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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, and travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world.

Earth Energy / Earth Power

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Blog: Earth Energy / Earth Power

A light, and at times humorous, exploration of a very important subject

An edited partial transcription of the Lazaris recording "Earth Energy / Earth Power"

Well, a pleasure to be here and a pleasure to be talking with you this afternoon. We have only done this kind of afternoon one other time, and that time we primarily focused on creating your reality, which we have discussed many times in many different ways. This afternoon there are a number of different topics we want to talk about, each very important to understand in the extension of creating your own reality, in the understanding of your power.

You see, you've heard many, many times that you create your own reality. You've learned the phrase very well. You can trip it off your tongue very easily. You could answer the test questions correctly, if there were ever such a test. "Do you or do you not create your own reality?" ... {laughter} ... You'd get the answer right, you know? ... {laughter} ... You've heard it, and you've read it, and indeed metaphysics has been saying that you create your own reality -- on again and off again, admittedly -- for aeons of time, ever since there's been that level of community.

It tends to come on and go off depending upon people's willingness to be powerful. And in realities or times or sequences of your reality when people are willing to take their own power then indeed the concept of "creating my reality" becomes much more real, much more vivid. But at times when you're afraid of power or want to deny it or want to shove it away, then suddenly "creating your own reality" seems to be but a wisp of a thought somewhere off in some ancient's or mystic's mind, yes? ... {laughter} ...

You know, you learn this -- that you create your own reality --but how many of you really know it? How many of you really know that you create your own reality?

We have been talking about it for years. Metaphysics has been dealing with it for aeons of time. Physics -- not even metaphysics, but physics -- has been dealing with the fact that you create your own reality since approximately 1925 with Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and Neils Bohr's principles around the quantum. In fact, in quantum theory, there is this wonderful concept that there are no observers in reality, that everyone is a participant, and that reality bends and molds according to your thought, according to your attitudes, according to your expectations, your beliefs, and your imagination.

All of that has been very scientifically theorized and then demonstrated, and it was all put forth between 1925 and 1935! Where were you? ... {laughter} ... Some of you were finishing up other lifetimes so you could hurry up and get into this one, absolutely! ... {laughter} ... So the quantum idea, and the scientific proof that you do create your own reality, has been around a very, very long time.

So why do you have difficulty with it? Why do you deny it? Why do you pretend it's not true? Or, even if you don't pretend it's not true and you try to grasp it, why do you have such difficulty?

Why? Why? Because you do understand enough about your power. When you understand more about your own power and then combine that understanding with the knowledge that you create your own reality, it becomes real.

And so this afternoon, as we talk about the earth, the thread is power. And the power we want to look at is the power of the Earth and talk about certain aspects therein that are often curious and cumbersome to people.

See, first of all, the Earth is a consciousness. Now, let in more than just the words, more than just something you could get correct if asked on a test. "Is the Earth a consciousness? Yes/No" ... Let it in: It is a consciousness. Just because it doesn't have a human form doesn't mean that it's not alive. See, there is sometimes a certain egocentricity that you as human beings have. You assume that if it's not human it's not real, yes? Or else it's worth enslaving ... whatever ... {laughter} ... But we would suggest here that the Earth is a consciousness as much as you are a consciousness. It just didn't choose to have a body form like you do. It chose to have a body form like it has.

And just as you are curious and wondering about where its head and feet and chakra centers are -- where's its heart chakra? -- so it is curious about you. It wonders why you have those strange growths that come out of your shoulders and your body, and why you walk around like you do instead of gracefully spinning ... {laughter} ... But it accepts you. It would be great if you accepted it as a consciousness, too.

As a consciousness the Earth has a vibration, a frequency of vibration, a very powerful frequency of vibration. And as that consciousness with vibration, it has power. It has power.

You see, many assume -- again egocentrically -- that the Earth's power is no greater than your own, and that it is expressed in the same fashion and manner as your own. In fact, it would be freaky and scary to consider that the Earth may be a lot more powerful than you -- have a lot greater ability to act than you. That indeed may be frightening to many, and so they would rather think that the earth is inert, having no power whatsoever - - that it may rumble a bit here and there, or explode here and there, but that it has no power. But to consider that it might have power -- and might even have more power than you -- is a scary thought for many. To consider that it might even be more sophisticated in its growth than you is a thought that is frightening to many people.

But in fact the Earth is a very beautiful power, and a very wonderful power, and in many ways it has a greater ability to act than you do. In many ways, therefore, it is more powerful ... not the least of which is that it knows its power and it can accept it and work with it.

And in certain ways we would suggest the Earth is an older consciousness than you are (it has certainly been around longer), and in the wisdom of its age, it is in many ways -- not all, but in many ways -- more sophisticated than you.

And that need not be a threat. That need not be bad news. Rather, it can be something to celebrate. A newfound friend that is stronger than you! How do you like that! A newfound friend that you can lean upon, that you can work with.

Four Relationships with the Earth ...

In fact, there are four relationships that you can have with the Earth.

One is a relationship of working together, and that is a relationship of co-creating with the Earth.

