeling grateful for water, grateful for the water in your life and for what water has meant and what it currently means to you. Yes, it is essential to life, essential to health and well-being, and water plays a critical role in so many aspects of your life. It gives you so much more than you ask for, so much more than expect, and so much more than you can imagine. In its way water is miraculous. Be grateful; feel your gratitude. Be grateful for the miracle that water is and for the miracle water has been and is in your life.

Energetically, water is under great stress. The Nature spirits, the water spirits and sprites, the devic forces of water are all entangled in great amounts of stress. Water pollution everywhere creates it, and currently the Fukushima situation is exacerbating that stress. The drought in Southern California is a reflection and expression of that stress, and it is also a harbinger of potential distress -- water distress -- coming in your world. Years ago we talked about how water would become more valuable than oil and the “oil wars” could potentially be replaced with “water wars.”

There is a powerful link between the Fukushima situation and the current drought. It is time for you to stand tall and to life your voice. It is time for you to be heard. Let your magic be heard.

We suggest the follow:

Be grateful for the water in your life. Each day, each day take a moment to be grateful for the water that you use and for what water gives you, for what water gives you: welcome it, appreciate it, thank it, be empathic for its plight. Sense the Undine and likewise feel gratitude by welcoming, appreciating, and thanking them. Be empathic. Sense the water sprites and feel the presence of the Water Devas. When you pour a glass of water or open a bottle to drink, when you wash your hands, your face, or when you bathe, when you water your plants, irrigate your yard, whenever you engage water, honor it, honor it, with your gratitude. No, not every time you engage it, but at least once a day honor water with your gratitude. Do this honoring with your heart and mind and not by rote. Be conscious not automatic.

So many people are wanting so much from water. What can you give to water? What can you give to the Undine and to the water sprites? What can you give the Devas of Water? You want so much from water. First give to water. Attention, appreciation, understanding, caring, concern for it and for its welfare, and give healing. Rather than asking water to heal you, you work to heal water.

Be a Champion of Giving and Healing. Flow your giving and healing through you into water and then flow the giving and healing of humankind through you into water. Work your magic to heal and to restore water.

Work your magic to heal and to restore water. In this regard, we would suggest, each day, take a small glass of water, a glass glass preferably, and flow your giving, flow your healing, and flow the giving and healing of humanity into that glass of water. And then, pour it gently into the earth or place it on the sill in the sun to let it evaporate, to let the water to return to itself through the earth or through the air.

Finally, Gather the Ancients and let them find their place out there in the Pacific for example, and also in other trouble spots such as in Africa and other locations where the stress and distress of water -- the crises of water -- are most evident. Gather the Ancients and let them find their place, and then let the Ancients work their magic, let the Ancients work their magic.

Stand with the Ancients and participate in the magic. Stand with the Ancients, let your magic be heard. Let your magic be heard.

Will the dangers of Fukushima disappear? Will it begin raining in Southern California? No. Certainly not immediately. In time, yes, but remember your goal is to give. Your goal is to feel grateful in this Year of Gratitude. Your goal is to give to water and to heal water. Your goal isn’t to get; it’s to give, exalted giving expecting nothing in return. You will reap the bounty of your magic, but first it is valuable to hold the singular focus and singular will: gratitude, understanding, giving, healing.

Be heard in your world. Let your magic sing. Let your magic sing.

With love, with love, and peace.
-- Lazaris

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Lazaris on the Death of Princess Diana

Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Blog: Lazaris on the Death of Princess Diana

By Lazaris

Dear Everyone,

On this Saturday, the day of Princess Diana's funeral, Lazaris dictated a message on the death of Princess Diana. I share that message with each of you.

- Jach Pursel

Amid the flurry of emotion, amid the flurry of information, many are trying to pull together the many issues around Princess Diana's death to make them just one issue. Many are following the understandable temptation to make the many only one. It seems more manageable that way; it seems simpler to attempt to handle or deal with one overwhelming issue rather than manage, handle, and deal with many different issues.

It is simpler. But simplicity breeds difficulty. Many are having a very difficult time finding answers and understanding for the many questions: Why?