Another you can have is a relationship of giving -- where you give to the Earth. You see, the Earth loves herself, itself, himself (however you prefer). The Earth loves herself in those places where the Earth is alive and beautiful. And the Earth doesn't love itself in other places. And those other places are where the Earth does not seem alive, where it seems to be dead. That's where the Earth does not love itself.

You can give to the Earth. You can give the Earth love. Teach the Earth that it can love itself. Teach the Earth to love, for you might learn something. In those places where the Earth needs love, where the Earth seems dead, love the Earth.

And you also can give to the Earth also by understanding and working in harmony with the Earth, in harmony with the future that the Earth is attempting to produce.

And as well as working with and giving to the Earth, you can also receive from the Earth. Let the Earth teach you. Let the Earth give to you. In those places where the Earth is alive, let the Earth love you. Give the Earth that privilege. Give it that opportunity to love you.

And finally, you can be loved by the Earth. And the Earth can be loved by you. Now what does "being loved" mean? Remember: being loved means that you are changed by the love that is felt. "Because the Earth loves me, I am a different person. And because I love the Earth, the Earth changes."

You can have that kind of impact. You can be that significant in your reality, to work with, to give to, to receive from, and to be changed because of it. And the Earth similarly can work with you, and can receive from you, and can give back to you, and can be changed because of you. You and the Earth can establish an intimate relationship. You and the Earth can have a loving relationship. For that is what is involved in intimacy, is it not? That is what is involved with love, is it not?

Now to love the Earth ... Does that mean you have to lie down and embrace it? For some, maybe. But realize, the Earth, like you, is an illusion. Yes ... the Earth ... like you ... is an illusion. It's a hologram. It's a holographic image. It's an expression of light trapped by your desire, your expectation, and your imagination. And therefore, like every other holographic image, any part of it contains the whole. Any piece of it contains the whole. And therefore, if you love this piece of Earth, you are loving the totality of Earth. That love becomes a part of the whole. And if the Earth loves you, that love becomes part of all that you are.

So there is a very important relationship between you and the Earth. Why else would you have bothered creating it? You see, you have created your whole reality. You are the ones that have done it -- each of you individually has created the Physical, Astral, Causal, and Mental Planes of reality. You have created all of it -- the Earth, the sun, the moon, the stars.

You've created it because you intend to have a relationship with it. And at a certain point in your growth, you stop walking across the earth as though it were inert, as though it had no power, as though it were a rock, and you start to recognize the consciousness that it is, the power that it is. And you start tapping into and using that power as part of the greater power of the spirituality that you are about.

Tapping into the Earth's Power ...

So how do you tap into that power? How do you reach and touch and work with the Earth's energy that is indeed quite immense?

There are a number of ways ... as you might suspect. Probably seven of them. ... {laughter} ... All right ...

(1) Moving Meditation

The first way is through Moving Meditation -- the martial arts used positively as meditative means as in T'ai Chi. The Earth's energy is called Chi or Ki, depending upon which part of the Orient you are from. It's the Ki energy that energy you lodge below your navel, deep within the pit of your being. And when you study T'ai Chi or Aikido it is centering and focusing your energy -- drawing in the Earth's energy and aligning yourself with that energy. So "two or more are gathered ..." to produce an end result more powerful than either could produce alone.

Now, that will work, though we don't necessarily say all of you should start studying T'ai Chi ... because that's the first method, and there are six others!

(2) Grounding and Holding

The second method is not as elaborate, admittedly. You don't get any belts of any color for this ... {laughter} ... and it doesn't look impressive. But the second method is what we call grounding and holding. You can ground to the energy of the Earth, hook into it, and hold the energy.

You can do it one of two ways.

One way is to go outside, take off your shoes, and stand on the Earth -- not on the concrete or the asphalt, not on the redwood deck, but rather on the Earth itself. Wiggle your toes to get down to the ground. Sure, you can stand on the grass, but if you wiggle your toes you can get in between the blades of grass and down there to the Earth so you're really touching the Earth, the soil.

Then what you do is close your eyes, and sense a ball of light above your head, a wondrous ball of light floating above your head. Take a very deep breath, inhaling, inhaling, inhaling -- filling your lungs as fully as you can. Let your shoulders broaden to fill your entire diaphragm. Now, some of you can't breathe that deeply. Just do what you can. This is not to suffer over. It's to draw in the Earth's energy.

Then as you exhale -- holding that breath until you're ready -- sense that ball of light coming down to the top of your head, moving in through your head, through your neck, down your spinal column to the base of your spine. Then sense that ball of light coming out of your body at that point and -- as you are skewered on this light -- let it plunge into the earth -- still on your exhale. So it's an exhale the whole time as the ball falls through you, out of you, and down into the earth.

Then you hold your exhale -- comfortably, though. Then inhale, and as you inhale sense yourself drawing the energy of the Earth into you. And then exhale, and then inhale again, drawing more of that energy in. And you may find that it takes three or four breaths. The first one may go only to the knees. The second one maybe to the waist. The third one to mid-torso. And the fourth one may be filling you fully and completely. Or you may find it's two breaths or six or whatever. Just let it be what it is. Draw that energy in through that beam of light that you have plunged deep into the earth.

You have grounded and you have held into the Earth to draw that energy into you. That will similarly fill you with that Chi or Ki energy, and make you balanced and aligned with the earth.

And from that position then, program or process or put forth your energy, or state your demands, or move forward into your reality to create the reality you want. It will work very powerfully, very wonderfully.

The other way of doing this is one you use when you can't go outside. You're in your office downtown, 12th floor. If you could make it to the street, then it's about 14 blocks to any grass ... {laughter} ... "so I guess I can't tap into the Earth's energy until I get home." No, no, no, you can't slip out of it that easily! ... {laughter} ... We would suggest there are other ways to do it.

As you're seated in a chair -- no matter what level above the ground you are, even in an airplane -- you can ground yourself to the Earth by inhaling. Sense that light above you once again and hold it there for a moment to sense it, to center it, to be ready. This time on the exhale, draw it again down into your head, through your neck, through the torso of your body, down the spinal column, exiting the body at the base of the spine, etc. This time the light goes through the bottom of the chair, through the floor, all the way down to the Earth that somewhere is there beneath you. Still exhaling, the beam of light plunges into the rock. Similarly then, hold it for a moment, and then draw it back in. And similarly, in the three or four -- however many -- breaths you need, draw that energy in and fill yourself with it.

The beam of light can extend miles, so you need not be limited by your space.

Those are two ways in which you can ground and hold the Earth's energy. Then work with it in your own programming and processing and meditative techniques. That's the second way.

(3) Power Points of the Earth

A third way which has been practiced by the ancients and has been practiced by all metaphysicians through most time, even up to the current time, is to understand that your Earth is a consciousness. Therefore, like you, it has energy patterns, has flows of energy or ley lines that travel across it -- just as you have acupuncture or acupressure points that fall upon meridians -- governing meridians, lung and spleen meridians -- that travel throughout the body.

And as you well know from what rudimentary understanding of acupuncture or acupressure you may have, by pushing or inserting a needle in a certain location, you can very effectively and wonderfully change other parts of your body. You may put something in your ear for headaches or for weight loss or for changing moods or whatever. Touching something around your knee, or placing a needle just below on the shin, might have profound effects on other parts of the body. It doesn't "make any sense" except to understand there are flows of energy throughout the body.

We have talked on numerous occasions about the types of energy -- the vertical energy that runs up and down the body, the horizontal energy that runs back and forth, the spiraling energy that very elegantly rotates in its 30 degree spin or a spiral around you -- and then the random energy that just seems to be moving in all directions simultaneously. They are all energy patterns around you.

Well, the Earth is no different than you. It is a consciousness. It has a different form, but it is a consciousness, and therefore it similarly has these flows of energy, its own sort of ley lines, its own sort of meridians. And if you can go to those places where those ley lines cross -- if you can go to those places where those meridian lines have a point of release of energy, a vortex of energy -- you can tap into the Earth's energy.

Many have said that mountains, various volcanic mountains from Kilauea in Hawaii to Mt. Shasta and Mt. St. Helens up in the north, have always been seen as points of power. They have always been held by the aboriginals who lived there or by the transients that have come in as a point of power, a place in which the Earth has power. Go to Mt. Shasta and simply ask, "Does this place have power?" and you will hear 45 different voices telling you yes for 45 different reasons. But they all agree, "There's power in them thar hills." ... {laughter} ... In Marin County (north of San Francisco) there is lovely Mt. Tamalpais, and there is power there. The Indians say it in their folklore: There's power there.

And often where there is power you find Standing Stones. Even on Mt. Tam if you have been up a little farther than the government lets you go, you can find that there are the Standing Stones of Mt. Tamalpais as well. And many places have their Standing Stones, because what's there is that the ancients discovered these power spots. They didn't necessarily know about ley lines, or about meridians in an acupuncture sense (though they did in the Far East), but they did know that they felt something here. "There is power here. I can feel it."

Some were sensitive enough to feel it. Others had to trust that it was there. Some of those that were sensitive could discern the energy and its different patterns. And therefore, they depicted that. They gave the energy a signature, depicted that energy in the stones they stood around it. Therefore, at Stonehenge -- one of the most famous places of standing stones -- there's a massive vortex of energy there. And when it was first discovered, the sensitives could feel it. And certain of those sensitives could tell the size of the vortex, and therefore laid at its circumference certain stones to depict the energy's vortex. And then certain crossbeams were laid to indicate certain "wobbles" in that energy, because it didn't move just steadily in a vortex, but had wobbles, little shifts in the energy. The stones that lay across the top were the ones which designated the wobble, and the size and frequency of that wobble, by a symbolic meaning. Now, there are other meanings for the stone placement. We are not suggesting this is the only meaning; we suggest that it is one of the meanings.

There were also spurs of energy. You think of the sun and how it is a ball of energy. It's not just sitting there radiating equally in all directions. There are electrical storms, there are sunspots, there are magnetic spots, etc. -- huge leaps of energy. Well, those are spurs of energy, and the vortices of the earth similarly have spurs of energy. Those are often represented by smaller stones that are stood in certain particular positions. The mystics that could sense it -- the ancients that could tell -- signatured the power spot with stones.