To find ease of understanding and to ease your pain, seek complexity rather than simplicity. As we have suggested when speaking of enchanted wisdom, resist the temptation and even the seduction of "one problem." In this case, we urge you to resist the temptation or even seduction of making Diana's death "one issue." Similarly, we suggest the answer does not lie in solution; it lies in resolution.

Why did Diana die?

This is her process. She has a right to privacy. Allow her that in her death. Allow her that that so many would not allow her in life. Many would be saddened by the lack of privacy this woman was allowed in life and then attempt to invade that privacy in her death. There are those who would now condemn the photographic paparazzi only to become the psychic paparazzi claiming to have the "inside reasons" for her death. Why did she die? This is her process. Honor and respect her by honoring and respecting it.

Why does this death touch the world so profoundly?

This year could have been called a year of presence. During this year, we have often reminded you, many will awaken. You, the mapmaker who goes out ahead of the consensus to which you are still a part, have experienced the range of emotion that accompanies awakening; most have not.

Now the world is beginning to awaken; the world is initiating presence. The many peoples are beginning to awaken and find the first vestiges of presence. Without authority, without a relationship with Soul and Spirit, such awakening and such presence risks sadness and despair.

Diana's death is a trigger; it is a catalyst. Her death gave people within the world a permission and an authority they could not yet find within themselves. People are feeling emotions more fully than before. Some are feeling emotion and they do not even know why. They are waking up without knowing what is happening to them. The first emotions are often ones of sadness, loss, loneliness, and tragedy. Diana's death gives people a reason. It has become a source of empowerment for a world where people could not find that source within their hearts and minds. Now they use that empowerment to open their hearts ... and their minds.

With this awakening, so the Soul is awakening. People are discovering their Soul. No matter the name they say, it is their Soul.

What is Soul?

We remind you, Soul is a love. It is a love, that at one moment, weeps at the unjust and inhumane in the world and in the next moment rejoices at the smallest act of human kindness. It is a love, that at one moment perceives hope and possibility in every event, and in the next grieves when you are unable or unwilling to respond to that hope and possibility.

The world discovers that it has Soul ... weeping and grieving. This death is the trigger; it is a catalyst. It is not the unjust or the missed hope of one woman that touches the world so profoundly. It is the unjust and inhumane, it is the missed or unanswered hope and possibility, in the world that touches so deeply.

Why does Diana's death touch you?

While Soul is awakening in the world, your Soul is calling you to the adventure. This death is a trigger that you can utilize to awaken passion so that you can hear that call. It is not the only trigger or the one of your Soul's preference. But it is here and your Soul will not let this death be in vain.

The call is one that brings you to face what really matters to you in your life and to face your own complexity. Your Soul calls you to deepen and expand your feminine and masculine energy regardless of your gender as it also calls you to explore the hallows of love, beauty, enchantment, or solitude. Your Soul calls you to embrace that love that weeps and rejoices; it calls you to embrace that love that perceives and grieves.

Why does this death touch you?

Diana was a tragic figure and her life ended in tragedy. She is neither a goddess nor an archetype; she was a woman with a script of tragedy. Arthur Miller's Willy Loman was not a god or an archetype; he was a tragic man.

The archetypal hero is one who wins at life and at living. They know victory and they also know triumph: the victory of character. The hero has a "flaw." They will always fight for dignity and for freedom; they will always fight for character and integrity.

The archetypal tragic hero does not win. They may fight valiantly, but they do not win.

We say "flaw" because that is how this incredible strength is viewed and often perceived within your consensus reality. Too many people, now alienated, cut-off, and feeling abandoned, have "healed" this "flaw." Too many have given up; too many have quit.

As we have said, the "flaw" of the tragic hero is that they will not stop searching for their dignity and for their right to be free. Even though that seeking will destroy them, they will not give up; they will not quit. Some who begin as potential tragic heroes find their spirituality and become heroes. Their victory is one of character; they triumph.

Many tragic heroes do not find their spirituality. They do not hear the call of Soul. Many tragic heroes don't win ... many die a tragic death.