You can travel to these places, and you can draw upon the energy. The limitation to that, however, is sometimes the energy isn't always positive. That's true even with Stonehenge. It was once used very positively -- astronomically, astrologically, and as a power place of communication with the various deities that those who were there communicated with -- but it was also used for very negative rituals, very negative rituals and sacrifices. And therefore, the energy of Stonehenge is mixed. And depending on your own predilections you may well find it to your benefit, but you may well find it disconcerting and disorienting. You may well find it helping you, and you may find it hurting you.

There are so many places in the world that you can travel to where the stones are standing, where the power is. In England, it's very strong. In parts of France, in the northern Breton portion of France, there are eerily, eerily powerful stones standing all over the place, like they must have spent aeons of time standing all these stones in all these powerful places. You look at Rome and parts of Italy -- standing stones very clearly. You look at Greece, and the standing stones of the ruins, yes, but there were also standing stones. Sure, they were more sophisticated than the rocks that were piled up in England. They were pillars with capstones, but they were still stones standing - - some with keystones, some without -- some with smaller, cut pillars, some not. And now, hundreds of years later, what's left? A floor, and standing pillars. Standing stones of power, places of power.

In Egypt clearly there were standing stones. Not just pyramids. They did some of those, too ... {laughter} ... but not just pyramids. In Asian areas as well, there are wonderful places. Those who have been in the back country of Siberia find wondrous points of power. No one lives there, but there is nonetheless power emitted and taken in, transmitted, transmuted at these particular points. Wondrous places of power.

You can go there. You can draw upon the energy, you can experience the energy.

And there is a latticework, or a series of Ovals of Power. We aren't going to belabor this greatly, but just to mention that there are two Northern Hemisphere ovals, and two Southern Hemisphere Ovals of Power. And these Ovals of Power are connected by two very powerful points within the oceans.

The one northern oval is an Oval of Power that goes from San Francisco down to the Phoenix/Tempe/Sedona area, over to Houston, over to Atlanta (its twin city, another point of power), up to the New York/Boston area, across to Minneapolis, across to somewhere in Wyoming that is not by name a town, and then connecting back to San Francisco. These are epicenters, yes? Those of you in California know what an epicenter is, yes? ... {laughter} ... It's not that the power's in San Francisco and therefore if you live in Mendocino or down in Los Angeles you're out of luck. No, it's not that. These are points that radiate energy out, and they create an oval of energy.

The European Oval comes from England, of course. There's much that goes on there. You can't turn around but there's some power slapping you in the face in England. ... {laughter} ... It extends from England, down into that area of Rome or Greece, perhaps in the Aegean sea, Cairo and parts of Egypt, very clearly -- coming around to Tibet and the Himalayas up into northern China, up into northern Eurasia, and then into the Scandinavian area as it comes back to England. And that's the European Oval.

Now there is also energy that zigzags through those -- such as San Francisco down to the Arizona one, up to the Wyoming one, down to Houston, up to Minnesota, down to Atlanta, up to New York. Similarly, from England to Scandinavia, etc. But mainly the Oval of Energy is what's important to realize.

And what connects these two Ovals that sit next to each other? These two chain links as they might well be seen? These chain links of power that would otherwise be disconnected? What connects them? Atlantis. The power point is somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean that is Atlantis. Invisible, yes, but nonetheless there.

And what connects them on the other side? What connects the Asian to the Western American? Lemuria, as the point of power. Atlantis and Lemuria are the two soldering points that connect these two otherwise disconnected chain links of power.

In South America there's a chain from Peru that extends out into the Atlantic. At one time Africa and South America were together and have subsequently split apart, and so the Ovals are a little distended. There has been more movement of land in the Southern Hemisphere than there was in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, there is an oval that goes from Peru out into the Atlantic, linked there by Atlantis. And then an Oval across Africa and out into the area that would be the Indian Ocean, and into parts of Australia and the Indonesian Islands, linked on the other side similarly by Lemuria.

So Atlantis and Lemuria represent the two points that link the north and south, and the two chain links of energy that run around the world. And there are places within these that as you travel there you feel the power. You can experience the strength of the Earth, and you can tap into it.

But, you see, not all of you have that capacity to go traveling wherever you like. Not all of you can go heading off to these places to explore them. Though it is fun if you can, that is only the third method of tapping into the Earth's energy.

(4) Going There in Your Mind ...

The fourth method -- which is, of course, the most powerful and the most definitive -- is to go there in your mind. You can go to Stonehenge any time you wish. And furthermore, you don't have to take the flip of the coin as to whether it's going to be positive or negative for you. You can decide it's going to be positive. And you can go to Avebury also, even though some of you haven't got the foggiest idea where it is. And you can find the place in Greece ... the little street, the alleyway, right there by the bakery with the baklava ... {laughter} ... that point, you can find it. You can go to Cairo, avoiding the dust and the crowds. And you can spend your night in the King's Chamber, if you wish, in the air-conditioned comfort of your own home. You can go to these places in your mind.

You see, this is a very important point. The ancients would travel to these places. In the "good old days" the serious student would spend months traveling cross-country to go to these places. The serious student would go to India and spend however much time studying with the masters, etc. Barring no expense, no hazard, no hardship, they would do it because they were devoted to their spirituality. In the "good old days," when spiritual was spiritual ... {laughter} ... when you wanted to go meet with the Earth and commune with the Nature, you went out into the forest and stayed alone for seven days and seven nights fighting the elements. You went out into the desert and almost starved to death or sweated it out or thirsted yourself until you had your hallucinogenic awakening ... {laughter} ... Or you climbed the mountain on your own and sat there in the cold, shivering and shivering and shivering, until finally the gods relented and gave to you the knowledge so that you could return.

Back then, you did these things literally. When an Indian would go into the ground, they'd literally go underground into a kiva or into a cave. Or when you would sacrifice, they would make a sacrifice literally.

Now, today. ... "Ah! You lazy, lazy spiritual people!" ... {laughter} ... No! Not at all. You have to understand why they did that. Why did they travel to the desert and to the mountaintops? Why did they literally go underground? Why did they literally travel to India to learn? Why did they spend -- as they did in The Canterbury Tales -- their whole lives traveling in their mystical journeys? Why?

Because they didn't have the imaginative capacity to do it any other way. You see, your brain is a tool. It's a muscle. The use of that brain is a skill. If you refuse to read, refuse to think, refuse to talk, refuse to do anything, your brain is going to dwindle in its function. But when you do talk, and you think, and you read, and you force your brain to think ...

Sometimes it hurts to think. Have you ever experienced that? Some of you surely have ... {laughter} ... when you've thought so hard that your brain hurt. "Ah, that's just ... " No, that's real. Your brain literally hurts if you think hard enough, just as when you flex a muscle long enough and hard enough you get that burn. You build up muscles by using them. And if you don't, they atrophy. It is similar (not exactly the same, but similar) with your brain function.

Well, back then, in the time of the Ancients, they didn't have full use of their mental capacity like you do today. They couldn't imagine going underground, so they had to do it literally. They couldn't imagine closing their eyes and mentally going up a mountain. So they had to literally go up the mountain. They couldn't imagine closing their eyes and being in Stonehenge, so they had to literally travel to that location to experience what it held for them.

They didn't have the focus. They couldn't concentrate. They couldn't focus like you can today. They couldn't see blue then, either, as Homer's tales of the "wine red sea" -- the Mediterranean -- tell you. They saw the Mediterranean, which anyone today can tell is beautifully blue, as red. Their brains were not developed enough to see the color blue.

Magellan's records tell very clearly that as he came around the tip of South America and went ashore there, the natives literally could not see his ships. They could see the little rowboats that the men came in on, and went out on. But when the Spanish sailors would get off the rowboat to climb the ladder onto the ship, they disappeared. The natives could not see them. Literally, they would look out and see an unbroken horizon. Why? Because their brains were not capable of perceiving a reality that had three-masted ships. No wonder they thought they were gods. For out there, there is an unbroken horizon and suddenly ... pop! ... there a boat with men in it -- with this man with a funny beard and a funny metal hat standing at the helm. Must be god. "Silly!" ... Ah, what would you think if -- poof!-- there appeared somebody standing there. Ah, must be a god, must be an extraterrestrial. "Must be a spiritual leader come here to save us, to rescue us!" From what? We're not sure what you're rescuing yourself from ... from the beauty and the wonder and the marvelousness of your Earth? ... {laughter} ...

The natives couldn't see them until the shaman pointed them out, until the shaman said, "Look here, and look there, and look for this and look for that. Try. Try."

And in time the natives would say, "Ah ... ah, I'm starting to see. Does it also have something like this?"

"Yes! That's it." And then they could see it.

Now that's not conjecture. Magellan's written logs record the fact that they could not see the three-masted ships because it was not within their mental capacity to see them. 

You, however, have a tremendous capacity of focusing your attention. See, don't put yourself down just because you're 20th century. Don't put yourself down just because you have technology. That technology has been a tremendous boon to your capacity to be spiritual in a more sedentary fashion ... {laughter} ... You can read. No matter how poorly you do that, you can read. And do you realize what a marvel that is? Do you ever stop and really think about it as you're buzzing through USA Today? ... {laughter} ... What a marvel it is they can take these shapes, these funny little shapes, and line them up with certain spaces and certain funny little punctuation. And you can just look at it. And you don't even have to mouth the words. You can just look at it, and pictures erupt in your mind -- in color. As you read about volcanic action somewhere you can see the lava. As you hear of massive explosions and pounds and pounds of dust, you sense the grey mist of smoke covering everything in dust. What a wonder it is that you can arrange these little flat, black letters in such a way as to open an entire vista of reality. That was impossible for people who couldn't read.