To define a tragic death by the number of broken bones or by the mangle of metal and flesh is sophomoric. A tragic death is a death that comes when a tragic hero dies.

Diana fought for her dignity and freedom. Most often she didn't know it. She was mystified by why she did the things she did. Often she had no idea what it was for which she was fighting, but she would not stop fighting. She made many mistakes, but she had this "flaw," she would not quit.

Her search was not a noble one though her station in life was called such. She did not do it right nor did she find what she sought. She traveled down many wrong roads in her search. She remained too entangled and encumbered in her blockages, but she did not quit. Even though she did not find her spirituality, she did not stop looking. In the midst of her tragedy, she was a hero ... a tragic hero.

Please hear us, we are not talking about why she died. That is still private. We are talking about why she is a tragic hero. Because she was a tragic hero who never found her dignity or her freedom, her death touches you. That is the nature of the tragic hero's death. It touches you deeply. It touches your authenticity and conscience built on freedom and dignity. It touches your character and integrity. The death of a tragic hero touches your Soul.

Why are you touched by this death?

It carries too many symbols around the fear of loss and the fear of death itself. If this could happen to her, what could happen to you? She was a princess: rich, famous, beautiful; had clout. She had all the stuff the child-adolescent thinks would solve all your problems. She had all the stuff the weak Ego-I claims "if only you had your life would be wonderful.

The child-adolescent and weak Ego-I ignore all those blockages and entanglements that made Diana "newsworthy." The child-adolescent and weak Ego-I call it sad and say it's a pity but they ignore the meaning and significance of those limitations. The Negative Ego says that it can handle those difficulties.

"If only you had all that she had," Negative Ego says, "you could handle it." Negative ego can sound convincing in its lie. It is persuasive when it tries to convince you that "if only ... ," you would do it right.

For many, this death touches because it threatens the death of child's or adolescent's fantasy. The fantasy of being the princess (or the prince) needs to die. This death can be a beginning for many. This is another reason why it touches so deeply.

Why does it touch the world with a sense of shock?

Diana was Cinderella. Though she was already a princess, she was perceived as being at sufferance of that Royal Family. The Queen and that "stuffy and boring Royal Family" were perceived as the wicked stepmother and stepsisters.

Was Dodi the new prince charming? Many would like to think so and the rumor mill will spin a Rumplestiltskin story that he was. Facts will belie the fairytale, but . .

Racing home in her regal carriage ... it was after midnight, after all ... Suddenly, the beautiful carriage becomes a pumpkin ... a hopelessly smashed pumpkin.

That's not how the story is supposed to end. The world is shocked.

Why did Diana die?

There are many women, aged 36, single mothers, with two growing children, who die. There are many people who, at their eleventh hour or just beyond it, enter the narrows (the tunnel) and get caught. Her reasons are as personal and as unique as any woman's might be.

When people die, there is a tendency to canonize or demonize them. The fear of death generates this phenomenon. Saints and devils, as lofty or as low as they may be, are not people. It is safe for saints or demons to die. It is frightening for people to die.

Why did you allow the death to affect you so?

Could it be to reveal more of the mystery and more of the secrets of life, of love, and of caring?

Perhaps it was to reveal the mysteries of your Soul with its dignity as a world reveals its Soul through tragedy ... to discover more of your Spirit with its joy while the world awakened its Spirit with despair.

Maybe you are currently unraveling the old patterns to retrieve more of what has been lost of your power while dismantling current patterns to restore what has been forgotten or abandoned of self. Maybe pieces of the past are dying in you so that more of who you are becoming can begin to grow and blossom

It could be that you wanted to remember and reunite with the nature and the grace that is still present and now awakening within humankind all over your world. The grace of human beings as well as the depth of Soul and Spirit are beautiful ... so much more beautiful than you yet know.

Millions have placed flowers and have lighted candles. These flowers will wilt, die, and be swept away. These candles will go out.

Will yours?

The choice is now yours.

This is where you are coming from. Where will it lead?

You are not alone. Never again will you be alone. Never. We love you so ... more than you can ever know ... we love you.

Love and peace,

-- Lazaris

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