Television. As much of a wasteland as you and T. S. Eliot want to think it is ... {laughter} ... it is a marvelous thing. It is a marvelous thing because it's focusing your attention. If we say, "Visualize the Taj Mahal," you have an idea of what we're talking about, not because you all have college educations, but because you all have televisions. And if we say, " Visualize a waterfall that seems to fall forever," you can do that. You can even put the big rocks at the bottom that we didn't even mention. And you can see the mist coming up that we didn't say was there. And you can hear the thunderous roar of the water that we didn't even mention. And you could even feel it on your face before we said to. You can smell the smells of that fresh, oxidized water. And you can feel the mosses ...

For so many, it is because of television, and because of movies. They have taught you to focus your attention. They have given you the capacity to go to places in your mind's eye that hitherto were out of your reach, were beyond your perceptual ability. They have allowed you, common folk that you are ... {laugher} ... to be more powerful than the ancient shamans. They were the most powerful, because they could already see -- they could already see the ships. They could conceptualize places. They could imagine getting out of the body. So they were the leaders, the powerful ones. "Hmmmm! Heavy magic!" ... {laughter} ... If you were dropped into South American in 1643 A.D., my god! They'd be following you around as some sort of supreme guru -- some "outer space" person that has come here to "save the planet" clearly so! Why? Because you can visualize. Because you can imagine. Because you can get out of your body. Because you can imagine what it's like on the other side of the world. Because in the daylight you can imagine what it's like at night. If we were to tell you to be on a beach, you could be there. And if we said to turn it into nighttime, you would turn into nighttime. And if there were lovely little houses in back, the lights would come on. You have that capacity.

In many meditations we've taken you on in the weekends, in the matter of an hour you've traveled four or five days, seeing the sun rise and set and the night come upon you -- and then seeing the day fight away the night once again to lead to the second day.

Now, in the ancient times you couldn't have done that. In the ancient times it's ... "Hugh. Sunrise ... see it?" Now, spend x number of hours until it sets. "That's a sunset. Now it is night. See?" And twelve hours later ... "Now it's coming up again." They literally had to take four or five days to travel four or five days. We over simplify to make the point: Now you have the capacity they didn't have then.

They had capacities that you don't have also. They had an openness to belief, and a faith and a trust and an understanding -- a willingness to be unintellectual but to think, a willingness to be nonlogical. But nonetheless, though they had advantages, they had disadvantages as well. Don't always put yourself down.

You don't have to travel to these power spots. You can go there in your mind. They couldn't. You can. Take advantage of it.

(5) Build Your Own Power Spot

The fifth way you can tap into the Earth's energy is to build your own power spot. You have a yard? Build a power spot. Find a place -- not right out on the driveway ... {laughter} ... but find a place in it ... off by itself, a little private ... under that special tree, or over there in the corner of the lot where somehow it feels good, or the plants there feel so serene. Walk your property. Find your power spot on your property. It's there! And then make it your spot. Go to it, meditate there, sit there, contemplate there, do your planning and programming and visualizing there. And rather than standing stones, stand power objects. Take your crystal or take a special object that means something to you, or a special symbol or a special piece of jewelry. Take it there to consecrate the place, to stand it in the circle of this energy that is yours. Make your own power spot.

But what if you live in an apartment in the city? You can make your own spot ... it can be a table top on which you place your things of meditation, place your power. It doesn't have to be outside. It doesn't literally have to be on the earth, although it's nice for those of you who like to do that more than others do. But you can clear off a table top. And it's not going to be used for dinner tomorrow night or for paying bills next week. No, this is your power spot, and you put things there which are symbols of your power. Those of you who have crystals from the workshops can put the crystals there with other notes and little reminders. Script things that you want to have -- to be happy, to be successful. Some like candles. Some like incense. Build an altar. Build a power spot. Correspondent to going there (step #3), this is bringing it to you. Third is going there; fifth is bringing it to you.

(6) The Power of Permission and the Power of Demand

And the sixth way you can tap into that power? As the second way is by grounding and holding, the sixth way is by the Power of Permission and the Power of Demand -- the power of your words. The Power of Permission and the Power of Demand are tremendous ways to tap into the Earth's energy.

The Earth is an energy of positive and negative charge -- expansion/contraction, yin/yang, however you want to refer to it. It is an electromagnetic energy, and a piezoelectric energy, and a thermoelectric energy -- all combined to produce a charge of energy that is the Earth. It vibrates at a certain frequency. It has a resonance, and it is emitting electrical charge, positive and negative polarities. The positive and negative poles of the north and south put out a field. The Earth is a generator. The Earth is like a battery.

You are like a battery. Within you, every cell that contains the electrical impulse, positive or negative charge. Every finger releases and attracts by its negative and positive charge. A system in the upper part of the body. A system in the whole of the body. A system in the lower part of the body.

You know how a battery, a battery in your automobile works. Some of you do very well. Some of you don't have any idea at all. "I don't know. It's just a thingy up there in the corner. It gets that funny kind of green mossy stuff on it every so often." ... {laughter} ... "Pour a Coca-Cola on it and it disappears." ... {laughter} ...

Well, a battery is this thing that contains these two cells or these two poles, negative and positive, and it contains certain chemicals. They activate it by putting water in it. The water interacts with the chemicals and the electrical charges such as to create a completed circuit of electricity. Crazy, but it works.

Well, you have chemicals in you, and you add water to the chemicals to create a battery, a positive and negative electrical charge. The Earth is like a battery and so are you. What can connect the two of you? Permission, the Power of Permission.

Permission is a passive energy. No matter how dynamically and how enthusiastically, how filled you are with emotion when you do it, permission is a passive energy -- a negative charge. As you give yourself permission -- "I permit myself to be happy, I permit myself to have this job, I permit myself to be healthy now, to be done with this illness, to be done with this pain, I permit myself to be done with my negative ego and done with my martyr" -- as you give yourself permission, there is a power in that. It is a negatively charged power that connects with the positive charges of the Earth and the positive charges of you, and is the transference. Opposites attract in this sensing. Positive to negative. And in that particular regard, you transfer the energy. And therefore, you're drawing on the Earth's energy when you give yourself permission. So it's you and the Earth giving permission.

Now you don't do so in a wimpy, whiny sort of way. ... {laughter} ... You do it with a great deal of gusto, a great deal of aliveness, a great deal of vigor and energy. And therefore, rather than doing it overtly, go into meditation and give it every ounce of energy you have. Right from the very guts of yourself, give yourself that permission.

The positive, or the aggressive energy, is that of the demand, the decree, the declaration. "I declare that this is so. I announce that to the world. I proclaim it! By proclamation I so decree!" To do so in an arrogant or lofty way goes nowhere. It needs to be done with the aliveness and the vitality of jumping up and down and thrashing your arms around and declaring it, letting the whole world know.

The negative/positive polarities are permission and demand. They connect your negative/positive polarities with those of the Earth, and suddenly you have just jump-started your reality. ... {laughter} ...

It's a powerful and exciting way to tap into the Earth's energy, most definitely. And that's why it works. Not just because permission is permission, or demand is demand, but because it's a setting forth, a chain reaction, an electromagnetic chain-reaction that engulfs the Earth and embraces the Earth -- and all of the Earth, because the Earth is a hologram, and each piece of it contains the whole. Therefore, as you stand here in your reality -- wherever that reality is -- and permit and demand what you want to have happen in your reality, you are telling every part of the world and every ounce of soil on the Earth. And every human being who is touching the earth now is in tune and aligned with your decision. You've got the whole world on your side. What are you afraid of? ... {laughter} ... Why are you waiting? For one more permission. Take it. You and the Earth together. What a team.

(7) Being Responsible for a Piece of the World

And finally, the seventh way to tap into the power of the Earth is by being responsible for a piece of the world larger than your own. That's not a moving meditation. It's moving life. We encourage you to take this responsibility without judgment. It is helpful to realize: "Look, everything is happening. It's up to each of us to decide whether it's beneficial or not, and I send energy that whatever is happening happen right, happen for what's right and what's best with harm to none. And if this negativity is to continue, then have it at least be something people learn from. Let it function elegantly so that it can be done, so that they might lift their consciousness to realize you don't have to grow through pain."

It was once thought that all growth had to come from pain and struggle. Some still believe this way. Some tenaciously hold to the old order of pain and struggle because their own limited thought will not allow them to see a new horizon. They cannot see Magellan's ships, either. There is a New Age and that means that there is something new -- not just the old re-packaged and re-dressed. There is something new like growing in joy, growing in laughter, growing in love -- without the pain. Even though you can grow through pain, there is a higher state of growth that is growing through joy. There are those who insist upon pain. OK. But program, program that they might wake up and see the light, that they might someday understand that that is a way, but not the only way, and that there's a much more expansive way of growing.

Take a piece of responsibility bigger than you. That doesn't mean to dictate what should happen in any specific place, or what should happen about plane crashes -- never again should a plane crash. Rather, program that whatever happens, happens for the best, the most elegant growth possible. And then learn from that area of the world for which you are taking responsibility. What goes on there? What does it say about me? What am I saying about my own reality? What whispers or shouts may be here? To take that level of responsibility is another way to tap into the Earth. Not a moving meditation, but a moving life where you are part of the Earth that you occupy. ....

Those are ways to tap into that energy. And it is important to do so. It's not just a frivolous opportunity. It's important because you've got a future waiting. You've got a future that's counting on you. You've got a future that many are saying is a doom that is destined to destroy you. All across spirituality, from the Fundamental to the Esoteric, many are saying the world is going to be destroyed. It's going to end in 1996, 1998, 2000, 2005, 2013, or the highest bid ... {laughter} ... Get your money down on the company pool here to see when the world will destroy itself.

There are many who are saying that. In so saying, many forget:

(1) The Earth has power of its own. They want egocentrically to think the Earth is no better than they. And therefore, they are exposing their own limitation when they talk of the world destroying itself or purging itself. They are believing the only way the Earth can grow is through pain. The Earth is more sophisticated than that. The Earth knows that it doesn't have to grow through pain. It doesn't have to destroy itself to renew. Many people think they have to destroy themselves to renew. Many think they have to get rid of their wives, their husbands, their children, move, change jobs, go to another part of the world, change their hair color, hairstyle, clothes, car, and everything. People think they have to do that. The Earth knows She doesn't. There's no place for the Earth to move to ... {laughter} ... The Earth learned long ago that it doesn't have to up and move. It doesn't have to turn itself inside out. It doesn't have to destroy itself to renew.

Such thinking exposes limited thought and short horizons. The Earth does not think this way. The Earth is very patient with you, because the Earth knows that no matter what you do to it, it can take care of itself. Now that does not give you license to destroy. Work with the Earth. Cooperate, work together, share the responsibility. You do not have to decide what is best for the Earth by yourself. Tap her energy and listen. The Earth can purge, it can change, it can evolve without destroying itself -- without pain. You can't always do that, but it can. And if you would let yourself tap into it, you could work with that energy -- loving the Earth and letting the Earth love you, changing the Earth and letting the Earth change you.

And that's what the Doomsayers of the late 1980s and before were not counting on. That's what those Doomsayers forgot in their delighted, manipulative panic. Those kind of Doomsayers have been around almost as long as the Earth has been -- maybe a day or so less. ... {laughter} ... And they're going to disappointed, because your world is not going to be destroyed.

(2) Lemuria is re-emerging. We said long ago that Lemuria would once again emerge, but we also said don't get your boats and go out and look for it, because it's not going to show up that way. Lemuria was a most marvelous and wonderful continent in the Pacific Ocean. It was a simple place, a beautiful place where the emphasis was on spirituality. It was not destroyed like Atlantis. It was certainly not destroyed by Atlantis, as some would want to say. It's so arrogant to assume that the only way that something could come to an end is through destruction. Lemuria was not destroyed. Lemuria was done. And that's a major difference that's important to understand.

The continent was a mystical place covered in wonderful clouds. But underneath those clouds was a radiant light that came not only from the sun, though the sun was there, but from the land itself. There was a luminescence that made everything brighter and more vivid. People lived in lovely little villages, and they lived very peacefully. There was no warring, no destructiveness in that way. They were powerful, they were spiritual, they focused their power and their spirituality.

There were Crystal Cities high upon mountains that were accessible only by teleportation. So therefore, there were no gates to guard, because if you could get in, it meant that you teleported yourself. You belonged there. If you couldn't teleport yourself there, you wouldn't get in. Therefore, there was no judgment, no rules, no regulation. It took care of itself.

And the people there grew, and the people there learned. And when Lemuria was done, some realized, "We're done," and moved to higher levels. Others realized, "We're done, but we're going to plant crystals out into the world so as to pass on these knowledges when people are ready to understand so that they, too, might become spiritual and preserve their Earth and their reality until they, too, are done, and then graciously and elegantly leave it."

And as well as putting crystals out there, certain consciousnesses agreed to stay and to plant themselves out into humanity -- to forget what they knew. They went into the Atlantis that was yet to come, for Atlantis as a continent did exist. And they would grow in their forgetfulness and learn, and learn all over again, and eventually come back to what they always knew. They would reawaken the true essence of their spirituality -- the true essence of their relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is.

The Doomsayers even now have not counted on Lemuria. The power of the Goddess energy is re-emerging. The Goddess, though she never left, is returning. There is a future that does not call for destruction, but rather calls for the opening to a new world of love, a world of joy, a world that approaches that of Lemuria - - a world that doesn't have judgment because there's nothing to judge, a world that doesn't have anger because there's nothing to be angry about, a world that doesn't have fighting because there's nothing to fight about. To open to that, to move toward that -- that was not counted on.

And that's why we say that a future was determined. You, coming back from Atlantis, said, "No, we're not going to let it be destroyed this time. Despite what the detractors say, despite what those who want us to be Warriors say, we're going to be Adventurers. We're going to be Adventurers and enjoy this reality, and create it, not run from it, not hide from it, not fear it and try to destroy it. We're going to create it." And in that sense, come alive with that Light as the energy from the Pacific -- the feminine energy, the energy of the Goddess, the energy of the Light -- re-emerges.

And that's what it's about. And that's why it's important that there are power spots, that you can tap into that power, and that you allow yourself to do so. Because as you do so, you can then tap into your own power and the energy that is part of what you are.

Many cannot see it. But then the natives in South America couldn't see Magellan's ships, either. And someone had to say, "Look here. Look like this. Look like that." In many ways what we are doing is offering that alternative, trying to tell you:

"Look, there's love, love that can grow. Love can change reality. Love is all there is. You don't have to suffer. You don't have to be in pain. You don't have to deny yourself."

And you say, "Lazaris, I just can't see it."

But eventually you, too, can stretch your mind to conceptualize it, and once you can conceptualize it, you can create it. And once you can create it, then you can live it. So we are stretching and trying to help you stretch to see what right now lies just beyond your vision, beyond your capacity. Some of you are beginning to glimpse it. We want more of you to glimpse it.

And a way to do that is by establishing intimacy in your life, personally with others, with your world, with your reality, and with the Earth. Call upon the Earth to work with her (or him or it) to love and to receive love and to be loved. And allow the possibility that the Earth can work with you and be loved by you and be changed by your presence, by your thought, by your energy. ...

With love and peace ...


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